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Interesting little bits of Lunenburg Co. history - Archives

1754 - St. John's Anglican Church built in Lunenburg was the second English church built in Nova Scotia. The cost was £ 476 16s. 6½d.

1775 - This year the first court house in the County of Lunenburg was erected in Lunenburg. article from Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise June 16, 1924

1782 - Petition addressed to L. Christopher & D. Christopher Jessen, who occupied positiions of importance in military matters, reads: Lunenburg, 6th Sept. 1782. "Comes before us Mr. John Newton, Mr. John Arenburg, Vieb Bleysteiner, Nathaniel Bleysteiner and George Sharpe, and informs that one Seidler being a prisoner to some American Privateer boats now on Cross Island, and saith that Seidler is still on Cross Island, naked and in irons and is likely to perish in that condition. Wherefore we beg to leave jointly with some other volunteers to go on a shallop to redeem and endeavor to take said Seidler off from Cross Island."
Permission was granted to the volunteers to go on their errand of mercy. They were warned, however, to take all possible precautions, to find out whether any of the enemy were still on Cross Island, to go no further than Cross Island, to return with all possible speed, and that all persons concerned must "go voluntarily, and at their own risk." courtesy Ralph Getson, Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic scrapbook - no date.

1815 - Lunenburg citizens subscribed £268, 10s, 8d to the fund for the benefit of the families of those slain and wounded at the Battle of Waterloo. Chronological History of Lunenburg County by H.W. Hewitt

1886 - Notes from the Municipality of Lunenburg Council -It is ordered by the Municipal Council that no person or persons shall at any time of the year heap up on any of the shores or beaches within the Municipality, any sea manure that may be driven by the sea on said shores or beaches under a penalty not exceeding $8 for each offence together with cost of suit to be recovered and applied according to law. Lunenburg Progress May 26 [guess it had to be taken away on the spot?]

1886 - It is ordered by the Municipal Council that no sheep or cattle shall be allowed to run at large within the limits from Peter Jodrey's south line in New Cornwall and the Northfield Road between the 1st day of May and on the 1st day of November in each and every year under a penalty of twenty cents for each sheep and one dollar for each head of cattle for each offence. Lunenburg Progress May 26

1886 - A very pleasant day was spent at Chester Basin on Thursday last, the event being a picnic given by Mr. Mills of that place who was fortunate enough to sell his gold mine for a handsome amount in ready cash - at least, that's the way the story runs. The tug 'Ralph E.S.' left Mahone Bay at 2 p.m. with the Mahone Bay Band and a number of passengers on board and arrived at the scene of the festivities in good time. Quite a number of American visitors were there and all hands seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. At about 8 p.m. a violinist appeared on the scene and the light fantastic was tripped by lovers of dancing, until the witching hour of midnight approached, when all retired to their respective homes in their respective conveyances very much pleased with the day's pleasure and loud in their praises of Mr. Mills. Lunenburg Progress August 25

1886 - The Lime Kiln Club intend having a Picnic and Chowder to-morrow (Thursday) - will leave at 9 a.m. and sail around Cross Island, - Catch (or buy) some cod and land on the Island and make a Chowder. None but members in good standing allowed to go. Members are requested get their tickets and badges the night before. Lunenburg Progress August 25

1886 - Dr. G. A. Polley [dentist] expects to leave for Bridgewater about the 15th of September, where he will remain for a few weeks; from thence he will go to Mahone Bay for a few weeks. Patients in town who wish work attended to will please call at once to give him time to finish before leaving. Lunenburg Progress September 2

1886 - A special meeting of the Municipal Council will be held at Mahone Bay on Wednesday next, 31st inst., for the reading of a bill to assess Mahone Bay for the sum of $1800.00 for an Exhibition building, and also other matters in connection therewith. Lunenburg Progress March 24

1902 - F. B. Ernst has opened a bicycle repair shop in the new building of Simeon Ernst, and is prepared to do all kinds of repairing besides selling first class wheels. He has reconized the advertizing advantages of the Bulletin by taking a space it it to tell people the news of the business. Bridgewater Bulletin March 11 - courtesy George Newbury

1904 - Just received some very choice ground coffee, which we are selling from 25 to 35 ¢ a pound. The best coffee to be had for the price. Try a bar of FILS-NAPTHA SOAP [sic], it makes work easy on wash day. We want every woman to use it. A choice lot of fancy biscuits in stock. CHAS. SMITH
Advertisement from Lunenburg Daily News September 14

1904 - Mahone Bay - Rev P.[?] L. Batty will deliver his temperance lecture in the Parish Hall tonight, no doubt there will be a large audience, as Mr. Batty is well and favorably known in this community. Bridgewater Bulletin December 13

1911 - The property of the Blockhouse Gold Mining Co. was sold by the Sherriff on Thursday for $5,000 to C.C. Mader and associates. New York capitalists have been interested in the property and operations will begin in the spring. Bridgewater Bulletin January 10 - courtesy George Newbury

1923 - Frank Corkum, Lunenburg, long distance runner, secured 4th place in the Halifax Herald 10 mile race last Saturday, out of a field of over 40 starters. His brother Hector also made a good showing despite the fact that he had an injured foot. Lunenburg should be proud of these fleet footed young men Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise October 10

1923 - Letter to The Editor:: In these days of high prices, it would pay consumers to be sure of what they are buying. Most of those who put up sauer kraut, for example, are honest, but some cannot get the half barrel small enough. The writer saw some made today that will drop inside a regular size package. Measure your half barrel. It should be 22 in. long and head should measure 13-1/2 in. across.
Lunenburg Progress Enterprise October 10

1924 - Lieutenant-Governor Grant has presented a beautiful Bible to St. John's Anglican Church. It was dedicated and used for the first time at the service on Christmas morning. Lieutenant-Governor Grant is a descendant of the Rev. Jean Moreau, the first rector of the church.
Bridgewater Bulletin January 8

1926 - Mahone Bay: Carpenter's [sic] and painters are rushing work to completion for the opening Knox Presbyterian Church, Sunday next...will be formally dedicated on Sunday Feb. 7th. Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise February 3

1926 - ROSE BAY & RIVERPORT News: The annual new sale of the St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church, Rose Bay, held on January 9th, was most successful. The amount realized was $110.00 more than last year. On January 18th, the Ladies Aid held a supper in the Manse, and an abundance of good things was on hand to supply the demands of a hungry multitude. About 300 people were served and the ladies cleared a sum in excess of $90.00 Lunenburg Progress Enterprise February 3

1926 - Valuable farm with house, barn, store house and other small buildings, all in good order including orchard and good fish making stand. Also livestock and all farming implements. Apply to Absolam Meisner, Garden Lots, Lunenburg N.S. advertisement in the Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise March 10

1926 - Mail Contract: Sealed Tenders addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the 2nd of April, for the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, three times per week, over BARSS' CORNER NO. 2 RURAL MAIL ROUTE under a proposed contract for a period not to exceed four years, dating from the 1st July next. Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed contract many be seen and blank forms of Tender may be obtained at the Post office at Barss' Corner, and at the office of the undersigned.
W.E. MACLENNAN, District Superintendent of Postal Service, Halifax, 18th February 1926.
Advertisement in the Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise March 10

1926 - Mahone Bay: A number of carpenters are engaged making extensive repairs to the United Church. The steeple has been removed and will be replaced by an open belfry. The two side entrances to the Church will be closed and a main entrance placed in the centre. [ed: you can see how it now looks at Places of worship] Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise April 14

1926 - LIQUOR SEIZURE IN LUNENBURG: Lunenburg Aug 18, 1926 - A commotion was caused on Main Street, today, when the premises owned and occupied by D.J. Berringer as a barber shop, boarding house and taxi business, were raided by A.C. Zwicker, Deputy Inspector under the Nova Scotia Temperance Act, and Sergeant Blakeney, of the Mounted Police. Upon removing oilcloth from one of the floors, a small trap was found, and there concealed were six cases of assorted liquor, twelve bags and five jugs containing champagne and rum. The retail value of the seized goods is about $1,000. Bridgewater Bulletin August 24 courtesy George Newbury

1926 - Riverport advertisement: WARNING. Any person destroying street lights will be prosecuted as the law directs. WOMENS INSTITUTE, Riverport, Lunenburg Co. N.S. Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise September 1

1927 - Movies playing in the month of September at the Empire Theatre, Bridgewater: "The Duchess and the Waiter"; "Don't Tell the Wife"; "Rich, but Honest"; "Don Juan"; "The Overland Stage"; "Nell Gwynn"; "Pertha S.M. Girl"; "Dance Magic"; "The Great Gatesby"[sic]; and on Sept. 21 Church of England Entertainment!! Lunenburg Progress-Enterprise (courtesy Maxwell Lohnes), August 30

1931 - Sealed Tenders marked "Tenders for Supplies 'Poor Asylum'" will be received until noon January 12th, 1932, to supply the Poor Asylum at Dayspring, Lunenburg County, for one year beginning with January 1st, 1931.

Flour, per barrel and per bag; Middlings, per bag; Cornmeal, per bag; Feed Flour, per bag; Tea, per pound; Rolled Oats, per barrel; Rice, per 100 pounds; Barley, per 100 pounds; Kerosene, per cask; Soap, per box; Beans, per bushel; Fresh beef, per pound; Molasses, per gallon.
Persons tendering will state brand of goods for which quotations are made. Tenders will be received to same date for services of physician for the Institution for the year, price per visit when called. The Commissioners do not bind themselves to accept the lowest tender. All accounts to be rendered quarterly. By order of the Commissioners of the Poor Asylum. (signed) P.H. Ross, Municipal Clerk, December 21st, 1931. courtesy G. Newbury from a local newspaper

1933 - Public Expenditures on Tancook Island : $8,461.38 was spent by the Dominion of Canada Government Public Works Department to construct a breakwater at South East Cove. $174.83 was spent on dredging at South West Cove. Bridgewater Bulletin May 8, 1935

1934 - REPORT OF OVERSEERS OF POOR DIST. No. 1 - Northwest, Jan. 13, 1934 To His Honor The Warden and Councillors, of the Municipality of Lunenburg: Gentlemen: We, the undersigned Overseers of the Poor for Dist. No. 1 beg leave to submit the following report for the year Jan 1st to Dec 31st, 1933. At present we are maintaining five children, also three elderly people who on account of health cannot be taken to the Home. We are pleased to say we have cut our expenditures down from $1,143.00 to $870.00 per year. Also we are giving a few families relief to some extent. Sgd. ALLAN B. SCHNARE. Moved by Councillor Fritze, seconded by Coun. Lohnes that the report of the Overseers of Poor, Dist. No. 1 be received and adopted. Carried. Bridgewater Bulletin (courtesy George Newbury) April 10, 1934

1934 - From an advertisement in the April 24, 1934 Bridgewater Bulletin: Jaffa oranges - $0.43 per dozen; Messina lemons - $0.25 per dozen; Bluenose hard wheat flour - $2.75 for 98 lb. bag; Coffee - $0.29 per lb; Tea - $0.43 per lb; Raspberry Jam - $0.37 for 2 lb jar; Aylmer's Catsup - $0.19 for 2 - 8 ox. bottles; Brookfield cream cheese - $0.25 for 2 pkgs.; shredded coconut - $0.19 per lb.; Bee Hive corn syrup - $0.17 for 2 lb tin (includes a FREE scribbler with every tin!); Soap Flakes - $0.25 for 3 lbs.; Gillett's Lye - $0.25 for 2 tins (courtesy George Newbury)

1935 - Mr. and Mrs. Alton Wagner, New Canada, have been appointed as keeper and matron of the Municipal Home at Dayspring. South Shore Record May 9, 1935 (courtesy Max Lohnes)

1945 - Railway Notes: Conductor A.B. Mailman has obtained the pit hauling job between Pinehurst and Bridgewater on bid. James Hatfield has shifted to the position of Conductor on the hauling job from Bridgewater East, and Conductor Carl Thompson is now in unassigned service.
Bridgewater Bulletin (courtesy Ralph Getson) June 20, 1945