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William Byrne (c.1810 -  )

William Byrne - Mangles 4 - 1826 from Dublin

William was from Dublin, Ireland was 15 years old when he was convicted of stealing clothes 16/7/1825, transported for 7 years. 5ft 6½ inches tall, with fair to ruddy complexion, & freckles, red hair, hazel eyes.

Assigned to Thomas Clowry of Liverpool St Sydney as carpenters apprentice. Mr Clowry was a former convict who arrived 1819.

Obtained Certificate of Freedom 24/7/1832.

Married fellow convict Jane Holmes arrived on Kains 1832, 16th December 1833, she was to obtain Certificate of Freedom in 1837. Light brown hair, light grey eyes, 4ft 11¾ inches, ruddy complexion. Tattoo on ring finger left hand JH JB

Known child Jane Burns was born 1836; possible there was a boy infant William, died 1834 before that but cannot be proven that he was their child. Jane married 1853 moved to Tasmania where she had 2 marriages and quite a few children. Jane died aged 94 in Hobart 1930.

Emily Byrnes was born 1841 with mother noted as Jane Holmes father as John Boyd, yet Emily’s children carried the features of red hair, claimed William as her father through her life. Emily married John Thompson 1856; they had at least 8 children. Emily died 1896; John 1877.

Unfortunately the fate of William & Jane are unknown. After quite a bit of searching no burial details can be obtained to date. As they were both illiterate the byrne/burns spelling was interpreted a couple of ways, which makes searching records slightly difficult.

Submitted by : June Johnston, Member WFHG, 17 June 2010

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