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South Shore Genealogical Society

S. S. G. S. NEWS
July 1998

*Grant money enables the Society to be open daily during the summer*

Notice of Meeting

The regular meeting of the SSGS will be held Monday July 20, 1998 in the Society room of the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic at 7:30 PM.

There will be a presentation by Gordon & Roger Mason, local members, who have recently returned from a trip to Germany and France, (the Montbeliard area).

Society Receives Grant

The SSGS was fortunate to receive two grants to hire two students. Trish Joyce will be with the Society for 16 weeks, and Rachel James will be working 15 weeks. This has enabled our Society to remain open daily from 9:00AM - 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, which will accommodate tourists to our area, as well as the local people.

Club Z Points

If you do not collect Club Z points from the Zellers retail outlets across Canada, please help the SSGS to accumulate points. The SSGS Club Z number is stamped on the back of your membership card and is listed at the top of the page. If you have already collected points which you do not intend to use, you can request gift certificates and donate them. We have had the Club Z number for over a year and we only have 75,100 points! If nothing else, we would like to be able to purchase office supplies. However, if we
could accumulate enough points, maybe we could purchase badly needed office
furniture or an item to sell tickets on for a fundraiser. Please remember to donate your points!

Donation of a Gavel

Because of the kindness and talent, of Harold Redden, a gavel was presented to the Society. Thank you very much.


The SSGS has purchased a Pentium computer to replace the 286 Computer in the Society Office. The students will be using it in cataloguing research material and adding cemetery information.

Black Genealogy

On May 25th, David States provided us with a thought provoking insight in how he delved into history to find pockets of information about his personal ancestry and that of other members of the black community.

A historical researcher from the United States, present at the talk, was impressed with his quality of presentation and methods of research.

To attract more speakers of Mr. States quality and reputation, each of us should make more effort to participate to make these evenings more viable.

Thanks, Roger, for finding Mr. States, who enlightened us to another dimension of genealogical research.... by Sheila Chambers, President

Volume C, Queens County Cemeteries

Volume C, Queens County Cemeteries from Volume 1 & 2, are available for sale. These cemeteries where updated in

1994 and 1995 and are available individually with cemetery indexes. If there is a demand, they could be made available on computer disc.

There will be a minimum charge per cemetery of $1.00 for the first page and $0.25 for each additional page (postage and handling charges included).

The following are the cemeteries available:

Brooklyn Old Cemetery
Buckfield Community Cemetery
Caledonia Lakeview Cemetery
Caledonia, Church of England
Caledonia Highland Cemetery
Charleston New Cemetery
Charleston Old Cemetery
Charleston Riverdale Cemetery
Danesville Private Cemetery
Danesville Cemetery
Danesville Private Cemetery
East Sable River Private Cem.
East Port Medway Cemetery
Greenfield Old Baptist Cemetery
Greenfield Pine Rest Cemetery
Harmony Cemetery
Kempt Community Cemetery
Kempt, Pine Grove Cemetery
Labelle Road, Cemetery
Liverpool, Old Congregational Church Cemetery
Middlefield, Community Cem.
Mill Village, Sewards Brook Cemetery
Mill Village, The Gove Cemetery
Mill Village Community Cem.
Mill Village, Mitchel Cemetery
New Grafton, Corkum Road Cemetery
Ninevah, Silver Rd. Gospel Hall Cemetery
North Brookfield, Old Community Cemetery
North Brookfield, Rosette Cemetery
North Brookfield, Rosette Community Cemetery
Pleasant River, Brighton Cem.
Pleasant River, Lakeview Cem.
Pleasantfield Roadside Cemetery
Port Joli, Community Cemetery
Port Medway Old Cemetery
South Brookfield Community Cemetery
South Brookfield Pioneer Cemetery
South Brookfield, Pioneer Cemetery Supplement
West Head, Grace Anglican Church
West Caledonia, St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Ch.
Westfield Hillcrest Cemetery
Westfield Beach Family Cemetery

SSGS Members Web Links

Do you have a web site that contains genealogical information? If so, the SSGS would like to establish a link from the SSGS web site to your web site. Simply, send your web address to the SSGS, E-MAIL: with a brief summary about your site.

Canadian Census Records - No More?

Census records, as a genealogical tool, are in imminent danger of extinction. The 1911 Canadian census would normally become public domain in 2003.

Statistics Canada, in an unprecedented move, has stated intention of refusing the release of the 1911 census to the National Archives, circumventing the 92-year hold back rule prescribed by the Privacy Act under which the 1891 and 1901 censuses were released.

In an article published by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Ottawa Branch, Lyndall Winters of Gloucester, ON mentioned that ironically, in the United States, the 1930 census records will soon be released to the public.

The SSGS urge those concerned to write to the:

Dr. Ivan Fellegi, Chief Statistician
120 Parkdale Avenue,
Ottawa, ON K1A 1B5

as well as to the local Member of Parliament, Minister of Industry, and Minister of Heritage, Ottawa, ON

Graves on Development Site

Up to 35 graves of mostly American soldiers could be uncovered, if archeologists dig up Deadmans Island, Nova Scotia as part of a developer's bid to build apartments.

Planning officers for the Halifax Regional Municipality are considering a proposal for a four-story block of 50 apartments on the small Northwest Arm peninsula.

If the city approves the developer's plan, Uncle Sam may want to reclaim the soldiers' remains. Bruce Ehrnman, US consul general stated, "We want to make sure that former American soldiers are treated with dignity".

After a preliminary survey of the site, an independent archaeologist, Laird Nevin, concluded it might contain 35 burial sites. "There was little doubt that Deadmans Island was used as a burying ground from the early-to-mid-19th century," he wrote in his report.

Mr. Nevin's indicates that from 1804 to at least 1856, Deadmans Island was a likely burial site for French and American prisoners of war, refugee blacks from America, Irish and European immigrants, and British military prisoners.

Forest Facts

There are over 4,000 wood lots in Lunenburg County, NS. Original land grants to the German and Swiss, were handed out according to a deck of playing cards. Those who drew face cards got the best lands. Those drawing a two or a three got the poorer sites.

Some of the original land grants are still used by the same families.

-the average size of a Lunenburg County wood lot is 57 hectares (140 acres).

- Lunenburg County has 321 thousand hectares (570 thousand acres) of forested land. It is home to a combination of softwood, mixed wood and hardwood.

- Lunenburg County includes 2,808 sq. km. of rich rolling farmland and a patchwork quilt of forests. These softwood and mixed wood forests cover two thirds of the county, generating millions of dollars from industry and recreation.

Notices of Family Reunions

MEISTER - The Meister family is holding it's second reunion July 25 and 26, 1998 in New Ross, NS.

The Meisters trace their beginnings from Charles Frederick William Meister (1816) and his land grant from the Province of Nova Scotia.

All Meisters are invited to attend. It will begin at the Lincoln Meister Heritage Homestead, Charing Cross, New Ross, July 25, 1998 with registration at noon Saturday, followed by guided tours of historical sites in and around New Ross.

Information: Bernice Meister-Hiltz (902) 689-2945.


Genealogy Society

1998 Family Reunion

September 26 & 27, 1998

For descendants of Johann Wilhelm Wenzel - (1705-1764) who with his family settled in Lunenburg in 1753.

Descendants are scattered all over Canada and the US.

For details contact:

B. E. Wentzell, 3-95 Empire St. Bridgewater, NS B4V 2L8 (902) 543-1106 or

Florence Wentzell,

RR 3 Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0 (902) 624-9187


Blockhouse Cemetery

We are trying to reach those who have loved ones buried in the Garden of Rest Cemetery in Blockhouse, NS to assist the on-going work of Perpetual Care by paying the dues. The cost is $200.00 for a full lot and indefinite care. For further information, please contact: Emery Joudrey, Box 32, Blockhouse, NS B0J 1E0

(902) 624-8182

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