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Some Militia Data, 1795-1900
Pictou County, Nova Scotia GenWeb
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From "The Pictou Book" by
George MacLaren, 1954 

Pictou Regiment of Militia - 1795
Lt. Col. Commander
Robert Pagan
Edward Mortimer
          John Dawson          Hugh Denoon        Nicholas P. Olding 
           Thomas Copeland   David MacLean      Robert Stewart Sen.
1st Lts. 
          William MacKay     Thomas Pagan          James Carmichael 
           David Patterson       John Patterson Jnr.   James MacDonald 
           Robert Smith          Donald MacKay 
2nd Lts
         David Lowden          David Bryden          Robert Stewart Jnr. 
          Wm. Fraser              Thomas Patterson    Hugh Fraser 
          James MacDonald      Robert Smith         Donald MacKay
Adjutant - John Gault 
Quartermaster - James Patterson
Pictou Militia - 1814 
Officers of the 5th Battalion
Lt. Col.
E. Mortimer
J. Dawson 
      A. Skinner      D. Lowden      R. Stewart        J. Mc Kay 
      G. MacKay    T. Lowden       J. Williamson    R. MacKay - Adj. 
      J. Marshall     J. Douglas       G. MacDonald
1st Lts.
      A. MacKenzie      H. MacDonald      G. Smith      R. Patterson 
      T. Davison          J. Gordon            D. Langell
2nd. Lts.
      J. Matheson      J. MacLean Jr.      J. Patterson      W. Patterson 
      R. Patterson    A. Marshall         R. MacConnell   M. Langell 
      J. Wilson        D. Marshall         T. Fraser            J. Burton 
      J. Niven, Q.M.
Pictou Regiments - 1827
1st Battalion
Lt. Col  Major.                  Major
         George Smith                    Robert MacKay
   John Douglas      George MacDonald    A. Patterson     Jno. Patterson
   W. Corbett        Jno. Gordon              R. Patterson      W. Mortimer
    D. Cameron
1st. Lts.
 W. Rankine        A. Patterson         George Campbell   Anthony Smith
 David Davidson   Samuel Archibald  James Perang 
2nd. Lts.
  John Taylor       Alex Scott        W. Clock       T. M. Cole 
  James Dawson     James MacGill    Don. Fraser    M. MacCullogh
Adj. - H. Hatton      Sg. - G. Johnstone
2nd Battalion
Lt. Col.         Major
James Skinner      J. MacDonald
    Robert Smith      Don Fraser      J. Carmichael      A. Chisholm
    John Olding        Alex Grant     D. Cameron        Roderick MacKay
    D. MacDonald     Jno. Finlayson
1st. Lts.
    Jno. Smith      D. MacDonald      D. MacLennan      Simon MacKay
    A. MacDonald    Alex Fraser       Wm. Fraser          T. MacPherson
    Alex Grant
2nd Lts.
    Jacob Olding          Thomas Munro     M. MacKenzie    W.Chisholm
    Jno. Holmes - adj.    D. Robertson       Robert Walker 
  Adj. - J. Holmes, It.      Q.M. - A. Fraser      Sg. - D. Finlayson
Additional County Militia Data
Welsford Rangers - 1860
Included 51 members
Capt. - James Kitchen
1st. Lt - Charles E. Henry
2nd. Lts. - D. W. McKat & W. E. Irish
Seargents - D. J. Campbell & Robert Beer
Corporals - W. J. Rogers & Rod MacKay
Pictou Greys - 1861
Included 60 members
Capt. - Robert Doull
1st. Lt. - S. H. Holmes
2nd Lt. - Daniel MacKenzie
New Glasgow Volunteer Company - 1863
Included about 70 members
Capt. - Donald MacDonald
1st Lt. - Albert Fraser
2nd. Lts. - Henry Fraser & J. W. Fraser 
Quarter Master - Stewart Fraser
Surgeon - Dr. Mitchell
78th Highlanders - 1900
About 50 members
Capt. - R. H. Graham
1st. Lts. - G. W. Ross, second to be appointed

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