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Warragamba Dam_9

Warragamba Dam wall, reopened in 2009 for public viewing after extensive works completed. Dam statistics Height: 142 m Length: 351 m Thickness at top: 8.5 m Thickness at base: 104 m Width of central spillway: 94.5 m Width of auxiliary spillway (at mouth): 190 m Length of auxiliary spillway: 700 m Hydro-electric plant capacity: 50 MW [edit]Lake Burragorang statistics Available storage (when full): 2,027,000 ML (note: the lowest depths have recently become available for supply) Total capacity (when full): 2,031,000 ML Surface area: 75 km² Length of lake: 52 km Length of foreshores: 354 km Deepest point: 105 m Catchment area: 9051 km² Average annual rainfall: 840 mm

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