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John Burke

John was a convict per "Archduke Charles" 1813. Tried Monaghan 1811 Sentenced 7 years. The "Archduke Charles" left from Cork on 15 May 1812 and arrived at Port Jackson 22 Feb.1813. Ship Master was J.P. Jeffries.

John eventually settled in the Appin area where he appears on the 1828 census with a wife and one child.

John Burke was assigned to Arthur Martin, who was later appointed to resident District Constable (Reel 6052; 4/1753 p.190), and John was assigned a convict servant by the name of John Clarke in 1822.

He appears on list for Oxley's expedition 21 June 1817 (Reel 6046 4/1737 page 329)

After years of trying to get an official position, John Oxley was appointed Surveyor-General of the colony in 1812 and in 1817 headed an expedition which explored the Lachlan, Macquarie, Castlereagh, Peel and Hastings Rivers. He named Port Macquarie, at the mouth of the Hastings and returned down the coast to Sydney.

Submitted by : Kerrie Metcalfe, Member WFHG, 13 Apr 2008

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