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Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
Terence Bay

Transcribed by: Sherri Crowe, completed 6 June 2002

SLAUNWHITE John P. F. died June 15,1904 aged 69 years
 (wife) Mary Amelia died Nov.6,1899 aged 57 years

FINLAY Vera, wife of Everett Finlay, daughter of Herbert Little,1906 -1930.

JOLLIMORE Magdallen died Oct.8,1954 aged 90 years.

JOLLIMORE Albert died July 18,1929 aged 69 years. (headstone fallen)

RYAN Edmund Paul who was drowned at Lower Prospect June 1,1880 aged 2 years 6 months (head stone with cast iron fencing around it and foot stone with E. P. R. on it)

NORRIS Vincent R. 1867-1952.

JOLLIMORE Stanford 1893-1955 (white wooden cross)

SLAUNWHITE Alvin J. Slaunwhite 1913-1964 (plaque on ground)

DREW Richard died April 27,1929 aged 57 years
 (son) Bernard Aug.19,1926 aged 33 years.

SLAUNWHITE Aaron M. Oct.25,1895-Jan.12,1963.

SLAUNWHITE George 1866-1909 (white wooden cross)

DREW Cecil Drew died Feb.24,1924 aged 12 years (on broken headstone behind white wooden cross) [Cecil Drew 1912-1924 son of Richard on white wooden cross]

DREW Mary wife of Richard Drew Feb.4,1920 (on broken headstone, added part broken off, behind white wooden cross) [Mary Drew 1874-1920 wife of Richard on white wooden cross]

COOLEN Johanna, daughter of George and Mary Coolen died Feb.16,1900 aged 23 years.

SLAUNWHITE Thomas R. July 31,1881-July 30,1946 (white cross with plaque and fence around it)

RYAN Adelaide (Norris) (Brophy)  _____(Illegible) – 1939 (wooden cross)

BROPHY William J. died Dec.25,1955 aged 52 years (next to Adelaide RYAN).

SLAUNWHITE Alan James 1887-1943.

LITTLE Thomas E. died Dec.7.1911 aged 70 years
 (wife) Annie A. died May 13, 1924 aged 77 years.

HOWARD Kathleen 1899-1944.

JOLLIMORE David 1889-1963 (small cement stone looks home made)

SLAUNWHITE William Fuller died Oct.10,1941, born in Terence Bay April 14,1880 aged 62.

SLAUNWHITE John F. died March 13,1898 aged 71 years
 (wife) Susan died Sept.17,1913 aged 84 years

SLAUNWHITE Peter died April 29,1946 aged 89 years (in corner of stone it says Keltie _son HX)

BLACKBURN Frank J. 1922-1950.

BLACKBURN? In Loving Memory of our dear Father Dominick James 1896-1964 (Probably Dominick James BLACKBURN)

BLACKBURN Carolyn Ann born 1954 died 1955 (large white wooden cross and fence)

O’BRIEN Catherine, beloved wife of Michael O’Brien who died Oct.9,1871 aged 56 years 5 mos.

SLAUNWHITE George Ernest 1913-1957

SLAUNWHITE Russell William 1911-1959 (Headstone identical to that of George Ernest SLAUNWHITE)

SLAUNWHITE Vivian C.______, 1918, daughter of Hattie and Hilton, wife of Kenneth A. lovingly remembered by Joan, Dawn and Kelly.(I would tend to think that Kenneth is buried here but this is all that was on this stone)

SLAUNWHITE Donald F., Feb 16,1929-July 24,1944.(my uncle)

SLAUNWHITE Hattie E.1898-1962 Mother
 Hilton G.1891-1965 Father

LITTLE Leo E. Jr. drowned Feb.11,1962 age 24 years.

SLAUNWHITE Hattie Irene 1896-1961.

LITTLE Thos. William  died Aug.17,1942 aged 68 years

SLAUNWHITE Albert Dennis 1883-1964. In loving memory of our dear father Albert Dennis 1883-1964 beloved husband of Mary Ellen Adeena and Ethel Matilda.

SLAUNWHITE Evelyn M. (Ryan) 1920-1955 wife of Robert G. Mother.  remembered always by your 7 daughters and 2 sons. (ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE Tobias B. Aug 18,1962 infant son of Gregory and Marie. (ground plaque)

SMITH Wm. Leo died Dec.31,1945 aged 36 years

SLAUNWHITE Ellen 1884-1960 in memory of our dear mother  (1st of 3 head stones in a line across)

SLAUNWHITE William Bryden May 10,1913-Aug.23,1999 in loving memory  (2nd of 3 head stones in a line across)

HOWARD Obed 1880-1958 in loving memory (on bottom of last stone). (3rd of 3 head stones in a line across)

SLAUNWHITE Nora Annie Slaunwhite died Aug.24,1952 age 54. (looks like homemade cement head stone)

UMLAH Roland J.1917-1995
 (wife) Eleanor M.1917-1984. footstone on this has Aunt Deeply Loved Sadly Missed.

UMLAH Grace Mary 1918-1925 lovingly remembered by mom and family.

UMLAH head stone in loving memory of Thos. M. Umlah died Aug.4,1916 aged 28 years.

UMLAH William J.  died Aug 16,1951 aged 52 years. in loving memory

MARTIN S. V.  (small ground plate)

BLACKBURN Hillary J. 1890-1943 his son Donald A.1927-1994.
 (son) Donald Augustine July 29,1926-May 20,1994.

(--?--) fenced in area with head stone unreadable and broken but foot stone reads to honor Sarah and John O`Reilly who cared for Master John Hindlay, only surviving child of S.S. Atlantic.

SLAUNWHITE Hillary Slaunwhite died March 22,1954 aged 69 years. (broken head stone looks homemade)

SLAUNWHITE Ronald M. son of Maurice and Gertrude Slaunwhite died March 6,1941 aged 8 months.

SLAUNWHITE 1879-1933 Michael T. (ground plaque)
 (wife) Jessie I. 1882-1936.

SLAUNWHITE Patrick S.1894-1953
 Idella M.1904-1983.

SLAUNWHITE Frederick V. Slaunwhite died July 1961 (rest is broken off). (large white cross)

RILEY Robert D. Dec.16,1957-Feb.4,1958. (small fenced area with wooden plaque on front)

PROBERT Sylvia 1944-2001 in memory of our friend and colleague of 18 years decicated by management and staff of Exhibition Park. (memory plaque on bench)

HARTLEN Cecil Hartlen in memory of our wonderful husband and father love wife Alvina children Philip, Janice, Juanita, Timmy, Lisa, Brad, Wandlyn. (plaque on bench)

 Large monument in memory of S.S. Atlantic victims April 1,1873.

BOUTILIER John died Oct.27,1931 aged 77 years.

HOWARD Emily 1903-1935. (white cross)

JOLLIMORE Gertrude Jol (I would take this to be a Jollimore) age 15, died July 2,1937.

SLAUNWHITE Robert Alexander 1878-1949
 (wife) Theresa Bartlett 1883-1923
 (dau) Lucy Ann 1912-2000 wife of William Frederick 1905-____
 (their son) Joseph Earl 1933-1981. (1st of 3 headstones in a row)

BARTLETT Vincent Bartlett 1879-1926
 (wife) Barbara Ann 1883-1945. (2nd of 3 headstones in a row)

BARTLETT Joseph Lloyd 1920-1998. (3rd of 3 headstones in a row)

BARTLETT Vincent Bartlett 1879-1926 (ground plaque ) (I would think this is the same Vincent from before, it was off to the side a bit from the head stones.

BARTLETT John Henry 1906-1960
 (wife) Mary Amelia 1915-1988.

COUNTAWAY Ellen M. 1885-1927
 Percy H. 1876-1946. (2 ground plaques with statue of Virgin Mary in centre)

UMLAH Alice Maude wife of Joseph Umlah died Feb.1,1949 aged 85 years.

UMLAH Joseph died Oct.14,1928 aged 73 years.

UMLAH Bernard died Jan.8,1936 aged 43 years
 (wife) Margaret V. Dec.20,1891-Sept.5,1987.

SLAUNWHITE Irvin D. son of Ellen and Leander Slaunwhite lost his life in the Redmond Building Disaster, Halifax Nov.16,1932 aged 22 years.

SLAUNWHITE Clarence 1917-1934 son of Leander and Ellen.

SLAUNWHITE Leander C.1887-1941
 (wife) Ellen S. 1891-1977
 (son) Cyril E. 1922-1994.

WALKER Bessie E. 1877-1961. in memory of my dear mother

SMITH Waldo A. 1913-1997 (on footstone A C Waldo A. Smith 1913-1997 RCAF Lest We Forget)
 (wife) Gertrude M. Umlah 1922-____ . married Dec.27,1943. Parents of Clarice (Smith) Humphrey, Elaine (Smith) Scott, grandparents of Grant Humphrey, Gregory Humphrey, Jonathon Scott, Jennifer Scott (engraving on the back of head stone)


1st Row

HARTLEN Foster Samuel 1894-1976.

HARTLEN R??ey My loving mother rests here 18_ 8-198_.(hard to read).

HARTLEN Frederick G. April 12,1905-Sept 3,1983

SLAUNWHITE W. Norman Nov 28,1899-May 23,1977

HOWARD John 1898-1978
(wife) Mary Ann 1904-1985.

2nd Row

SLAUNWHITE Mary Alice wife of William Fuller Slaunwhite 1882-1971
 (dau) Alice Viola 1920-_____ .

BLACKBURN Clarence F.1902-1972
(wife) Agatha (Kate)1903-1995.

TAYLOR David Earl 1950-1976 husband of Linda Smith father of David, Danny and Dodi

HORNE Donald R. 1932-1994
 (Wife) Ruby L. Slaunwhite 1932-___ ,married Aug.6,1955

3rd Row

RYAN Charles Kenneth Feb.28,1938-Sept.9,1987.

RYAN Harold W. 1896-1967 (raised ground plaque )
(wife) Alma E. 1902-2001

RYAN Charles 1868-1947
 Mary Ann 1876-1970.

FRASER Gladys G. 1915-1970

RYAN Fred C.1905-1971
(wife) Mona M. 1913-1987

SLAUNWHITE James O. 1885-1968
(wife) Evelyn A. 1887-1977

4th Row

UMLAH Frances Jan.31,1887-April 26,1967 mother (white cross)

UMLAH Christian June 10,1880-July 27,1967 father (white cross)

SLAUNWHITE Ingles G. 1909-1981

WILLIAMS Albert R. 1917-1982
(wife) Mary E. 1917-1966

SLAUNWHITE James Ralph 1896-1976.

5th Row

SLAUNWHITE Charles Cecil 1913-1965
(wife) Mary Ruth 1921-___

AWALT Kathleen M. July 7,1903-June 8,1974. (white cross)

6th Row

LITTLE Thomas E. March 25,1906-July 15,1982

LITTLE Edward Leo 1883-1966
(wife) Mary Irene 1885-1964

LITTLE Donald J. Jan.12,1910-Oct.3,1985

SLAUNWHITE Demeras B. 1901-1967
(wife) Mary L. 1906-1967
(son) George (Dick) March 28,1926-May 26,1999 husband of Edna " Honey " his
 children Judy, Debby, Colin, Blaine (raised ground plaque on headstone)
(son) Harvey W. Slaunwhite Dec.28,1936 Sept.4,1999 always remembered by wife
 Marie, son Billy, Dora, Krista, Stephanee (raised ground plaque on headstone)

SLAUNWHITE Muriel R. (hard to make out - no dates) (white cross)

SLAUNWHITE Muriel Rita Slaunwhite Dec 28,1924-June 24,1973 (I think this is the same person as on the white cross)

NOTE:  These next ones have to be all in the same family as they are quite beautiful and done up the same way

SLAUNWHITE Annie Nora 1912-1980 erected by family (in shape of cross)

SLAUNWHITE Thomas E. 1909-1974 from wife Nora and family (in shape of cross)

PETTIPAS J. Lloyd Feb.11,1946-July 16,1994 (ground plaque between the 2 crosses)

SLAUNWHITE John Durman Oct.24,1921-Dec.9,1992 loved and always remembered by grand daughter Tayna, son John and Stenna [Note: I know Stenna is John`s wife] (beautifully carved)

7th Row

LITTLE Brandon beloved son of Ralph and Veronica Little Nov.21,1980-March 15,1981

OICKLE Douglas A.Sept.30,1945-April 12,1969

WILSON Bert April 20,1904-Dec.19,1964
(wife) Jennie Drew Jan.26,1889-Jan.16,1982

SHUBLEY Robert Tyler 1895-1968
(wife) Annie May 1898-1968

SHUBLEY John A. 1922-1992
(wife) Adeline E. 1924-____ .married Sept.11,1946

BARTLETT J. Eldon 1914-1991.  L A C James E. Bartlett 1914-1991 R C A F (footstone) .
(wife) Muriel E. Congdon 1914-____ .
SLAUNWHITE Murray David 1926-1974 (home made ground plaques hard to read)

SLAUNWHITE Lloyd Joseph 1915-1978 (home made ground plaques hard to read)

8th Row

SLAUNWHITE Warren E. 1910-1968.

NORRIS Cyril J. 1914-1991

NORRIS Gerald (white cross)

NORRIS Patrick (white cross)

HARTLEN Mickey 1918-1972
 (bro) Gerald 1896-1975

SLAUNWHITE Ethel Sophia 1893-1971 (home made ground plaque—hard to read)

ROACH Catherine E. Aug.7,1930-March 7,1995

SLAUNWHITE Cecil E. 1926-1972 PTE, RCASCCA. (ground plaque)

9th Row

HOWARD Edward Thomas Oct.13,1894-Nov.13,1967 age 73 (white cross)

SLAUNWHITE Doris Ellen  Dec.10,1944-Apr.27,1998 (ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE John J.  1940-1991 (ground plaque)

BLACKBURN John James Apr.17,1969-Oct.5,1973 (ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE Joel Patrick 1950-1974 husband of Debbie Taylor.

SHUBLEY John Clifford 1918-1976.

10th Row

COUNTAWAY Francis gunner RCA Oct.18,1977 age 73

SHUBLEY Bertha I.(nan) 1907-1994 wife of Arthur Shubley  in loving memory.

SHUBLEY Arthur J. 1905-1967.

SLAUNWHITE Kenny H. Slaunwhite 1931-1972 (faded cross)

SLAUNWHITE Francis G.(Frank) Slaunwhite 1930-1997 (raised ground plaque)

UMLAH (son) Wayne Lenard 1946-1972
(mother) Dorothy Ann 1926-_____

HARTLEN Nathaniel (Tan) Sept.12,1882-Oct.19,1973 husband of Alvina Blackburn.

11th Row

SLAUNWHITE Rita Dec.21,1994
John David May 31 1969. (cross hard to read--one name is down the other across)

THOMAS LAC Lester W.  1915-1999 RCAF CA
(wife) Sharon B.  1948-2002

LITTLE (father) Dominick George 1893-1981

LITTLE (mother) Mary Olive Little 1896-1967

RYAN Edward James 1899-1969
(wife) Ada Marie 1903-1974

SLAUNWHITE Carl F. Slaunwhite 1925-1973. (white cross)

SLAUNWHITE Gertrude Ryan  1926-1975 (faded wooden cross)

SLAUNWHITE Norman W. 1899-1975. (also raised ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE William A. Ralph 1896-1976. (also raised ground plaque)

12th Row

PACE Marie I. Pace 1939-1990 beloved wife and mother (fenced)
her child Baby Mary Oct.1968 love always Carl.

BLACKBURN Margaret Anna 1904-1967 wife of Joseph Blackburn

BLACKBURN Joseph Nov.6,1899-April 1,1976 husband of Margaret Anna

SMITH John C. 1952-1970
(mother) Jennie M. 1910-1974

SMITH Ida M.1927-1998
Stanley S. 1927-____
Christine A. 1966-______

MACDONALD Charles A. 1886-1974
(wife) Caroline L. 1888-1974

LITTLE Patrick Randolph 1912-1974 husband of Gladys I. Little

13th Row

SLAUNWHITE Emma 1883 to Jan 1968  (faded wooden cross)

SLAUNWHITE Charles Edward 1897-1969
(wife) Edith Mary 1895-1988

SMITH Cecil L. 1905-1969.

SKARZYNSKA-DORION Krystyna 1929-1995 (rock head stone put together with cement)

BLACKBURN Thomas Seaman-CDN merchant navy Nov.30,1972 age 52

? no name -large white cross- newer grave

BARTLETT (father) "Harry" Gerald W. 1922-_____
(mother) Marian T. Redden 1927-1991.married Sept.8,1949 beloved parents of 10.


1st Row

ZINCK Christopher Lyn March 8,1969-Sept.21,1986 [he is the son of Wayne, next head stone and Judy ? still living]

ZINCK Wayne E. July 5,1945-Dec.12,1990

ZINCK Rose Marie(Cookie)1946-____ .
Garfield W. 1940-1986.married May 29,1965. Our Dad Tena, Kathy, Garfield, Glen. (footstone)

SLAUNWHITE Sophia 1905-1986 wife of Aaron mother of Muriel and Marquerite (ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE Harry J.1927-1986  [my uncle]
(wife) Marie A. Shubley  1927-____ .

SLAUNWHITE Gerald R. 1924-1991 AB RCN VR.[my Dad]

RYAN Harold W.(Dick) 1934-1991
Rosalie A. (Viney) 1934-____ .

HARTLEN (wife) Alvina A.1936-_____
(husband) Cecil F. 1933-1999 married Aug.28,1954

FOREMAN Albert Victor born North Shields England Sept.30,1930 died Halifax Nova Scotia March 25,1991 in loving memory. deeply missed forever loved Vivian

2nd Row

SLAUNWHITE Myrtle Mary 1896-1984 wife of Allan James

SLAUNWHITE Jean Shirley Feb.14,1930-Oct.10,1999.

BLACKBURN Patsy J. 1935-_____ .
Dick J. 1927-1985

BLACKBURN Harry (Mise)1930-1998
Dorothy (Dolly) 1934-_____
(dau) Susan Lorraine 1962-1985.2  (fenced)

Viola A. (whiter crosses w/ name only)
SLAUNWHITE Bernice R. Sept.7,1945-April 27,1998
Vernon H. March 29,1941-______

CORKUM (Sue) Vera A. 1925-______
Harold B. 1919-1993

3rd Row

O’BRIEN (wife) Marina A. 1935-1982
(husband) John R. 1931-_____ married March 24,1956

SLAUNWHITE (father) Robert G.1918-1982 husband of Evelyn M. sadly missed by 7 daughters and 2 sons.

GALLIVAN John Bernard 1915-1989

SLAUNWHITE Parker Benjamin 1921-1982.

SLAUNWHITE Hilton Francis 1891-1982 (ground plaque)

HOLLOWAY Agnes  1914-1989 (ground plaque)

MANUEL (husband) Leo Jacob Dec.6,1918-Aug.19,1990
(wife) Annie Rita Feb.21,1925-______ married Feb.6,1943

LITTLE Violet K. 1916-______
 Everett L. 1907-1999 married Feb.12,1936

STANTON John Charles James 1917-1995
(wife) Mary Doris Murphy 1916-_____

4th Row

BLACKBURN Harold V. 1914-1980
Theresa M. 1920-1989

SLAUNWHITE Nelson W. 1901-1982
(wife) Edith M. 1907-1983
 Shelia Ryan 1941-1997 (footstone)

JOLLIMORE Rose Ester Feb.28,1904-Apr.11,1982

JASPER-DEVOE Alice I. SlaunwhiteJan.19,1921-Feb.23,1980 her daughters Jacqueline, Jean, Jeanette, Bernice, Cathy, Barbara. In loving memory of our mother

SLAUNWHITE Matilda Leona Nov.1920-Sept.1987 (white cross)

BROPHY May (.white cross hard to read)

WALKER Blaine Cameron Beloved Son Feb.1,1968-March 24,1994 Bobbie`s Dad

LITTLE (husband) Herbert Ralph 1909-1995
(wife) Matilda Annie 1915-____ married Nov.21,1934

5th Row

GREENWOOD Douglas F. 1927-1982
(wife) Edna L. 1930- 1995
(son) Ricky D. 1959-1979

PROBERT Robert M.______
Sylvia E. 1944-2001

BROPHY Kenneth J. 1939-1980

BROPHY Thomas E. 1912-1979

LITTLE Bernard Ward 1918-1989

LITTLE Olive May 1910-1992.

BROPHY David Leo Jan.31,1951-May 10,1993

NORRIS Vincent Richard Jan.3,1920-May 24,1999
Jane S. E. (Smith) July 26,1921-_____

VATERS–VERDE Yvonne Marie 1963-1995

6th Row

SLAUNWHITE (wife) Vera Marie Aug.19,1920-March 19,1979
 Neil Joseph June 5,1920-_______

CUVELIER Gladys C. 1904-1979. (ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE W. Roy 1924-_____
Helen M. 1925-1989

BLACKBURN Roy W. 1912-1978
(wife) Ovilla P. 1911-1983
(son) Victor W. 1936-1992

BLACKBURN George T. 1931-1990
Mary T. 1938-____

BLACKBURN Joseph Harold 1942-1991

NORRIS Joseph R. 1924-1996

7th Row

BROPHY John P. 1909-1976
Alice K. 1911-1988 married Sept 21,1936

SLAUNWHITE James Ernest 1896-1978 husband of Hattie Slaunwhite

MARTIN Sylvia M. 1913-1977
Archibald E. 1897-1979

SLAUNWHITE Kevin H. 1937-2001
Mary T. 1936-1989 married Nov.7,1959.  [engraved on back] always loved Kevin, Ruth and grand children

PETTIPAS Della M. 1905-1994
(son) Raymond K. 1933-_____

LAUNT Carl S. 1941-1994
(wife) Irene M. Williams 1945-______

HARTLEN Nellie Elizabeth 1908-1997
Oscar James 1904-1997 married June 12,1928

8th Row

SMITH Catherine 1939-1987 sadly missed by husband, daughters, mother, brother, sister.

BROPHY Catherine E. 1909-1978

SLAUNWHITE Clyde J. 1904-1975
(wife) Edna M. 1906-1995.

SMITH Margaret Marie 1908-1979 wife of Russell Smith

PETTIPAS Hillary J. 1911-1977

PETTIPAS John April 13,1885-May 11,1977 age 92

PETTIPAS (Buck) Edward H. 1904-1984

SLAUNWHITE William Reg May 15,1907-Aug.9,1989 age 82 in memory of loving wife Jennie.

SLAUNWHITE Slaunwhite 1938-1992 9white cross)

9th Row

BLACKBURN (husband) Gerald J. 1928-_____
(wife) Helena L. 1932-1975

SLAUNWHITE Minnie L. 1911-1985
Gordon J. 1905-1992

JOLLIMORE Leo Clyde 1953-1972 son of Lila and William

RYAN Margaret 1930-______
Patrick 1927-1979

RYAN Frank W.(Buss) 1930-1974
(wife) Lena A. 1932-_____

BRADY Alexander John 1916-1988
Kathleen Mary 1916-1982

10th Row

SLAUNWHITE Thomas R. 1905-2000
(bro) William C. 1907-1979

SLAUNWHITE Annie Pearl Aug.13,1903-May 11,1986

DREW (wife) Laura M.1900-1971
George 1900-1939

SLAUNWHITE Clyde Murdock 1909-1982
(wife) Lillian M. 1914-_______

JOLLIMORE Raymond J. 1941-1988

SLAUNWHITE Sherman J. 1930-1990
(wife) Phyllis M. 1932-_____ married Sept.30,1950

HARRIE Maurice W. 1921-1999
(wife) Mary M. Slaunwhite 1925-2000

11th Row

LITTLE James H. 1893-1970
Mary (Drew) 1896-1977

LITTLE Winnifred V. 1918-1999 beloved daughter of James and Mary

RYAN James E, (Bo)1924-1988
(wife) Inez M.(Luella) 1922-_____
(son) John L. (Larry) 1946-_____

JOLLIMORE John Vincent 1890-1976
Violet Elizabeth 1892-1987

TALBOT Jessie Viola 1887-1980 in memory of mother love family

SLAUNWHITE Maurice G. 1914-1981
Gertrude L. 1918-1999

12th row

REDDEN Annie Teresa 1897-1985
Doris E. 1921-1993
Clyde G. 1922-1944 FLT LT missing in action

JOLLIMORE James Amos Jan.14,1898-Sept.16,1977

? J W  A W (white cross with initials only)

JOLLIMORE Joseph Neil 1921-1989
Marjorie Florence 1921-______

LANE Minnie (Nanny) 1899-1972 (ground plaque)

CORNELL Wilfred M. 1893-1968
(wife) Ada Anna 1896-1986

MELLISH William J. Mellish C D 1924-1993 CPO RCN
 (wife) Elsie V. Cornell 1923-1989

CORNELL Stanley Cornell May 14,1988 age 67 able seaman RCNR.

SLAUNWHITE Clyde Charles 1907-1995

LITTLE Kathleen Mary (Kay) 1909-2001

POISSON Gerard Dominique Poisson 1922-2001

UMLAH Christopher Millard Feb.25,1925-Jan.31,1987 (ground plaque)

SLAUNWHITE Bernard Slaunwhite 1914-1986 (white cross--very hard to read)

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