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Samuel Hill

grave martha samuel hill
Samuel & Martha's Grave at Rookwood Cemetery

Samuel HILL (known as Sam), son of John HILL ( - ) and Susannah SAVERRY ( - ), was born in 1801 (cal.) in London, Middlesex (pre-1888), England. Sam was convicted on 10 January 1821 by the First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder. (Gaol Delivery*) in Middlesex, England. He was found guilty, along with John DEAN, of the theft of 56 yards of cotton to the value of 2 10s, the goods of Lionel MAYHEW on 8 January 1821. He immigrated into Sydney, NSW, Australia from England on 24 July 1822. He came on the convict transport "Asia I" (2) which departed 4 April 1822. The ship's master was Thos. L. REID. On 23 January 1824 he was assigned to Mary Gilbert in Parramatta, NSW, Australia

On 23 January 1824 he was assigned to Mary Gilbert at Parramatta, NSW, Australia. Sometime after 1824 he was a baker in Parramatta. Samuel Gilbert, the husband of Mary Gilbert to whom he was assigned was a baker which suggests that this is how he was introduced to the trade.

He was granted his Certificate of Freedom No. 28/0066 on 25 January 1828.

Property he owned included land and buildings . It appears that Gilbert who owned a large amount of property, was an influence on Samuel, leading to his own substantial investment in property. At the time of his death he owned ten separate parcels of land valued as shown :
A piece of land in Church St Parramatta near Windsor Rd, value, 50 passed to Thomas HILL and George HILL;
Allottment No ? of Section 24 bounded by Windsor Rd on the East, Windsor Rd on the North and an unnamed street on the West, value 1172 passed to Samuel HILL, Henry HILL, William Henry HILL, Elizabeth Mary Jones (nee HILL) and Joseph HILL;
Allotment 10 of Section 23 in Albert St, value 114 passed to Martha GARLAND (nee HILL), Eva Jane JONES and Myra HILL;
Allotment 11 of Section 23 in Albert St, value 192 passed to Martha GARLAND (nee HILL), Eva Jane JONES and Myra HILL;
a piece of land bordered by Allotment 6 of Section 24 and Duck Lane, value 200 passed to Eliza Jane BURGE (nee HILL);
Allotment 3 of Section 42 on the North side of Albert St, value 220 passed to Alice SCOTT and Samuel John HILL;
Allotment 4 of Section 23 on the South of Harold St, value 135 passed to George Alfred HILL and Joseph Henry HILL;
Allotment 8 of Section 62 on the North-West by Pennant Hills Rd, value 25 passed to Percival Thomas HILL;
Allotment 9 of Section 22 on the South-Eastern side of Pennant Hills Rd, value 33 passed to Samuel HILL;
Allotment 10 of Section 62 on the South-Eastern side of Pennant hills Rd, value 33 passed to Sydney William JONES and Leonard John JONES.

He married Martha HANNAGAN on 2 June 1828 at the Cathedral Church of St John in Parramatta. Still being a convict, Mattie was married with the Governor's approval. They were co-resident at 3 Albert St in Parramatta. They probably lived most of their married lives at this address. Samuel's headstone indicates that he was "67 years resident in Parramatta".

He died (aged 87) on 15 November 1888 at 3 Albert St, in Parramatta. He was buried on 17 November 1888 at Old Church of England Section, Grave No. 0000955 in Rookwood (Cemetery), NSW, Australia.

* Gaol Delivery (GD) is defined by as "..... an authority conferred upon judges and others included in it, for trying and delivering every prisoner in gaol when the judges, upon their circuit, arrive at the place for holding court, and for discharging any whom the grand jury fail to indict. [Eng.]".

Martha and Samuel had the following children:

John HILL (1829 - 1829)
Samuel HILL (1831 - 1867)
William HILL (1832 - 1866)
John HILL (1834 - 1883)
Susannah HILL (1835 -   )
George HILL (1837 - 1923)
Thomas HILL (1839 - 1909)
Martha HILL (1841 - 1920)
Eliza Jane HILL (1843 - 1928)
Henry Andrew HILL (1845 - 1920)
Joseph HILL (1847 - 1930)
Elizabeth Mary HILL (1849 - 1941)

Submitted by : John Owen, Member WFHG, 6 Feb 2010

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