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About Abermain Heritage Preservation Society Inc

Abermain is a village on the South Maitland Coalfield in the Lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia. The village was established in 1903 when the colliery commenced working the rich coal deposits that outcropped in the area.

Abermain Heritage Preservation Society was constituted on 14 April 1998. Its aims and objectives are:

The Society is interested in the history and heritage relating to the following locations (click here to see a map of the area):

The Society's affairs are controlled and managed by the Management Committee.

The Pit Whistle is the official newsletter of the Society. It is published every three months - August, November, February and May. The pit whistle held a distinctive place in the life of the early mining community. In the days before radio, the pit whistle not only served as time signals for the miners, but it was the community's timekeeper as well. In those days, standard time was unknown and everyone was on "pit time". The miners, their families and everyone else involved in the busy life of the mining area went to bed, awoke, began journeys, were married or buried by "pit time". All clocks and watches were set by the pit whistle. The pit whistle was also used for communication and, apart from the starting and finishing whistles, each mine had a signalling system peculiar to itself - it depended on what time the whistle blew and how many blasts as to what the message was.

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