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Halifax County, Nova Scotia
St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery
Terence Bay

Transcribed by: Dawn Hubley, 26 May 2002



HARRIE Burton E. 1905-1957
 (w)Lottie M. 1906-1986

SLAUNWHITE Melinda M. 1872-1973
 (h) Napoleon 1876-1947
 (s) Raymond 1908-1951

SLAUNWHITE Edward Dan (died) July 24,1952 age 72 yrs.
 (w) Ellen (buried in the Star of the Sea Catholic Cem.)

SLAUNWHITE Elvis Randy 1 mth old 1958 son of Aldon and Lillian

BILLARD Douglas E. 1932- alive husband of Sylvia and uncle of Elvis Randy

BILLARD Darren J.E. Sept.17,1960 son of Douglas E. and Sylvia
 Sylvia 1942-alive

SLAUNWHITE Jane 2mths 1961
 W. Cecil 1951-1997

SLAUNWHITE Jeremiah 1875-1950
 (w) Alice Maud 1880-1959

SLAUNWHITE Kenneth Aston Oct.27,1912-Sept.20,1983
 (w) Vivian C. (alive)
 remembered by daug. Joan M. Smith (living) and grandau Dawn and Kelly Smith (living).

SLAUNWHITE John (Ted) 1897-1975
 (w) Mary Laura 1899-1975

SLAUNWHITE R. Edward 1920-1995
 (w) Dorothy A. 1932-living

SLAUNWHITE Darren Ronald Jan.14,1966-Mar.26,1969
 son of Joyce and Ronald

SLAUNWHITE Arthur Roy June8,1912-Oct.15,1967

SLAUNWHITE Leonard Roy June21,1941-May11,1997

SLAUNWHITE Ida 1913-1993
 (sis) Teresa 1911-1989

SLAUNWHITE Leah 1891-1958 daug. of Michael and Sophia

SLAUNWHITE R. Luke 1893-1985
 (w) Evelyn A. 1913-living marr. Mar.12,1932

SLAUNWHITE Mary Ann June11, 1920-May 29, 1974 born Petites, Nfld. w/o William Donald

SLAUNWHITE Geraldine June 18 ,1901-Jan.1, 1977

JOLLIMORE Morton R. June 4 ,1893-June 29, 1979

JOLLIMORE Thomas H. 1895-1979
 (w) Emma 1902-1982
 (s) Clarence 1929-living

SLAUNWHITE Emmett William 1923-1975
 (w) Evelyn Muriel 1929-1992

SLAUNWHITE James Reddy 1911-1991
 (w) Alice Marie 1912-1996

SLAUNWHITE Corbett 1899-1978
 (w) Perless 1905-1974

SLAUNWHITE Morton 1893-1977

BOUTILIER Herbert 1890-1973
 (w) Irene 1899-1982

PATTON Dora P. 1916-1963


OICKLE Ida Irene (nee) Harrie 1902-1969

NEWMAN Mabel A. (Harrie) Oct .31, 1897-Apr. 16, 1988
 (s) John
 (daug) Sylvia
 (s) Murray

SLAUNWHITE Josephine 1890-1965
 (hus) H. Percy 1888-1974

SLAUNWHITE Omar P. 1918-1971

SLAUNWHITE B. Lester 1910-1976

HARRIE Una P. 1956-1984

HARRIE Dave Neil 1908-1966
 (s) Stewart 1933-1982

JOLLIMORE Morris J. 1911-1968
 (w) Mary M. 1912-1998

JOLLIMORE Herman W. 1901-1964

RYAN Brenda Lee June 2, 1961-Aug .6, 1967

SLAUNWHITE Leo E. 1911-1977
 (w) Etta E. 1920-living

SMITH Edna F. 1925-1976
 (hus) George A. 1919-living

NAYLOR Gerald E. 1923-1985
 (w) Jessie J. 1926-living

HARRIE Harold D. 1890-1965
 (w) Hattie T. 1896-1976

SLAUNWHITE Hazel 1889-1976

JOLLIMORE John W. 1900-1991
 (w) Carrie B. 1903-1989

SLAUNWHITE Wesley (Midge) 1936-alive
 (w) Noreen E. 1938-1992 marr. Nov.15,1958

HARRIE Ilma C. 1902-1968
 (s) Donald L. 1928-1981

SLAUNWHITE Solomon S. 1902-1971
 (w) Ellen Mae 1909-1985
 (s) Robert W. 1940-1985
 (s) Carl S. 1942-1999

HARRIE Vernon M. 1932-1989

SLAUNWHITE Mahlon 1906-1998
 (w) Olive J. 1908-1969
 (s) Arthur 1928-1999

JOLIMORE Hezron 1892-1981
 (w) Dena 1916-1971
 Dorothy 1938-2000



BILLARD John P. 1911-1973
 (w) Annie I. 1913-1967
 Robert Nov. 29, 1934-May 15, 1996

DREW Douglas G. 1919-1994
 (w) Marjorie I. 1928-living

SLAUNWHITE Lottie Belle 1896-1965
 (hus) Richard Clement 1899-1971

PETTIPAS James E. (Ned) Mar.22/24, 1885-Mar. 22, 1910

GREENOUGH Lillian Elfreda 1910-1970
 (hus) Frederick John 1903-1975

MCLEAN Alexander (Al) J. 1939-2000

SLAUNWHITE Florence Louise 1881-1975

SCOTCHBURN Marilyn P. 1940-2000

THOMAS William Roy Aug.8,1933-Nov.29,1977

JOLLIMORE Malcom W. 1918-1978
 (w) Mildred L. living

THOMAS Amos 1906-1980
 (w) Alice 1908- living
 (gdaug) Tonya D. 1960-1982

SLAUNWHITE William Arthur 1907-1973
 (w) Carrie Irene 1910-1982

SLAUNWHITE William Earl 1913-1991 son of Nora and Angus

JOLLIMORE William Peter 1904-1987
 (w) Olive 1915-1939

HARTLEN Lillian Idella 1902-1987

SLAUNWHITE Winnifred L. 1926-1987
 (hus) Stewart M. living marr.Jan.22,1944

SHUBLEY Pearl I. 1903-1987
 (hus) Lincoln

SLAUNWHITE Jerome C. (Jerry) 1935-1991
 (w) Myrna C. 1940- living

JOLLIMORE James William Nov. 14, 1922 May 20,2002

GRAY Gerald F. 1932-1999
 (w) Bernice L. 1931- living

JOLLIMORE Everett E. 1900-1970
 (w) Myrtle I. 1902-1945 ( Myrtle is buried in the old part of the cemetery but not sure where)


SLAUNWHITE Gladys E. 1898-1979
 (hus) Bernard

SLAUNWHITE Constance Kathleen 1928-1997
 (hus) Dan Michael 1925- living

SLAUNWHITE Guy R. 1931-1993

SLAUNWHITE George B. 1918-1983

SLAUNWHITE Leslie J. 1919-1981

ZINCK Wilfred Martin 1914-1967 Halifax City Police

SLAUNWHITE Charles E. 1884-1950
 (w) Neatha 1897-1981

SMITH James Dale 1936-1965

HARRIE John Ervin 1908-1974

HARRIE Lucy Ann 1884-1967 wife of Carter

HARRIE Carter M. 1879-1955

SLAUNWHITE William Dempsey 1919-1972
 (w) Edith 1924-living

SPENCER Diane 1942-1956

SLAUNWHITE Isiah 1876-1954
 (w) Quilla 1881-1953

SLAUNWHITE Simeon 1884-1961
 (w) Ressie 1905-1995

SLAUNWHITE Harris died Dec.1955

JOLLIMORE Henry F. 1873-1955
 (w) Eva Melissa 1881-1959

SLAUNWHITE Mornan 1872-1952

JOLLIMORE Johnny 1891-1955

JOLLIMORE Stella 1899-1983

MAUGER Stanley Thomas 1922-1972

SMITH William Leander 1881-1965
 (w) Claudia B. 1883-1959

SMITH Warren Edward 1905-1998
 (w) Monica Agnes 1913-1995

JOLLIMORE Robert died July 28,1972 53 yrs. Old Private West N.S. Regiment

SMITH William J. 1876-1951
 (w) Evelyn 1884-1963

SLAUNWHITE Jody D. (Madison)

SLAUNWHITE Richard W. 1901-1984
 (w) Annie I. 1905-1992
 (s) Raymond R. 1929-1959

GALLIVAN Velma F. Born Jan.2,1922

KEIZER w/o Edward C. 1922-1999 RCA. CA.
 (w) Marguerite D. 1928-alive

JOLLIMORE Harvey G. 1914-1995
 (w) Edith M. 1916-living
 (daug) Lois Perry 1941-1993

COLE Victor Reginald 1935-1991

DREW Regis Kenneth 1923-1992 RFLMN. Lan & Ren Scot Regt. Ca.
 (w) Marjorie G. Richardson 1924-living

ELD Ron 1917-living
 (w) Dolly 1918-1989

GRANT George Parkin 1918-1988

DRAKE John P. 1931-1987
 (w) Jean E. 1931-living

PINEO Robert died Feb.6,1963 62 yrs. old  Bombardier R.C.G.A.

JOLLIMORE Milton 1903-1967
 (w) Julia Marcella 1904-1967

RECKER Susan Mary 1923-1991  remembered by grchildren, Michelle,Wally and Melissa.

SLAUNWHITE A. Ada Harrie 1885-1968

SLAUNWHITE Alvin J. 1913-1983
 (w) Dorothy M. 1916-1985

GRAHAM Tulah M. 1917-1995
 (daug) Sandra T. Bonang 1942-1981

RYAN George W. E.D. 1917-1994 Princess Louise Fus. Ca.

RYAN George A. 1893-1973
 (w) Dora Pearl 1898-1982

COLE Sarah May born 1997- died May22,1997

RYAN Edna L. Nov.16,1933-July3,1978

RYAN Walter Mar.31,1930-Feb.8,1975

JOLLIMORE Royce 1923-1990

JOLLIMORE Cpl. John E. 1922-1996 RCA SC CA.

JOLLIMORE Russell W. 1909-1979
 (w) Doris M. 1912-living
 (s) Ernest G. 1931-2000

SLAUNWHITE Michael Lester 1896-1970
 (w) Jessie Mae 1901-1990

WHITE Janet Monica 1956-1978  remembered by son Cory and brothers and sister  Greg, Marcel and Darlene.

SMITH Palreen Ethel 1930-1992
 (hus) Colin Arthur 1930-living (parents of Janet White)

BRADEN Ronald Edward Aug.22,1950-May15,1990  husband of Darlene Smith and brother in-law  to Janet White.

SLAUNWHITE W. Allison 1923-1980
 (w) Hallie V. 1927-living

SLAUNWHITE Charles William 1888-1980

SMITH William Elsworth 1903-1980

SMITH Jeffery D. 1905-1982
 (w) Marguerite J. 1911-living

SMITH Dorothy G. 1929-1979
 (hus) Frederick C. 1924-living
 missed by children, Freddie, Linda, Stephen, Dianne and Donald

SMITH Mary Susan 1917-1990
 (hus) Charles Earl 1910-2000 marr. Nov.12,1932
 missed by children, Shirley, Nancy, Jeannette, Gary and Victoria.

SLAUNWHITE James W. 1934-living
 (w) Nancy P. (nee Smith) 1938-1996


SLAUNWHITE Angeline 1867-1929
 (hus) George 1866-1909  parents of Bernard

SLAUNWHITE Bernard 1893-1940

SLAUNWHITE Osborn 1860-1947

SLAUNWHITE Ralph 1886-1938

SLAUNWHITE Carl 1929-1938
 (brother) Jeffett 1929-1938

WHEATLEY Martha Araroa Died Jan.25,1913 age 61 yrs. wife of Edward

SLAUNWHITE Wilbert died 1943
 Rosie died 1946
 Virginia died 1949

SLAUNWHITE Annie M. 1919-1945 wife of Alvin
 remembered by-Stanley, Mary Sylvia, Kelsie and Ann.

HOOPER Allan died Nov.15,1940

JOLLIMORE Mable died Jan.10,1931 age 17 yrs. daug/o Stanley J.

HARRIE Lincoln M. 1900-1942  Pt. served in France with the 85th Batt. 1914-1918

PETTIPAS William 1901-1946

SLAUNWHITE Euphemia died Jan.9,1904 age 22 yrs. wife of Robert
 (s) Reginald G. died May25,1901 age 8 mths.

SLAUNWHITE Una S. 1927-1934

JOLLIMORE Adolphus Nov.19,1876-May7,1945
 William Norman June26,1900-Mar.5,1947

SLAUNWHITE Norman Lester Aug.11,1948-Apr.20,1949

JOLLIMORE Zachariah 1867-1951
 (w) Ella A. Mabee 1875-1935

SLAUNWHITE Stephen died Oct.13,1938 age 78 yrs.

PURCELL David J. died Jan.1,1918- age 58 yrs.

HART Lillian B. died Apr.7,1929 age 61 yrs.  wife of David J. Purcell

JOLLIMORE Lillian L. Frieda and Child 1915-193? (hard to read)

SLAUNWHITE Ernest Thomas died Oct.11,1885 age 14 mths  s/o Edward and Jane


JOLLIMORE Irene 1901-1929
 and son Charles

SLAUNWHITE ? died Jan.5,1949 (hard to read year) (was a broken down wooden cross)


SLAUNWHITE Laura 1922-Jan.2,1949 age 27 yrs.

SLAUNWHITE Theresa Irene died Jan.26,1938
 wife of Trinnamon

JOLLIMORE Rosie 1918-1936

SLAUNWHITE Warren 1901-1957
 (w) Lavinia 1905-1935

SLAUNWHITE Michell 1866-1944
 (w) Sophia 1870-1918
 and children

SLAUNWHITE Huabert (probably Hubert)

SLAUNWHITE Ethal (probably Ethel)

SLAUNWHITE Sydne (probably Sydney)

SLAUNWHITE James Hubert 1932-1933

SLAUNWHITE Sabaya (probably Sophia)

SLAUNWHITE Rhoda Florene died Apr.13,1921 age 16 yrs.  wife of Carl

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