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The People of Western Kings 1785 to 1901
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The links

                I linked each surname with the sources where I found reference to that surname.  Thus if you click on a surname you will get a list of all the references that I have found to date where that person was mentioned.  In these references I have included some of the information but there is no substitute to going back to the original document.  The information shown in red are exact quotes from the source documents.  Thus the info shown in red may contain errors and spelling errors.

                It has been remarked to me that when you start looking at genealogical records you soon find that you are going in circles.  If you go back 4 or 5 generations you find that everybody is related to everybody else.  I tried to reduce the confusion by allowing only one link in the references and that link is back. back will only return you to where you came from to get to the reference.

                In the main list, where I could, I linked married women to their maiden name in a reciprocal way.  Thus if you see a "nee" after a wife's name followed a linked name this will take you to her father where you will find "married" followed by a linked name back to her husband.

                If you click on a small photo it will be blown up.  If you click on a large photo it will return to the page with the small photo.

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