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Grant Valley Cemetery, Gore, Hants County, Nova Scotia.
Cemetery headstone inscriptions.
Transcribed August 2003 by Suzanne Leighton and Gloria Blanchard

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"Just inside the gate of this cemetery, there is a large stone monument which indicates that it has been placed there in 1991 in the memory of people buried there who have no markers."

Family Name Given Name Date Birth Date Death Age Comments
???         Wife of DePar----.
The rest is unreadable.
BARR Andrew   Jun 30, 1875 73Y Native of Antrim,
BOWMAN Mary E.   Jan 30, 1885 26Y Not sure of death date -
difficult to read.
GRANT Mary Olive   Oct 1, 1885 22Y Daughter of Peter
& Rachael Grant.
GRANT George --ine   Mar 25, 1884 18Y Son of Peter(?)
& Rachael Grant.
GRANT Mary   Jun 10, 1860 83Y Wife of James Grant.
GRANT Peter   Jun 14, 1913 91Y 3M  
GRANT Rachael   Mar 23, 1872 In
45th Y
GRANT Donald   Sep 16, 1885 71Y  
GRANT Margaret M.   Jun 2, 1892 76Y Wife of Donald Grant
GRANT Mary Apr 2, 1856 Apr 19, 1919 63Y  
GRANT Amos   Oct 4, 1920 72Y  
GRANT Alexander 1851 1920   Sharing stone with
Mary E. Grant.
GRANT Mary E. 1864 1937   W/o Alexander Grant -
Sharing stone.
GRANT Ebenezer   Mar 23, 1875   Son of James
& Mary Grant.
GRANT Mary Jane   Aug 9, 1873 In
25th Y
Wife of James Grant.
(Not sure if death date
is 1873 or 1823).
GRANT James   Apr 12, 1825 41Y  
GRANT Janet Sabella   Sep 26, 1869   D/O J. Mary J. (Sic)
GRANT Donald   Jan 24, 1866 In
82nd Y
There is a stone -
unreadable -
beside Donald.
GRANT Alexander   Jan 17, 1851 34Y Son of Donald & Isabell
Grant of The Gore.
GRANT Elizabeth   Jan 15, 1880 54Y Wife of Wm. Grant.
GRANT Helen E.   Jul 31, 1866 3 Wk Child of Wm.
& Elizabeth Grant.
GRANT Paul DeMerie   Nov 9, 1856   Infant Child of Wm.
& Elizabeth Grant.
GRANT John   Jul 26, 1898 70Y  
GRANT Margery E. 1831 1919   Wife of John Grant.
GRANT Mary Isabell   Feb 7, 1881 58Y Wife of George Grant.
GRANT Otis   Sep 21, 1906 14Y 4M Son of Nelson and
Annie Grant.
GUSTAFSON Edda M. May 20, 1911 Jun 20, 1919   D/o J.W. & Helen.
JOHNSTON Ellen   Apr 23, 1902 80Y Erected by Agnes Bar.
KILCUP Silas M.   Jul 6, 1829 3Y 7M Son of John &
Eliza Kilcup.
MCLEARN Jennet   Apr 29, 1875 36y Wife of Isaac McLearn.
PEMBERTON Timothy   May 4, 1889 77Y  
PEMBERTON Rachel   Feb 12, 1889 70Y  
ROULSTON Robert Lester   May 23, 1890 2Y Son of Joseph & Ann Roulston.
SCOTT Nelson 1850 1926   His wife Lorenah Pineo.
SCOTT Lorenah Pineo 1858 1937   Wife of Nelson Scott.
SCOTT George M. 1894 1897   Sharing stone with
Wm. L. Scott.
SCOTT William L. 1881 1900   Sharing stone with
George M. Scott.
SCOTT Florence A. Aug 14, 1887 Jan 25, 1890   D/O Nelson and
Lorenah M. Scott.
SINCLAIR Mary Ann   Mar 16, 1853 21Y  
??? Margaret   Dec 25, 1883 In
42nd Y
Wife of ( ? ) D/O Wm.
& Sarah J. Wier.

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