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Photograph was taken in 1954, possibly in November.

According to Eva & Charles Oickle, Audrey Ernst of Blockhouse, via David Oickle and Doug Joudrey, the people in the photograph are as follows (starting with standing at the rear):

Willie Ernst; Edwin Joudrey (partly hidden); Mrs. Wilfred Ernst; Mrs. Boutillier (Ollie's mother); Gladys Oickle; Rebecca Joudrey (wife of Edwin); Mr. & Mrs. Lockie Lohnes (Lockie's Cottages in Mahone Bay); Audrey Ernst (wife of Howard); Mr. & Mrs. Chisholm (United Minister at the time); Elias Ernst; Howard Ernst; Ollie Boutilier; Wilbur Ernst; Gordon Ernst; Maggie Zwicker (Margaret - Ralph Zwicker's mother); Bessie Ernst (wife of Wilbert); Alice Robar (on the end).

Wilfred Ernst; Minnie Dimmel; Luella Aulenback (sister of Mary Ernst); Albert & Mary Ernst (Guests of Honour, wearing flowers); Ruben Ernst (Mary and Luella's father); the next woman is Lockie Lohnes' mother;

Eunice Ernst (wife of Elias); Effie Ernst; Mary Jane Ernst (daughter of Gordon & Ruth Ernst); John Ernst and Carolyn Ernst (children of Howard & Audrey Ernst).

Ernst Anniversary photo