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This page contains details of the research interests of members of the Sydney Dead Persons Society.

To contact a member in respect of one of these entries, click on "contact" to send an email. (Note: the absence of your surname on your query may mean that you do not get a response, particularly if sent from an "anonymous" email, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL.)

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SURNAME/GIVEN NAME        PLACE                DATE       REMARKS             EMAIL
------------------------- -------------------- ---------- ------------------- -------
ACKROYD,Catherine         YKS                  c1836-1898 arr. 1841           contact
AINSWORTH,Eleanor         Stourpaine, DOR       1784+                         contact
ALEXANDER,James           IRL                             d. IRL              contact
ANDREW,Alice              LIN                   1769-1843                     contact
ARMSTRONG,Arabella        Correlaugh, FER      c1815-1889 arr. 1841           contact
ARMSTRONG,Catherine       FER                             d. in IRL           contact
ARTHUR,Robert Young       Bredbow River, NSW    1845-1922 m1. 1867 m2. 1905   contact
BAILEY,William            Salehurst, SSX        1805-1893 arr. 1839           contact
BARDEN,Alfred William     Maitland, NSW         1869-1927                     contact
BARDEN,Charles            Icklesham, SSX        1810-1881 "Coromandel" 1838   contact
BARDEN,James William      Maitland, NSW         1843-1908                     contact
BARNIER,Eliza Jane        DUB, IRL              1824-     arr. 1849           contact
BARTON,Sydney             FER                  c1816-1849 m. 1837 Sydney, NSW contact
BEYNON                    Sydney, NSW               -1800                     contact
BLACKWELL,Henry           Ewhurst, SSX              -1679                     contact
BLOW,John                 MOG                   1796-1878 arr. 1839           contact
BOWES,Margareta           FER                  c1806      arr. 1850           contact
BOXSELL,Thomas            Salehurst, SSX        1799-1875 arr. 1839           contact
BOYD,Jane                 IRL                             died IRL            contact
BOYD,Mary Ann             IRL                  c1835-1907 m. c1859            contact
BRETT,Isabella Barker                                     m. 1887 Bowral      contact
BRIDGE,James                                        -1891 m. 1851 Kiama, NSW  contact
BROWN,Charlotte Jameson   CON                  c1819-1858 m. 1837 Falmouth,CONcontact
BROWN,Thomas              AYR                  c1803-1867 arr. 1857           contact
BRUNING,James             Brussels, Belgium     1835-1908 farmed Canberra     contact
BRYEN,Edward              Irvinestown, FER     c1798-1881 arr. 1839           contact
BUCKLEY,Ellen             IRL                  c1842-1927 arr. 1864           contact
BUCKNELL,William          MDX                   1781-1856 Also NSW            contact
BURKE,Edward              TIP                  c1829-1915 m. 1857 Wollongong  contact
BURTON,Sarah              IRL                  c1791-1878 arr. 1835           contact
BYRNES,Sarah              Dublin, IRL          c1822-1863 arr. 1837           contact
CALLOW,Mary               E SSX                     -1838 dv "Palmyra" 1838   contact
CAMPBELL,Ewan             Skye, SCT            c1802-1864 arr. 1838           contact
CAMPION,Mary Ann          Muswellbrook, NSW     1861+                         contact
CAMPION,Richard           Hardwick, CAM         1831+     arr. "Emperor" 1851 contact
CARE,Hannah               Benenden, KEN         1804-1888 arr. 1838           contact
CARNEY,Mary               FER                  c1836-1895 m. 1858 Jamberoo,NSWcontact
CARROLL,Patrick           IRL                  c1838-1878 arr. 1858           contact
CARTER,Henry              Snow, SSX            c1818-1882 m. 1840 Wollongong  contact
CHAPMAN,Abraham           Dartford, KEN        c1798-1874 arr. 1825           contact
CHARLTON,Anne             Galbally, TYR        c1810-1905 arr. 1861           contact
CHERRY,Dennis             Killella, LIM         1798-1849 arr. 1839           contact
CHITTICK,Gustavus         Rotten Mountain, FER  1832-1865 d. in IRL           contact
CHURCH,Sophia             CAM                  c1813-1868 m. c1833 Wicken, CAMcontact
CLARK,Barwon Venus        Pokotaroo, Bulga, NSW 1876+                         contact
CLARK,James               Moorsholme, YKS       1777-1863                     contact
CLARK,James Arthur        Flowery Field, CHS    1840-1911 "Thomas Hughs" 1843 contact
CLARK,James Swales        Swalesdale,YKS, Bulga 1812-1851 "Thomas Hughs" 1843 contact
CLINTON,Rebecca           IRL                  c1814-     m. in IRL           contact
COLLINS,William Alexander SCT                  c1814-1878 m. 1837 Falmouth,CONcontact
CONNOR,Mary               OFF                  c1824-1897 arr. 1842           contact
CONNOR,Roger              Gibralter            c1778-1851 arr. 1790           contact
CONNORS,Michael           IRL                  c1818-1878 m. 1865             contact
CONNORS,William           IRL                  c1826-1882 m. 1849             contact
COOKE,William Richard     Jamberoo, NSW         1857-1928 m. 1881             contact
COPPER,Mary               Sandhurst, KEN        1775-1829 d. in KEN           contact
CULLEN,John               IRL                  c1809-1879 m. in IRL           contact
CURRY,John                TYR                  c1803-1872 arr. 1850           contact
CUTHBERT,William Hamilton Londonderry IRL           -1791 Also Dublin, IRL    contact
DANKER,Johann             Prussia               1829-1916 Rockhampton, Qld    contact
DAVEY,Thomas              CON                   1800-     Also Tasmania       contact
DAWES,Mary                Singleton, NSW        1848-1936                     contact
DAWES,Richard             Singleton, NSW       c1820-1897                     contact
DEITZ,Phillip Thomas                            1858-1946 m. 1882             contact
DENNING,Jane              IRL                       -1863 d. in IRL           contact
DEVERY,Mary               Clonmacnoise, OFF     1805-1893 arr. 1848           contact
DEVERY,Patrick            Monastrevor, OFF      1828-1898 arr. 1853           contact
DIBBEN,Martha             Shillingstone, DOR    1806-1875                     contact
DICKINSON,Joseph          Muswellbrook, NSW    c1800+                         contact
DICKINSON,Maria           Muswellbrook, NSW     1845+                         contact
DICKINSON,William James   Muswellbrook, NSW     1882+                         contact
DICKINSON,William John    Muswellbrook, NSW     1858+                         contact
DILLON,Mary Ann           Dublin, IRL           1833+                         contact
DILLON,Thomas             IRE -> Muswellbrook  c1800+     28th Glouc. Rgt     contact
DINNING,Elizabeth                              c1841-1921 m. 1872 Kiama, NSW  contact
DIXON,George              Leeds, YKS            1815-1907 died Goulburn, NSW  contact
DOLLARD,Bridget           Cashel, TIP          c1823-1883 m. 1841 Sydney, NSW contact
DOOLEY,James              IRL                             d. in IRL           contact
DORROUGH,Elizabeth        Amagh, TYR            1833-1902 m. 1867 Dapto, NSW  contact
DREWERY,John              Hull, YKS            c1835-1896 m. 1858 Sydney, NSW contact
DUGGAN,Mary               IRL                  c1783-1857 arr Syd 1796        contact
ELLIOTT,William                                c1832-1901 arr. 1857           contact
EMERSON,Albert Russell    NFK,ENG -> Sydney    c1841-???? arr 1860            contact
EMERSON,Ellen             Hobart Town -> NSW   c1845-1908 marr 1864 in NZ     contact
EMERSON,Mary Ann          Petersham             1864-1948 marr 1891           contact
EMERY,William             Magheraculmoney, FER            d. in IRL           contact
EVANS                     Sydney, NSW           1800-                         contact
FARLEIGH                  Sydney, NSW           1865-                         contact
FEEHAN,John               Cashel, TIP          c1816-1894 m. 1841 Sydney, NSW contact
FELTON,William John       SRY,ENG -> Sydney     1861-1953 arr c1880           contact
FIELDS,James              TYR                  c1796-1881 arr. 1858           contact
FITZGERALD,Andrew         KIL, IRL              1829-1911 died Sydney, NSW    contact
FITZGERALD,Andrew         Parramatta & Mosman   1855-1938 m. Ann Walsh        contact
FLETCHER,William          IRL                             d. in IRL           contact
FORSTER,Thomas            UK>Syd>India>Syd                m. Ryde 1817        contact
FREDERICKS,Agnes                                          m. 1868 Jamberoo,NSWcontact
GALLAGHER,Mary Ann        Liverpool, LAN        1837-     Early Tasmania      contact
GARNETT,John              MEA                       -1774                     contact
GAVAN,Elizabeth           Muswellbrook, NSW    c1800+                         contact
GEISSLER,Charlotte        FFO,GER -> Maitland  c1835-1863 arr 1855            contact
GELDARD,Jane              Easingwold, YKS       1722-1795                     contact
GILBERT,Ann               FER                             d. in IRL           contact
GLEESON                   Sydney, NSW           1860-                         contact
GLYNN,Hannah              GAL                  c1795-1880 arr. 1825           contact
GOODSELL,Thomas           Ewhurst, SSX         c1630-1680                     contact
GORDON,Robert             Kiama, NSW            1848-1911                     contact
GRAHAN,John               Trory, FER           c1800-1889 arr. 1861           contact
GRAY,James Mackay         Eneagh, ARM           1800-1877 m. IRL              contact
GREEN,Elizabeth           ENG->Melbourne, Vic   1829-1857                     contact
GRIEVE                    Parramatta, NSW       1850-     also Merrylands     contact
HARE,Felix                Sydney & Camden       1816-1870 Convict ex "Fanny"  contact
HARTLEY,Joseph            Rothwell, YKS                   m. 1756 Rothwell,YKScontact
HAWKINS,William           MDX                   1784-                         contact
HAYES,Timothy             Sydney, NSW           1898+     m. Veronica Chaffey contact
HAYWOOD,Elizabeth         MDX                   1792-                         contact
HEAD,James                Denton, KEN               -1790                     contact
HENDERSON,Crawford        Abbotshall, FIF       1826-                         contact
HIBBERT,Emily             Manchester, LAN      c1859-1933 arr. 1882           contact
HIGHLEY,Emma              GLS                  c1826-1874 d. in MON           contact
HOGAN,James               Bathurst & Maitland   1845 +    m. Bridget Collins  contact
HOGAN,John                Wollongong            1850+     m. Catherine Murray contact
HOGBEN,Mary               Denton, KEN           1770-                         contact
HOMARD,Caroline           Icklesham, SSX        1816-1884 "Coromandel" 1838   contact
HOOK,Mary                 MSX & LAN            c1769-1849 arr Syd 1790        contact
HUGHES,John Gwynne        Grosmont, MON         1828-1902 d. in MON           contact
HUMM,Daniel               Bury-St-Edmonds, SFK c1770-1827 arr Syd 1790        contact
HUTCHISON,Ann             Milford, DON         c1813-1878 arr. c1842          contact
IRVINE,Mary               FER                             m. IRL John MOFFITT contact
JEANS,John,               Stourpaine, DOR       1816-1888 "Persia" 1856       contact
JEANS,Susan               Stourpaine, DOR       1843-1873 "Persia" 1856       contact
JEANS,William             Durweston, DOR        1783-1848                     contact
JILBERT,Mary              CON                   1800-                         contact
JOHN,James                CON                   1746-                         contact
JOHNSON,Alfred            UK>NSW>Chile              -1865 m.LakeBathurst 1838 contact
JORDAN,Charles            Philadelphia, PA      1829-1897 m. 1857 Jamberoo,NSWcontact
KAYE,Thomas               Huddersfield, YKS     1800-                         contact
KENDALL,Thomasin          LIN                       -1796                     contact
KENNY,Martin              Kilmeadown, CLA       1843-                         contact
KENNY,Michael             Kilrush, CLA          1839-1893                     contact
KENT,Mary                 IRE -> Muswellbrook  c1800+                         contact
KEYS,Catherine            FER                             d. in IRL           contact
KEYS,James                Drumbulcan, FER      c1803-1887 d. in IRL           contact
KEYS,Lucy                 Drumbulcan, FER      c1819-     d. in IRL           contact
KEYS,Thomas               FER                       -1865 d. in IRL           contact
KILEY,Patrick             IRL                  c1803-1848 m. 1845 Sydney, NSW contact
KING,Dorothy                                              m. 1870             contact
KING,Jane                 Jamberoo, NSW         1856-1935 m. 1881             contact
KLINE,Balthaser           FFO,GER -> Maitland  c1830-1893 arr 1855            contact
LAMING,Margaret           Denton, KEN               -1793                     contact
LANYON,Mary               CON                   1733-                         contact
LARKIN,Patrick            GAL                  c1828-1919 m. 1853 Jamberoo,NSWcontact
LEE,Michael               IRL                             d. in IRL           contact
LEES,James Sutton         WAR                  c1793-1887 m. 1828 Sydney, NSW contact
LEES,Mary                                                 m. 1828 Sydney, NSW contact
LEGGETT,Annie Abbott      Maitland, NSW         1874-1921                     contact
LEGGETT,Robert            ARM -> Maitland, NSW  1820-1858 "Meridian" 1852     contact
LEGGETT,Samuel            ARM -> Maitland, NSW  1844-1889 "Meridian" 1852     contact
LEVVELL,William Henry     ENG                  c1851-     m. 1878 Sydney, NSW contact
LINDSAY,Catherine         IRL                             d. in IRL           contact
LINTON,Francis            LIN                   1809-                         contact
LLEWELLYN                 Sydney, NSW               -1800                     contact
LOVE,Angelina             FER                             d. in IRL           contact
LOVE,Hugh                 FER                             arr. 1857           contact
MAGUIRE,Catherine         IRL                  c1847-     arr. 1852           contact
MAHER,Johanna             TIP                  c1833-1888 arr. 1854           contact
MAKERY,Mary               IRL                  c1806-1882 arr. 1858           contact
MANN                      Sydney, NSW           1914-                         contact
MANNING                   Sydney, NSW               -1800                     contact
MARKHAM,William           LIN                   1724-                         contact
MARTENS,George Heimrich   MSC,PRU -> SA         1832-1880 arr 1848            contact
MARTENS,George J Simon    MSC,PRU -> SA        c1802-1879 arr 1848            contact
MARTIN,James              DON                  c1795-1880 arr. c1842          contact
MAXWELL,John              TYR                   1829-1908 arr. 1838           contact
MAYNES,William            FER                  c1839-1911 m1. 1870 m2. 1882   contact
MEEHAN,Margaret           IRL                             d. in IRL           contact
MESKELL,Ellen             LIM                             d. in IRL           contact
MESSER,Emily              London, ENG           1816-1863 arr. 1834           contact
MICHEL(L),John Conradin   Igis, Switzerland     1746-                         contact
MILLER,John               Dunoon, ARL           1802-1884 m. 1830 Paisley, RFWcontact
MILLER,Mary               Brabourne, KEN            -1718                     contact
MILLER,Robert             Erskine, RFW         c1795-1869 arr. 1834           contact
MILLIGAN,John             FER                  c1814-1884 m. 1837 Sydney, NSW contact
MILLIGAN,Sarah            TYR,IRL -> Sydney    c1854-1924 arr c1877           contact
MILLIGAN,Thomas           FER,IRL -> Sydney    c1844-???? arr c1877           contact
MILLS                     Sydney, NSW           1812-                         contact
MITCHELL                  Sydney, NSW           1865-                         contact
MITCHELL,Hugh             PER                   1817-1875 arr. 1842           contact
MOFFITT,Andrew            FER                             d. in IRL           contact
MOFFITT,James             Drumkeerin, FER      c1810-1890 arr. 1855           contact
MOFFITT,Jane              Rotten Mountain, FER  1830-1880 arr. 1880           contact
MOFFITT,Rebecca           Makenny, FER          1831-1905 arr. 1857           contact
MONKS,James               Manchester, LAN      c1855-1930 arr. c1880          contact
MONKS,James               Manchester, LAN      c1855-1930 arr. c1880          contact
MOON,Thomas               Rolvenden, KEN       c1802-     d. ENG              contact
MOON,William              Benenden, KEN         1804-1890 arr. 1838           contact
MORROW,Fanny              IRL                             d. IRL              contact
MORROW,Robert             Crevenish, FER       c1795-1887 arr. 1841           contact
MUIR,Elizabeth            SCT                  c1800-1883 arr. 1834           contact
MULDOON,Christopher       FER                             d. in IRL           contact
MULLETT,Isabella          Berrima, NSW         c1868-1940 m. 1887 Robertson   contact
MURRAY,Bridget            Sydney & Penrith      1817-1870 Convict ex "Canada" contact
MURRAY,Thomas             Sydney & Woollarah    1885-1940 m. Gert. Rogers     contact
MURRAY,Tim                TIP, IRL              1839-1920 died Sydney, NSW    contact
McAULEY,Ann Jane          ANT                   1836-1920 arr. 1838           contact
McCABE,Catherine          Clanmore, GAL         1834-1899 m. 1857 Jamberoo,NSWcontact
McCABE,Catherine          FER                  c1835-1903 m. 1857 Kiama, NSW  contact
McCABE,John               FER                                                 contact
McCLELLAND,John           Magheraculmoney, FER c1817-1896 arr. 1842           contact
McDONALD,Elizabeth        Dalkeith,SCT, Bulga   1810-1899 "Thomas Hughs" 1843 contact
McDONALD,John             Nigg, KCD            c1833-1896 arr. 1853           contact
McFIE,Flora                                               m. 1846             contact
McGETTIGAN,Mary           IRL                   1844-1903                     contact
McGOVERN,Catherine        IRL                  c1839-1903 m. 1865             contact
McINTYRE,Thomas           Gillen, OFF          c1798-1881 arr. 1848           contact
McLEAN,Margaret           Alvie, INV            1800-1884 arr. 1838           contact
McNAMARA,Ann              Doon, IRL             1832-1928 arr. 1841           contact
NEAVES (NEVES),Jane       Beckley, E SSX       c1820+     "Palmyra" 1838      contact
NEAVES,John               Peasmarsh, E SSX      1799-1880 "Palmyra" 1838      contact
NELSON,Andrew             Makenny, FER                    d. in IRL           contact
NETHERY,Isabella          Magheraculmoney, FER c1790-1862 d. in IRL           contact
NEUMANN,Anna Marthe       PRU -> SA            c1837-1903 arr 1844            contact
NEUMANN,Carl Frederick    HBG,GER -> SA         1800-1879 arr 1844            contact
NOBLE,John                Lowtherstown, FER     1810-1898 arr. 1841           contact
NORCLIFFE,Sarah           Huddersfield, YKS     1803-1872                     contact
NORRIS,Richard            Dublin, IRL          c1778-1843 arr. 1800           contact
NSW                                                                           contact
NUGENT,Walter             DUB, IRL             c1817-1891 arr. 1849           contact
O"CONNOR,Murray           Sydney, NSW           1920+     par: Thomas & Julia contact
O'BRIEN,Laurence          Mitchells Town, COR  c1832-1914 m. 1858 Jamberoo,NSWcontact
O'KEEFE,Matthew           TIP                  c1828-1874 m. 1860 Kiama, NSW  contact
O'ROURKE,Sarah            IRL                   1854-1923 m. 1875             contact
PARRISH,Edwin             Foleshill, WAR       c1826-1870 arr. 1849           contact
PATTERSON,William         Newcastle-on-Tyne,YKS 1809-1891                     contact
PEARCE, Susan Jane        Sth Moulton, DEV      1843-1880 "Lady Amhurst" 1849 contact
PEARCE,William            Sth Moulton, DEV      1818-1891 "Lady Amhurst" 1849 contact
PENNY,Edward              SOM                  c1840-1925 arr. 1860           contact
PERRY,Hannah              BKM                  c1787-1841 arr. 1836           contact
PETRIE,Robert             Collessie, FIF        1740                          contact
PHILLIPS,David            Inveresk, MLN         1815-1901 arr. 1858           contact
PIERRE,Cesar Alexander    Paris, France         1830-     Lived Brighton, SSX contact
PILE,Eliza                Taunton, SOM          1826-1903 arr. c1855          contact
POPPLEWELL,Joseph         Methley, YKS         c1719-1799                     contact
PORTER,Ellen Hamilton     Maitland, NSW             -1929                     contact
POULTON,Derrick (Ted)     Leichhardt,NSW        1880+     m. Barbara Hayes    contact
POULTON,James Edward      PEI, CA               1830-     Migrated to AUS & NZcontact
POWELL,James Eyre         LIM,IRL -> Sydney     1832-1878 arr 1838            contact
POWELL,Jane Tipple        SFK,ENG -> Sydney    c1833-1916 arr 1835            contact
POWER,Henry                                               m. 1847 Windsor, NSWcontact
PURNELL,William           GLS, ENG              1795-1871 arr. 1816 "Larkins" contact
PUXTY,William             Ewhurst, SSX          1706-     m. 1749 Ewhurst, SSXcontact
PYE,John                  NFK                   1750-                         contact
QUESTED,James             Brabourne, KEN        1639-1719 Family in Tasmania  contact
QUINN,Peter               IRL                  c1843-1931 m. 1875             contact
REGAN,Timothy             IRL                  c1798-1882                     contact
REID,Christina            Abbostshall, FIF      1789-                         contact
RICHARDS,Rebecca          Bristol, SOM         c1763-1826 arr Syd 1791        contact
RICHARDS,Richard          Monmouth ENG -> NSW   1835-1878 died Orange         contact
RICHARDSON,Mary Ann       CAR                  c1830-1891 arr. 1849           contact
RIX,William               NFK                   1799-1879 Also known as Pye   contact
ROBENS                    Sydney, NSW           1839-                         contact
ROBSON,Mary Ann           Newcastle-on-Tyne,YKS 1815-1910                     contact
RODDA,James               CON                   1733-                         contact
ROWE,John                 Gulval, CON          c1800-     d. in CON           contact
ROWLANDS,Isabella                                         m. 1905 Dunoon, NSW contact
ROWNTREE,Mary             CAV                  c1830-1874 m. 1860 Kiama, NSW  contact
RUTLEDGE,David            Trillick, IRL         1833-1900 m. 1857 Berkley, NSWcontact
RUTTER,Cecilia Sophia     Sydney, NSW           1807-1869 m. 1826 Campbelltowncontact
RYAN,Elizabeth Rachel     Windsor              c1792-1836 m. 1810 Sydney, NSW contact
SAUNTER,Mary              SSX                  c1816-1909 arr. 1838           contact
SCOTT,William Linton      Milson's Bridge NZ    1868-???? lived Muswellbrook  contact
SEATH,William             Denton, KEN               -1775                     contact
SEATON,Elizabeth          LIN                   1800-                         contact
SHARPE,Neil               Creagallappin, ANT   c1815-1874 arr. 1850           contact
SHARPE,William            IRL                  c1838-1895 m. 1865 Gerringong  contact
SHEA,Eliza                                                m. 1860 Kiama, NSW  contact
SHERWIN,William           Ockbrook, DBY        c1763-1822 arr Syd 1792        contact
SHIELDS,Rachel            Pathhead, FIF         1783-                         contact
SIMMONS,Mary Anne         KEN                  c1805-1874 arr. 1839           contact
SINCLAIR,Samuel           Kilconly, GAL        c1805-1863 arr. 1841           contact
SMETHERHAM                all                   all       one-name-study      contact
SMITH,James                                    c1833-1928 m. 1859 Gerringong  contact
SMITH,Juliette            Hobart, Tas           1844-     m. 1865 Nowra, NSW  contact
SMITH,William Tipple      SFK,ENG -> Sydney     1803-1852 arr 1835            contact
SPARGO,Elizabeth          CON,ENG -> NSW       c1806-1882 died Wellington NSW contact
SPARGO,James              CON,ENG -> NSW       c1803-1884 died Wellington NSW contact
SPEER,Thomas Smith        IRL                  c1832-1914 m. c1859            contact
STANTON,Elizabeth         LIN                   1758-                         contact
STEWART,Mary              FER                  c1811-1892 arr. 1867           contact
SUTHERLAND,Emily          London, ENG           1816-1863 arr. 1834           contact
SWALES,Susannah           YKS                   1770                          contact
SWEENEY,Mary Anne         IRL                  c1818-1886 m. 1850 Sydney, NSW contact
TATTERSON,John            Huddersfield, YKS     1806-1865 Family to Melb, Vic contact
TAYLOR,George             Islington, LND        1814-1887 Also Tasmania       contact
TAYLOR,John Britain       Born at sea           1844-1938 arr. 1844           contact
THOMAS,Maria              Kiama, NSW            1872-1909 m. 1896 Albion Park,contact
THOMPSON,George           FER                  c1836-1908 arr. 1866           contact
THORN,Humphrey            Old Bailey, MSX      c1758-1823 arr Syd 1790        contact
TIMMINS,Thomas            Birmingham, WAR      c1814-1884 arr. 1834           contact
TOBIN,Catherine           Newcastle, TIP       c1822-     m. 1845 Wollongong  contact
TURNER,Sarah              TYR                  c1812-1887 arr. 1855           contact
VIDLER,William            Battle, SSX          c1775-1856 arr. 1838           contact
WADDINGHAM,Edward         LIN                   1763-1847 Son migrated to NZ  contact
WADE,Hamlet               MEA                   1800-                         contact
WALLACE,Agnes             Ballymena, ANT       c1814-1895 arr. 1850           contact
WATERS,Harriet            Rolvenden, KEN        1796-1881 arr. 1838           contact
WATKINS,Frederick         Wollongong, NSW       1843-1928 m. 1867 Kiama, NSW  contact
WATSON,Harriet            Rolvenden, KEN       c1804-1877 d. in ENG           contact
WEBB,Elizabeth            Brabourne, KEN            -1771                     contact
WEIR,Robert               FER                             d. in IRL           contact
WELLS,George              York, YKS            c1804-1849 arr. 1824           contact
WHITE                     Sydney, NSW           1860-                         contact
WHITEHEAD,Jane            Sydney, NSW           1825-1862 Also Port Macquarie contact
WHITLEY,William           BKM                  c1789-1849 arr. 1833           contact
WIELAND,Martin            Igis, Switzerland     1790-                         contact
WILBY,Ann                 London, ENG          c1828-1907 arr. 1849           contact
WILEY,Thomas                                              m. 1870             contact
WILLMOTT,William          BRK                  c1798-1886 arr. 1818           contact
WILSON,James              Aughnacloy, TYR      c1817-1870 arr. 1842           contact
WILSON,Sarah Ann          NFK                   1894-1885                     contact
WOODGATE,George           Southwark, LND        1818-1883 Also Melbourne, Vic contact
WOODS,Elizabeth           GAL                             d. in IRL           contact
YOUNG,Annie Dick                                1823-1910 arr. 1842           contact

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