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The People of Western Kings 1785 to 1901
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                This is simply an alphabetical list of the people of the western part of Kings County, Nova Scotia.  It works just like a telephone book except that within identical surnames the sequence is by date of birth, so that the oldest members of a family come first.  You are probably better off to ignore all this bonff you're reading and go to the index and browse through the names.  If you have questions later you can return here to see if you can find an answer.

                Basically the list is in family groups because almost all information whether it be church records or census data is presented in family groups.  Baptisms usually give the child and the parent's names.  Census data is by household which is usually a family.  The same can be said for almost any other source of information.

                The format I chose is to show the father first if possible, followed by the mother, followed by the children.

                 The father's father, if known, can be found by scanning back through the list.

                The mother's family, if known, is provided by a link to the right of her name, ie nee <her father's surname>.  There she will be found among the children with a link back to her husband after her name, ie married <her husband's name>.  So you can go back and forth between related families.

                The male children may be found later in the list with families of their own.  The female children may be linked to their husband if known.

                This list started out as a simple genealogical project where I was looking for the background of my family.  I soon found that an alphabetical list of the village of Morden would be useful.  This list kept growing until I began including all references in the church records and the census records for that area of Kings County.  Now I want to expand it until it includes the whole of Kings County and Annapolis County.

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