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People of Kings County

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   A Short History of
   Western Kings

1. The Acadiens
2. The Loyalists
3. The Township
4. The Epidemic of 1860
5. The Schooner Xebec

    1.  Various Census


Index - To view a surname select the
section of the alphabet where it falls:

Adams to Awalt
Baker to Banks
Barchis to Bezanson
Bingham to Bush
Cahill to Cogswell
Cole to Curwin
Dagett to Dyer
Eagles to Ewing
Fader to Fullerton
Gahans to Gullivan
Hagen to Hutchinson
Illsley to Juorneay
Karagians to Knowles
Labrador to Lytle

MacCarthy to McTyre
Medicraft to Musgrave
Nanins to Northup
Oakes to Owens
Palmer to Parsons
Patriquin to Pyne
Quin to Ryerson
Taylor to Tuttle
Valentine to Vidito
Wade to Wentzell

People of Cornwallis 1760 to 1901

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Index - To view a surname select the
section of the alphabet where it falls:

Aalders to Ayer
Babcock to Byrne
Cahill to Curtice
Dains to Dykes
Eady to Evans
Fairn to Fulmer
Gaetz to Gutterson
Hagerty to Hutt
Illsley to Joudrey

Kaiser to Kynock
Lacey to Lyons
MacAuley to Murray
Nason to Nutting
Oakley to Pyke
Quigley to Ryan
Saber to Swinimer
Tammes to Tyrell
VanAdsytine to Zwicker

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