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Martha "Mattie" Hannagan (Harrington)

grave martha samuel hill
Martha & Samuel's Grave at Rookwood Cemetery

Martha HANNAGAN (HARRINGTON) was born in 1807 (calculated) in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. Martha has generally been known as HARRINGTON/HANNAGAN, as per the convict records, marriage certificates, etc. However on her death certificate, her eldest son George, then aged 54, indicates that her father's name was HANNAGAN. On this basis, she is recorded here as HANNAGAN and the name HANNAGAN has been assigned to her father with HARRINGTON assigned to her mother. It should also be noted that on her daughter Elizabeth Mary JONES nee HILL's death certificate, her name is shown as Martha BROWN by Elizabeth's grand-daughter Martha MORGAN but this is probably incorrect. She was a follower of the Catholic faith.

She was described as height 5' 0"; ruddy to fair complexion; dark brown hair and hazel eyes; raised mole on corner of right eye and a hairy mole on the right cheek on 26 March 1826.

She was convicted on 26 March 1826 per the Muster Roll in Londonderry, Ireland. She was convicted of shoplifting and sentenced to 7 years. She had been convicted on two former occasions. She immigrated to Sydney, NSW, Australia from Cork, Ireland on 2 February 1827. She came to Australia, as part of her sentence, on the convict transport "The Brothers" (2) which departed on 3 Oct 1826.

She married Samuel HILL on 2 June 1828 at Cathedral Church of St John in Parramatta, NSW, Australia. Being a convict, she was married with the Governor's approval. She was granted her Certificate of Freedom No. 33/1277 on 9 November 1833. She and Samuel HILL were co-resident at 3 Albert St in Parramatta. They probably lived most of their married lives at this address. Samuel's headstone indicates that he was "67 years resident in Parramatta".

Martha died on 20 November 1891 at 3 Albert St Parramatta from Debility; Duration 6 months; the Medical Attendant was Jas KEARNEY who last saw her on 19 Nov 1891. She was buried on 22 November 1891 in the Old Church of England Section in Rookwood (Cemetery), NSW, Australia.

Samuel HILL (known as 'Sam') was the son of John HILL ( - ) and Susannah SAVERRY ( - ).

Samuel and Martha had the following children:

John HILL (1829- )
Samuel HILL (1830-1867)
William HILL (1832-1866)
John HILL (1834- )
Susannah HILL (1835- )
George HILL (1837-1923)
Thomas HILL (1839-1909)
Martha HILL (1841-1920)
Eliza Jane HILL (1843-1928)
Henry HILL (1845-1920)
Joseph HILL (1848?-1930)
Elizabeth Mary HILL (1849-1941)

Submitted by : John Owen, Member WFHG, 6 Feb 2010

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