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Power's Pond
Herring Cove
Transcribed by Jeffrey P. Sullivan

Headstone listings include the following surnames as of September 26, 1986.


James Hanrahan

died 12 December 1866 age 23


Edward P. Johnson

died May 2, 1906 age 77

wife Mary R.

died Jan. 28, 1892 age 62

son Edward P.

died March 1, 1893 in 21st year

(monument and graves separate)


Patrick Hayes

died May 17th, 1910 age 89



James O'Connell

a native of Glasshouse Parish of Slaive, Rhue,

County Kilkenny, Ireland

born July 23, 1810

also wife Louise

born January 26, 1813

daughter Catherine

died March 30, 1855 age 14

son Joseph

died October 18, 1869 age 23


Mary Hayes

died December 6, 1871 age 30

wife of John Hayes

also daughter Mary Ann


Mary Octavia Roche

died September 23rd, 1894 age 2 years 11 months

child of Charles P. and Margaret Roche


Michael Power

1836 - 1897

wife Elizabeth

1842 - 1936


Margaret Ann Power

b. Jan. 7, 1872 d. Nov. 19, 1872


Daniel Johnson

died April 18th, 1902 age 70

wife Susan

died June 4th, 1902 age 68


Bridget Hayes

died October 27th, 1899 age 78

wife of William Hayes


William Hayes

died November 30th, 1890 age 72


William Hayes

died December 18th, 1867 age 21

Susan Hayes

died December 26th, 1864 age 11

Children of William and Bridget Hayes


Catharine Dempsey

died October 31st, 1865 age 76

wife of William Dempsey


James Dempsey

died December 29th, 1903 age 81

(erected by son Patrick Dempsey)

Mary Reno

died February 26th, 1914 age 84

wife of Joseph Reno


Joseph Reno

died December 28th, 1905 age 80

son Joseph age 9


Walter Reyno

died January 17th, 1875 age 1 year 5 months


Anastasia Thomas

died December 17th, 1879 age 33


Selina Thomas

died October 8th, 1874 age 5 months


Mary Hayes

died April 23rd, 1872 age 37

wife of Thomas Hayes


Marjorie Marriott

died December 1st, 1910 age 1 year 11 months

Infant daughter of William and Mary


Margaret Thomas

Died March 19th, 1900 age 55

wife of Charles H. Thomas

also Sarah A. Thomas

died March 24th, 1900 age 89


John Johnson

Died October 9th, 1902 age 83


James William Thomas

died July 5th, 1903 age 2 years 6 months

son of Francis and Irene


Mary A. Munro

died April 13th, 1893 age 21


Elizabeth Adams

died July 12th, 1903 age 66

wife of James Adams


William Johnson

died August 11th MDCCCXXIX (?)(1829) age 68


Thomas Hayes

b. 3 March 1819 (?) d. 28 August 1827 (?)

son of Edward and Sarah Hayes


Edward Hayes

died November 11th, 1866 in 77th year

(erected by son William Hayes)


Catherine Kemp

died August 29th, 1909 age 64

wife of John E. Kemp


In memory of Sarah Hayes

died July 19th, 1915 age 67

wife of Edward Hayes 1844 - 1935

Francis A. Hayes

died June 19th, 1911 age 25


Sarah Johnson

died January 4th, 1880 age 89

wife of Lawrence Johnson

(erected by son Edward Johnson)

Lawrence Johnson

native of County Wexford, Ireland

died June 9th, 1860 age 68


William P. Johnson

died January 13th, 1907 age 77

daughter Claribel M. Stevenson

died August 15th, 1907 age 36


Joseph Brackett

died October 31st, 1850 age 34

wife Margaret

died July 24th, 1888 age 72


Michael Higgins

died February 8th, 1914 age 85

wife Margaret

died August 17th, 1895 age 74


Andrew Scallion

died December 7th, 1855 age 65


Charles R. Thomas

died February 18th, 1915 age 73


In memory of Mary Ann Sullivan

died April 27th, 1888

wife of Andrew J. Sullivan

also her twin sons, Alexander C. and John J.

died April 8th, 1887 age 11 weeks

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