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Halifax County, Nova Scotia

No. 1
History of McNab's Island: It Was Granted to the Cornwallis Brothers in 1752 and Named After Them (4 May 1901)
No. 2
History of McNab's Island: It Was Granted to the Cornwallis Brothers in 1752 and Named After Them (11 May 1901)
No. 3
History of McNab's Island: Wreck of H.M.S. La Tribune Near Herring Cove 1797 (18 May 1901)
No. 4
History of Meagher's Beach: Sketch of Joshua Mauger the Grantee of the Property (25 May 1901)
No. 4[5]
History of McNab's Island: More About the Old Settlers Among WhomAre Many Familiar Names (1 June 1901)
No. 6
History of McNab's Island: Fever and Cholera on the Steamer England--- Dr. Slayter Died at His Post (8 June 1901)
No. 7
History of McNab's Island: Interesting Description of Ives Point Battery (15 June 1901)
No. 8
History of McNab's Island: The Sherbrooke Tower on Meagher's Beach Used As a Light House (22 June 1901)
No. 9
History of McNab's Island: Meagher's Beach Has Been the Scene of Many Wrecks (29 June 1901)
No. 10
History of Devil's Island: His Satanic Majesty never Resided There --- Origin of the Name (6 July 1901)
No. 11
History of Devil's Island: Brave Crew of Rescuers Deserve More Recognition --- Many Shipwrecks (13 July 1901)
No. 12
History of Lawlor's Island: It Had Several Names Previous to the Present One (20 July 1901)
No. 13
History of Cow Bay: Derivation of the Name of This Popular Summer Resort (27 July 1901)
No. 14
History of Cow Bay: Some Interesting Facts About the Early Settlers --- Buried Treasure (3 August 1901)
No. 14[15]
History of Cow Bay: How the Mosers Came into Possession of the Beach --- Story of a Wreck (10 August 1901)
No. 16
History of Eastern Passage: Much Blood was Shed in the Early Struggles with the Indians (17 August 1901)
No. 17
History of Eastern Passage: Interesting Sketch of Captain Rous Who Was Prominent in the Early History of the Province (21 August 1901)
No. 17[18]
History of Eastern Passage: Prominent Persons to Whom Land Was Granted Whose Names Are Familiar to All (31 August 1901)
No. 18[19]
History of Eastern Passage: Some Distinguished Men to Whom the Land Was Originally Granted (7 September 1901)
No. 20
History of Eastern Passage: Old Houses Erected Over a Century Ago --- The McNab Homestead (14 September 1901)
No. 21
History of Eastern Passage: How the Old Stone Walls Came to be Built (21 September 1901)
No. 22
History of Eastern Passage: More About the Old Settlers Many of Whose Names Are Still Familiar (28 September 1901)
No. 22[23]
History of Eastern Passage: Names of Many Persons Drowned in the Vicinity (5 October 1901)
No. 23[24]
History of Eastern Passage: Evolution of the Schools From the Original Primitive Methods to the Present (12 October 1901)
No. 24[25]
History of Eastern Passage: In the Early Days Raids By the Indians From McNab's Island Took Place (19 October 1901)
No. 26
History of Eastern Passage: Escape of the Tallahasse, the Largest Steamer That Ever Passed Through the Channel (26 October 1901)
No. 26[27]
History of Eastern Passage: Author Bids Farewell To His Readers and Thanks All Who Assisted Him (2 November 1901)
Copy letter from Meagher's Grant re history (10 August 1901).
Listing of all surnames, places, vessels, etc. referred to in the whole series.

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