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Mary Knight

Mary KNIGHT was born in 1815 (approx.) in Sussex, England. Before 1831 she was a Dairymaid.

She was convicted on 10 December 1831 in Sussex GD (Gaol Delivery)*. She was prisoner No. 33/81 and was sentenced to 7 years transportation for robbing her master.

She immigrated to Port Jackson, Sydney, NSW, Australia from Downs, Ireland arriving on 2 February 1833. Mary travelled on the ship "Fanny" (2) which departed from Downs on 29 July 1832. The ship's master was Henry "Hy" SHERWOOD and the surgeon was Francis LOGAN. In February 1833 she was an assigned convict (duties unknown) at Mr BADGERY's property in Sutton Forest, NSW, Australia.

She married Martin GRADY on 8 February 1835 at St Luke's Church of England in the parish of Cabamatta in Liverpool, NSW, Australia. Martin GRADY and Mary KNIGHT both received the Governor's permission to marry in 1835 although they clearly were involved with each other well before that as their daughter Eleanor was born in October 1834. They were married by banns by Chaplain Robert CARTWRIGHT, in the presence of Daniel CANVIN and Elizabeth CANVIN of South Creek NSW. Martin signed with an X and Mary signed her name.

Mary received her Certificate of Freedom No. 39/06/78 on 6 May 1839. (A Certificate of Freedom was a document stating that a convict's sentence had been served).

In 1840 she was an assigned convict (duties unknown) at presumably Mr BADGERY's property (her husband Martin was there) in Braidwood, NSW, Australia.

She died on 11 August 1853 in Braidwood aged about 38, leaving behind a young family. She was buried on 14 August 1853 in the General Cemetery; RC Section; Grave No 953 in Braidwood.

* Gaol Delivery (GD) is defined by as "..... an authority conferred upon judges and others included in it, for trying and delivering every prisoner in gaol when the judges, upon their circuit, arrive at the place for holding court, and for discharging any whom the grand jury fail to indict. [Eng.]".

Martin GRADY was the son of John GRADY ( - ) and Catherine FITZGERALD ( - ).

Martin GRADY and Mary KNIGHT had the following children:

Eleanor GRADY (1834-1835)
Catherine GRADY (1836-1919)
James GRADY (1838-1856)
Martin GRADY (1839-1858)
Henry GRADY (1841-1917)
Michael GRADY (1843-1926)
John GRADY (1845-1883)
Ellen GRADY (1847-1924)
Johanna GRADY (1849-1931)
Mary Elizabeth GRADY (1851-1909)

Submitted by : John Owen, Member WFHG, 5 June 2008

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