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South Shore Genealogical Society

Updates concerning donations, salvage, restoration of St. John's Anglican Church


Three sources will be utilized below, "Official", "Conversation" and "Observation". These are not press releases - the information has been gleaned from personal contact and observation.

Current News Updates
Archived News Updates - December 22, 2001 to February 23, 2002
Archived News Updates - November 16 to December 21, 2001
Archived News Updates - November 5 to November 11, 2001

Weeks of February 24 - March 10, 2002

Official from email from Grace Swan, co-chairman along with Ralph Getson, of the Non-Structural Materials subcommittee: -
Email March 10:

I have included the little blurb prepared for the Easter Sunday Bulletin concerning the new altar linen just in case it is of interest. I will try to get someone to take photos of it - I think this lady deserves recognition.

NEW ALTAR LINEN: Seanaugh Murdoch , an artisan in Cavan, Ontaio, has a small studio where she designs and produces vestments and altar linens. Two weeks after the fire, we received a lovely letter from her offering us a very generous gift of new altar linens. Although they arrived several weeks ago, they are so special we [will be] only using them today, Easter Sunday 2002, for the first time.

Report to parish March 7:

BRASS: The recommended cleaning compound has finally arrived and the brass restoration can continue. The group is ready to try to clean the badly tarnished upright parts of the communion rail; unfortunately, the horizontal rail camera is bent beyond repair. We have not yet tackled painted and/or oxidized items as these require special care.

ORGAN/PIANO: Research on these items is now in full swing. A committee of advisors is being formed to make recommendations on the purchase of a new organ. 'Dr. Piano' came to see the piano and it is a total loss. We are looking into options available for a new one.
The Music Committee has submitted a list of recommendations to the Restoration Committee to be considered when the new structure is built, as well as recommendations for sound systems in both the hall and the church.

I have finally received prices on new handbell cases. These should be acquired ASAP; currently, we are unable to store the bells properly and unnecessary damage is occurring. Since they survived relatively unscathed, we need to look after them as well as possible now - they represent a considerable investment.

An original piece of music entitled "From The Ashes" has been given to us, written by Father Brian A. Evans of the Mission to Seafarers [ed: the Mission is located in Halifax]

KNEELERS: Steve Roberts (HC) is coming on March 12 to see the kneelers and recommend action.

COLOURS: We have two volunteers to re-mount these (as per instructions from H.C. [ed: Heritage Canada]) and as soon as the weather improves, we will move them to the hall to be worked on.

HATCHMENT: Steve Roberts (HC) has been working with AGNS on this and apparently we will need to hire a fine art conservator for this. I do not yet have the details. They also recommend re-framing rather than restoring the current frame - this is a very valuable piece and should have a more appropriate frame.

Photographs from Feb 23 - Mar 2 - the ruins are now all enclosed. Inside photos as well.

Official from email from Ed Jordan, co-chairman along with andrew Eisenhauer, of the Restoration Committee: -
Email February 24:

[There will be] a "store" on the site. This is something we are planning for, as we realise we can't have clear panels on the ends, and everyone will be mighty curious to know what is happening. We think we will be able to have escorted tours, with safety hats, etc. provided, after the hours the workmen are in the building, and on weekends. As I say, we are working on planning this, as well as a 16' x 32' display/sales building on the Cornwallis Street side of the site.


Photographs of the church before, during and after the fire:

November 1, 2001 - The Burning
November 2, 2001 - The Aftermath
The interior after the burning - November 2001
The interior clean up progress - December 7, 2001 and December 28, 2001
The exterior encapsulation progress - January 16, 2002, January 23 - 27, 2002, January 31, 2002, February 7 - 15, 2002 and February 23- March 2, 2002
Non-structural elements
The restoration of the altar
The exterior before
The interior before
The interior Christmas 1991
"Simon Birch" 1997

Canadian Heritage Minister, Sheila Copps, commits financial assistance at parish hall meeting November 16, 2001
Photograph of Solomon Morash, master builder in charge of the 1892 changes
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