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Jane Holmes (1808 -  )

Jane Holmes : Lancaster Quarter Sessions convicted 26/4/1830 stealing notes Liverpool Borough (possible born Liverpool 1807/8) - transported, left England 8/7/1830 arrived 11/3/1831 on ship “Kains” Certificate of Freedom issued 24/7/1837. Married William Byrne (ex convict) 16/12/1833 Scots Church Sydney. Jane was 3 - 4 years older than William.

Jane & William possibly had a son. There is an infant death for William Byrne listed. Daughter Jane was born 8/1/1836. Daughter Emily born 7/3/1841 with father noted as John Boyd. All documentation relating to Emily in later years show she claims William as her father.

Jane’s description, 4ft 11¾ inches, light brown hair, light grey eyes, ruddy complexion. Tattoo JB JH ring on left hand, scar over right eyebrow.

Assignments : 31/3/1832 not listed, 31/12/1832 Liverpool Rd possibly to Ann Campbell as housemaid. 11/7/1832 listed to 2 employers Thomas Wright Wheelwright & William Moffitt bookbinder/stationer as allworks. A few gaps in employment till absconded from Ellen O’Kedron 30/9/1833 (year of marriage)

Listed with a couple of court appearances, 2 in England, which she was acquitted and in Sydney, which I have not followed up as yet.

Jane was living Gloucester St when Emily was born. Not much more is known of Jane after birth of Emily. No confirmation of death of either Jane or William as the surname Byrne was spelt in various ways Byrn, Burns etc. Unable to trace names of either parents in records to date.

Neither parent was noted on Jane or Emily’s marriage certificates in 1853 - 1856.

Submitted by : June Johnston, Member WFHG, 17 June 2010

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