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Sarah Barnes

Born circa 1775, Sarah Barnes was only 14 years old when she was indicted on 7 January 1790 for stealing 8 quart pewter pots with a value of 8 shillings, and 6 pint pewter pots value of 2 shillings that were the property of one Thomas Elliot. At Sarah’s "London’s Central Criminal Court" trial, the following testimony was presented :
Thomas Elliott sworn; "I am a publican at the Plow, King’s-gate street, Bloomsbury. My boy informed me he had lost eight quarts and six pints on the 7th of this month".

Jacob Freeman sworn; "On Thursday the 7th, about ten o’clock, I was informed some things were in Cross-land, at a house there. I went and forced the door open and found the prisoner there, walking about the room and this pan was on the fire; and this metal was on the fire; and this pot partly melted in the pan. She endeavoured to conceal it; and throwing some water on it, had like to have scalded us both. I found in the room these six quart pots. I have had them ever since in my possession."

Edward Hughes sworn; "I was in the room with Freeman and found these pots and the pan on the fire".

Thomas Elliot sworn; "I missed them on the 7th of this month, about nine in the morning. My name is upon five of them and this is half melted; two of them has Mrs Gill's name, who kept the house before me; I took everything in the house when she left".

I was out of the house when the pots were brought in. I know they took the opportunity to take them into my room while I was out.
Verdict : GUILTY

Sarah was sentenced to 7 years transportation on 13 January 1790. She arrived on the ship the "Mary Ann" as part of the Third Fleet in 1791.

Sarah married fellow convict (First Fleeter) James Bradley at Parramatta on 12 August 1792. Sarah & James settled on a 30 acre land grant James received and went on to have 10 children.

Sarah died on 9 July 1853 at Kissing Point and is buried in St. Anne’s church cemetery, Ryde NSW.

James died on 16 Feb 1838 at Kissing Point and is buried in St Anne’s church cemetery Ryde also.

Submitted by : Valerie Wiliiams, Member WFHG, 20 February 2010

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