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Passenger List for "The Sarah"
Arrived in Pictou in 1801

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From "The Pictou Book" by
George MacLaren, 1954

From Kilmorach
Archibald McKay, farmer
James Fraser, laborer
Bara. McKay
Isobel McKay, spinster
Ann Thomson, spinster
Elizabeth MacKenzie, spinster
Janet MacKenzie, spinster
Margaret Fraser, spinster
Ann McKay, (12); Flora McKay (7); spinsters
Al. Cameron, tenant; Jent. Cameron, spinster
Alr. Cameron, laborer; John Cameron (14); Isl. Cameron (12); Ann Cameron (4)
Hugb Cameron, farmer; Margaret Cameron, spinster; Margaret Cameron (4)
Wm. MacLean, farmer; Margaret MacLean, spinster 
Don McLean, laborer; Mary McLean, spinster; Kath. McLean
Isobel Cameron, spinster
Jno. Maclean (10); Wm. Maclean (8)
Margaret Chisholm (12)
Dond. McKenzie, laborer; Ann McKenzie, spinster; John McKenzie (4)
From Kiltarlity
Dond. McKenzie, farmer
Donald McDonald, farmer
John McDonald, laborer
Rod McDonnell, laborer
Ann McDonald, spinster; Cath. McDonald, spinster; Janet McDonald, spinster; John McDonald (2); a child
From Kilmorach
Duncan McDonald, farmer; Janet McDonald, spinster
Mary McRae, spinster; Murdoch McRae (7); Ann McRae; Duncan McRae (5); Margaret Mary McRae (4); Farquhar McRae (1 1/2)
Wm. Grant, laborer
Janet McDonald, spinster; Christian McDonald, spinster
From Strathglass
Alenr. Chisholm, farmer; Mary Chisholm, spinster; Duncan Chisholm (14)
Cath. McDonald (14)
Cath. Chisholm (4); Patrick Chisholm (3)
From Kilmorach
Janet Chisholm, spinster
Donald McPherson, farmer; Mary McPherson, spinster; Ann McPherson, spinster
Hugh McPherson, laborer
From Ercless
Ann Fraser, spinster; Margaret Fraser, spinster
From Kiltarlity
John Chisholm, laborer; Flora Chisholm, spinster
From Kilmorach
John Chisholm, farmer; Rodr. Chisholm, farmer; Arch. Chisholm, farmer
From Kiltarlity
Wm. McDonald, late farmer; Janet McDonald, spinster; Mary McDonald (13); Ann McDonald (10); John McDonald (8); Cath. McDonald (5);  Henry McDonald (3); an infant
John Fraser, farmer; Christian Fraser, spinster
Wm. Fraser, laborer; Bell Fraser, spinster; Ann Fraser (3)
Arch. Chisholm, laborer
Colin Chisholm, laborer
From Kilmorach
Alenr. Chisholm, farmer; Helen Chisholm, spinster; Cath. Chisholm, spinster; Margaret Chisholm (14); Ann Chisholm (12); Alex. Chisholm (10); Helen Chisholm (8); Isobel Chisholm (6); Colin Chisholm (2); an infant
Duncan McDonald, tenant; Isobel McDonald, spinster; Hugh McDonald (3); an infant
John Duff, laborer; Catherine Duff, spinster; an infant
Arch. Chisholm, tenant; Ann Chisholm, spinster, an infant
Margaret Chisholm, spinster
Rory McDonald, laborer; Cath. McDonald, spinster
Wm. Chisholm, farmer; Mary Chisholm, spinster
Alex. Chisholm, laborer
Donald Chisholm, laborer; May Chisholm, spinster; Cath. Chisholm (14); Kenneth Chisholm (8); Wm. Chisholm (4); Colin Chisholm (3); an infant
From Glenmorison
Angus Grant, farmer; Duncan Grant (11); Patrick Grant
John McDonald, laborer
From Kilmanivaig
Arch. McArthur, laborer; Christian McArthur, spinster; an infant
From Urquhart
Paul McDonald, farmer; Ann McDonald, spinster; John McDonald (10); Donald McDonald (8); Margaret McDonald (6); Alexr. McDonald (4)
From Appin
Alexr. McDonald, laborer; Ann McDonald, spinster
From Urquhart
Finlay McDonald, farmer; Ann McDonald, spinster; John McDonald (13); Ann McDonald (10); Donald McDonald (6); Christian McDonald (4);  Duncan McDonald (1 1/2)
Finlay McIntosh, farmer; Ann McIntosh, spinster
Elizabeth McIntosh, spinster
Isobel McIntosh, spinster; Jas. McIntosh (14); Christian McIntosh (3); Wm. McIntosh (6); an infant
Duncan McDonald, farmer; Isobel McDonald, spinstear (sic); Mary McDonald (5); John McDonald (2) 
John McDonald, farmer; Elizabeth McDonald, spinster; Duncan McDonald (6); Janet McDonald (3) 
Donald McDonald, laborer
John Grant, farmer; Margaret Grant, spinster
Alex. Grant, laborer
Donald Grant, laborer; Margt. Grant, spinster; Elizabeth Grant, spinster; Patrick Grant (8); Cath. Grant (6); Wm. Grant (4); Robt. Grant (2)
From Kilmorach
Simon Fraser, laborer; Ann Fraser, spinster
From Urquhart
Alex McGregor, farmer; Christian McGregor, spinstear (sic);
Wm. McGregor (3)
Rory McDonald, tenant; Mary McDonald, spinster; Cath. McDonald, spinster; Janet McDonald (5)
Donald McIntosh, farmer; Janet McIntosh, spinster; Isobel McIntosh (3)
Robet McIntosh, farmer; Janet McIntosh, spinster; Janet McIntosh (3)
John McMillan, laborer
Wm. McDonald, laborer
From Kilmorach
Alex. McDonald, tenant; Ann McDonald, spinster; Alex. McDonald (8); John McDonald (4)
From Urquhart
Patrick McDonald, laborer
From Kirkhill
John Fraser, laborer; Christian Fraser, spinster; Isobel Fraser (2)
From Kiltearn
Alex. Stuart, tenant; Mary Stuart, spinster; Murdo Stuart (9); Donald Stuart (4); Ann Stuart (2); an infant
John McLean, laborer; Ann McLean, spinster; Isobel McLean, spinster
From Urquhart
Alex. Cameron, farmer; Helen Cameron, spinster
Alex. Cameron, laborer; Ann Cameron, spinster (13); Flory Cameron (7); Mary Cameron (3)
From Strathglass
Ewen McDonald, laborer
John Chisholm, farmer; Ann Chisholm, spinster; John Chisholm (9);  Alex. Chisholm (7); Colin Chisholm (5); David Chisholm (2)
Alex. Chisholm, laborer; Margt. Chisholm, spinster; Margt. Chsiholm, spinster
From Knoydart
Angus McDonald, farmer; Marg McDonald, spinster; Mary McDonald, spinster
Allan McDonald, laborer; Donald McDonald (10); Samuel McDonald (6); Peggy McDonald (4); Mary McDonald (2)
From Urquhart
Alex. McLean, tenant; Margt. McLean, spinster; ___ McLean (4);  Ann McLean (1 1/2)
Alex. Grant, farmer; Hannah Grant, spinster; Alex Grant (4); Isobel Grant (1 1/2)
Wm. McKenzie, farmer; Flory McKenzie, spinster; Isobel McKenzie (5);  John McKenzie (2)
From Red Castle
Janet Grant, spinster
From Strathglass
John McMillan, blacksmith; Catherine McMillan, spinster;  Eliz. McMillan (7); Wm. McMillan (5)
From Rannoch
John Robertson, tenant; Janet Robertson, spinster
Alex. Robertson, laborer; Eliz. Robertson, spinster; Donald Robertson (13); Janet Robertson (11); Duncan Robertson (5)
James Robertson, laborer
Donald Smith, tenant; Smith, his wife, spinster
James Robertson, farmer; Christian Robertson, spinster; Elizabeth Robertson (6); Janet Robertson (3); Duncan Robertson (2)
Donald Robertson, farmer; Janet Robertson, spinster; Peggy Robertson (6); Janet Robertson (4); John Robertson (2)
From Aird
Murdo McLennan, farmer; Janet McLennan, spinster; Murdo McLennan (3)
John McLennan, laborer; Christian McLennan, spinster; Kate McLennan (3)
From Glengarry
Angus McDonald, laborer; Janet McDonald, spinster; Rachael McDonald, spinster; Janet McDonald (3); Kath. McDonald, spinster
From Urquhart
James Chisholm, farmer; Martha Chisholm, spinster; Isobel Chisholm (14);  Mary Chisholm (12); James Chisholm (10); Cath. Chisholm (7); John Chisholm (5); Ewen Chisholm (2)
Donald Grant, farmer; Janet Grant, spinster; Alex Grant (9); Christian Grant (6); Isobel Grant (3)
Duncan McDonald, laborer; Janet Grant, spinster
Duncan Chisholm for Janet Chisholm, spinster 
From Kiltarlity
Donald McGregor, farmer; Isobel McGregor, spinster;  Mary McGregor (11); John McGregor (9); Jean McGregor (8);  Alex. McGregor (6); Andrew McGregor (4); Kate McGregor (2)
From Strathglass
Alex. Chisholm, farmer; Mary Chisholm, spinster
Betsy McRae, spinster
Wm. McKenzie, laborer; Cath. McKenzie, spinster
Donald McKenzie for Alexr. McGregor (2)
John Chisholm (15); Hugh Bain (10)
John Grant, farmer; Cath. Grant, spinster; Jas. Grant (10); John Grant (8); Alex. Grant (6); Donald Grant (4)
Farquhar McKenzie, laborer
Cath. Fraser, spinster
From Glenelg
Donald McIntosh, farmer; Mary McIntosh, spinster; Jimmy McIntosh (12);  Anne McIntosh (8); Donald McIntosh (5); Mary McIntosh (2 1/2)
Finlay McIntosh, tenant; Anne McIntosh, spinster; Anne McIntosh (2)
From Brincory of Morer
Arch. McLellan, farmer; Isobel McLennan, spinster; Angus McLellan, (2); Mary McLellan (3)
From Knoydart
Anne McDougald, spinster
Ereck McDonald, spinster
Janet McLean, spinster
Wm. McLean , laborer
From Kiltarlity
Alex. Fraser, Jack's man; Medley Fraser, spinster; Mary Fraser (12); Eliz. Fraser (6); Margt. Fraser (3)
From Strathglass
Wm. Chisholm, Taylor; Caith. (sic) Chisholm, spinster; Cath. Chisholm (9); Ann Chisholm (4); Alex. Chisholm (3)
Rory Chisholm, tenant; Mary Chisholm, spinster; Christian Chisholm (12)
From Ahiess
Donald McDonald, laborer
From Kilmorach
Hector Thomson, Tenant; Simon Thomson (3)

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