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Sergeant George Kay arrived in Sydney Cove aboard the "Tellicherry" in 1806. Although all his records give his surname as Kay his sons and daughter's surname in a number of records are given as both Kay and Keys.

1748 - George Kay born Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

1775 - Joined the 31st Regiment - Age 27 years - Served 1 Year a Private

1776 - Corporal - Served 4 Years

1779 - Sergeant - Served 19 Years

1800 - Joined the 102nd Regiment - Age 50 Years

1805 - Sergeant George Kay Sailed from Cork, Ireland - Vessel, the "Tellicherry"

1806 - Arrived Port Jackson - 15th February 1806 - Voyage 168 days

1806 - Sergeant George Kay transferred to the New South Wales Corps from the 8th Royal Veteran Battalion - Detach ????? Grose.

1808 - Sergeant George Kay - Detach Foveaux/Lamb

1808 - 5th June - A Son was born to George Kay & Mary Bradshaw - George Kay/Keys

1809 - Sergeant George Kay - Detach McArthur/8Co

1810 - Sergeant George Kay - Transfer to the NSW Veteran Corp introduced by Governor Macquarie for old soldiers - Age 60 Years

1810 - Sergeant George Kay - Marriage 4th June 1810 to Mary Bradshaw, St. Philip's, Sydney (Certificate No. 1038/Vol.31A) George Age 60 Mary Age 31

1812 - A daughter was born - Mary Ann Kay/Keys

1812 - Sergeant George Kay - Age 62 Years Transfer to NSW Veteran Windsor

1815 - Sergeant George Kay and his wife Mary had a second son, William. Born at Windsor on the 29th November 1815

1822 - Sergeant George Kay - The General Muster & Land & Stock Muster of NSW 8 Acres, Windsor Garden and Orchard Cleared ground 8 Acres. Horses 1 Cattle 20 Hogs 4. Bushels of Grain in Hand: Wheat 6 Maze 20

1823 - Sergeant George Kay - NSW Veteran Corp Disbanded - George 76 Years of age - Land Grant, 200 Acres Wollombi Hunter River (Land Entitlement Certificate No. 30) and Pension.

1825 - Sergeant George Kay Died -14th July Age 77 Years at Windsor.

My brother and I have visited the grave of Mr.George Kay (as the inscription reads) and his wife Mary (nee Bradshaw) at St. Matthew's Church of England, Windsor. Their son George Kay/Keys is buried there also. George (jnr.) died on the 22nd December 1841 age 33. He was a shopkeeper and shoemaker who lived and worked at Windsor. A copy of a letter I have gives his address as George Street, Windsor.

George's younger brother William Kay/Keys is buried with members of our family at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney NSW. He died in 1843. We believe that he may have married Elizabeth Gardiner on the 18th October 1840. They had a daughter born in 1841 - Maria Kay. William worked for a time with James as a merchant in Pitt Street.

George and William's sister Mary Ann Kay/Keys married James Quinn in 1831. He was a convict who was transported on the first voyage to the Colony of the "Morley". He was convicted for being found in the possession of forged notes. He was tried at Lancaster Assizes, Lancaster Castle in England but he originally came from Loughall, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. James and Mary Ann Quinn (nee Kay/Keys) are my Great Great Grandparents.

James became a successful merchant and dealer in property. At the time of their marriage they lived and conducted their business from a house rented from James' friend, Michael McQuade who had been tried and convicted of the same offence as James. They were tried and convicted at the same session of the Lancaster Assizes and arrived in the Colony together aboard the "Morley" - both sentenced to serve 14 years.

James eventually purchased property in Pitt Street, Sydney. He and his family lived and conducted their business from their home, store and livery stable at 67 Pitt Street Sydney until their deaths in 1840 and 1841. They were survived by three very young children. Mary Ann born 1832, Sarah 1834 and James William 1837 (birth believed to have been recorded as William).

We have not been able to find any record of who raised their children. Possibly a member of the Kay/Keys family.

There are very possibly links with the Kay/Keys from the Braidwood area. James and Mary Ann had many friends in the area and their son James William Quinn worked there in his youth as a Carrier and married Elizabeth Higgins at Reidsdale. He eventually purchased land at Braidwood. He called his property "Mountview" and so it remains today. My Grandfather Henry Quinn was one of James William and Elizabeth's twelve children. He was born at Braidwood.

George Kay/Keys (jnr.) married Ann Dowdell in 1840 and they had a son George William Kay, born at Windsor 23rd December 1839. I have not researched any further along this line. I would appreciate receipt of any information that you may have available.

The Rookwood Cemetery records William's surname and that of another George as Keys not Kay.

An unsolved conundrum that I have not been able to resolve surrounds an error inscribed on the grave's Headstone - Rookwood Catholic Section M Grave Nos.537, 538 & 539 it reads:

Mary Ann Quinn 28.6.1840 Age 29 Years - James Quinn 28.7.1841 Age 50 Years (actually 55) - George and William Kay (Register records Keys) Father and Brother of the above who died previously re-interred from Devonshire St., Cemetery - also James William Quinn died 7.10.15 Age 78 years also Elizabeth Quinn Age 80 years 4.2.1920 - Henry Quinn 78 years.

As shown above Sergeant George Kay and his son George are buried at St. Mathew's Windsor. The Rookwood headstone is incorrect, I may have to assume that the George Kay/Keys buried at Rookwood is possible an infant of son of either George or William Kay/Keys. Possibly one of you other researchers may be able to solve the puzzle.

Bernice G Mackenzie.

February 9th, 2001

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