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This is a work in progress and it is not possible for any individual to ever finish such an ambitious project. There will always be undiscovered data.

My objective was to create an alphabetical index of the people of Kings County from the beginning of time to 1901. I chose 1901 for a cut off date because at the time that was the latest census, which was made public, and because information from the 1900s is more readily available than the 1700s and 1800s. I was anxious to preserve certain data before it got lost forever. For example I wanted to collect old photos while there was still a reasonable chance of identifying them. Of course I was too late in many cases, much has already been lost or can't be identified.

My objective has been to add nothing of my own, except perhaps typo errors. All data is taken from a public record such as a census, church register, grave yard or anything else I could get my hands on. Most of the info came from the Public Archives at Ottawa.

The sequence of names is Alphabetic (of course) by surname. Each surname is arranged by Head of family, spouse and children if any, this follows the way most census are arranged. Within the same surname the oldest come first. Wives are linked to their family if possible.

Each surname is linked to a list of all the references, which I found to that particular name. Many have commented that it is easy to get lost in all the links or forget what you were looking for.

Feel free to use this data any way you want knowing that, although I tried to eliminate errors they are all too prevalent. There is no substitute for checking the sources and this should be considered as a guide to those sources, which I have been, able to find.

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