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Martin Grady

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Martin GRADY, son of John GRADY ( - ) and Catherine FITZGERALD ( - ), was born in 1798 (calculated) in Dunmoylan, Limerick, Ireland near Shanogolden on the Shannon River. The Irish name for Dunmoylan is Du'n Maolin. He was a follower of the Catholic religion. He was convicted in 1821 in Limerick, Ireland. Martin, along with his brother John, at a Special Commission was found guilty of seizing arms.

Extract from Dublin Freemans Journal of 24 December 1821 :
"Martin GRADY and John GRADY were put to the bar, charged under the Whiteboy Act with stealing on the night of 10 August last, a sword, the property of Edward MORGAN.

Edward MORGAN lives within 7 miles of Rathkeale. On the night of the 10 August, a party of 10 or 12 men came to his home and demanded arms. He gave them all he had out at the window, an old sword and this he did from no other motive than fear of his life."

("The Whiteboy Act was also known as the Insurrection Act. The term, Whiteboy, was first used to describe political agitators in October 1761. Disorganised small groups of rebels sought to redress various grievances that usually involved the amount of exaction and the manner of collecting tithes especially in Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Queen's counties." [Source : Wellesley, Whiteboys and the Brampton Men by Dr. Jennifer Harrison, Dept of History, The University of Queensland, Australia at : .htm ] )

They were both sentenced to be hanged. The Dublin Freemans Journal of Wednesday, 26 December 1821 records the Judge's comments and his sentencing of them to death and this to take place in Shanagolden on 3 January 1822.

They were reprieved and sentenced to transportation for life in the Colony of New South Wales. The Dublin Freemans Journal of 5 January 1822 notes that 'a respite was received for Martin and John GRADY' ......".

When he was convicted in 1821 he was described as being 6ft 1in in height. Martin immigrated to Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW, Australia from Cork, Ireland arriving on 8 November 1822. Martin travelled on the ship "Mangles" (2) which departed 21 June 1822. The Ship's Master was John COGHILL and the Surgeon was Matt ANDERSON. COGHILL was part owner of the ship and on Martin's trip only carried male convicts. In 1822 COGHILL received a land grant at Wingecarribee in the Berrima district. In 1826 he sold his share in the ship and bought Braidwood Farm. Martin was a Reaper. Martin was listed on the Mangles (2) Indent as a reaper. (The main tasks of a reaper were to cut crops and harvest grain).

On arrival both Martin and John were initially sent up river to Parramatta before being assigned to William HOWE Esq. at Upper Minto where it is believed that he worked in this capacity. Between 1823 and 1825 he was a Government Servant at Mr Badgery's property in Bringelly, NSW, Australia. On 10 March 1824 he was a Reaper. Martin was on a list of prisoners assigned but the location he was assigned to is not known but it was probably with Mr Badgery at either Bringelly or Cabramatta. In 1828 he was a Government Servant as described in that year's Census. He is recorded as working as a Ploughman with Mr BADGERY at Cabramatta, NSW, Australia.

He was granted his Ticket of Leave, Number 31/172 (CP200) in 1831. He was granted Conditional Pardon No. 200 on 28 February 1834. (A Conditional Pardon freed a convict and was granted on the condition that the convict did not return to England or Ireland).

He married Mary KNIGHT on 8 February 1835 at St Luke's Church of England in the parish of Cabamatta in Liverpool, NSW, Australia. Martin GRADY and Mary KNIGHT both received the Governor's permission to marry in 1835 although they clearly were involved with each other well before that as their daughter Eleanor was born in October 1834. They were married by banns by Chaplain Robert CARTWRIGHT, in the presence of Daniel CANVIN and Elizabeth CANVIN of South Creek NSW. Martin signed with an X and Mary signed her name.

Between 1836 and 1858 Martin was a Farmer and Grazier. Based on the birth dates of his children and the 1841 Census he was probably farming in Black Creek (later known as Bendoura) on 21 June 1836; an unknown location in 1838; Braidwood in 1839; the St. Vincent district at Braidwood in 1841 and "Arnprior", Larbert on 9 Oct 1843. It is not known whether he still owned "Arnprior" when he died on 30 April 1858 or whether he had disposed of it when he acquired the Public House. According to the 1852 Government Gazette he sold "Town Land at Larbert Town" and received 4 for it but whether or not this was "Arnprior" is not known.

Between 1855 and 1858 he was a Hotel Keeper in Larbert, NSW, Australia. He was the publican and owner of the licensed premises "The Cottage of Content" which was a Public House. He had licenses issued in 1855 (No 1237); 1856 (No 1237 and Tr/Gr) and 1857 (No 80). As per a report in The Illawarra Mercury and the auction advertisement, the premises were sold on Tuesday, 15 June 1858 with the proceeds going to his estate.

He also married Honorah GUEIN (GEAREN) in 1857 (possibly at Larbert) but certainly in the BDM District of Braidwood, NSW, Australia.

He made a will on 29 April 1858 at Shoalhaven River, NSW, Australia, near Larbert. This was the day before he died. He died on 30 April 1858 at "The Cottage of Content" in Larbert. The cause of death was Liver Disease. On Page 2 of The Goulburn Herald of the 2 May 1858, his death is reported as "DIED At Larbert, on the 30th April, Mr. Martin GRADY of 'The Cottage of Content', aged 62 years". (His actual age was more likely 60 or 61). He was buried on 2 May 1858 in the General Cemetery; RC Section in Braidwood. Probate was granted on his will on 8 June 1858. It was granted to John Cassels RYRIE and William McDOWALL, the executors of the will. Goods were sworn at 1800.

Mary KNIGHT and Martin GRADY had the following children:

Eleanor GRADY (1834-1835)
Catherine GRADY (1836-1919)
James GRADY (1838-1856)
Martin GRADY (1839-1858)
Henry GRADY (1841-1917)
Michael GRADY (1843-1926)
John GRADY (1845-1883)
Ellen GRADY (1847-1924)
Johanna GRADY (1849-1931)
Mary Elizabeth GRADY (1851-1909)

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Submitted by : John Owen, Member WFHG, 5 June 2008

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