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Mary Knight

Mary was a convict who arrived in the colony on the ship Fanny 2 which departed Downs on the 29th July 1832 and arrived 2nd Feb 1833. It took the Fanny 188 days to journey to NSW.

 Embarked were 106 Female convicts, Master, Hy Sherwood; Surgeon, Francis Logan & William B Marshall.

Mary gained her Certificate of Freedom on the 6th May 1839 No 39/06/78. This shows, place of trial Sussex GD (Gaol Delivery), Sentence seven years for robbing master. Tried on the 10th Dec 1831 Prisoner No 33/81 ... Master Sherwood Calling ... Dairymaid. Assigned to Badgery at Sutton Forest.

Mary married another convict Martin Grady in 1835. They settled in the Braidwood area and had nine children before Mary died at the age of 38 in 1853. She is buried in a family grave at Braidwood.

Submitted by : Kerrie Metcalfe, Member WFHG, 13 Apr 2008

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