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The following contains entries of births, marriages, deaths etc. of various Yarmouth residents.  It may have some names you are researching.  It also contains records of ship wrecks, storms, fires etc. occuring in and around Yarmouth.  It spans approx. 36 years from 1865-1901.  A special thanks goes to Page for her generosity with this information.

Notes written by Ebenezer Scott

in the book
"The Morning Hour"
for Family Worship and Private Meditatiion
by The Rev. A.B. Earle, D.D.,
James H. Earle, Publisher, #20 Hawley Street, Boston, 1877

This is a book of quotations from Scripture and a short essay for each day of the year to be read for prayer, instruction and meditation. The book was purchased in 1878 by Ebenezer Scott, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It was rebound in 1887. He has pasted a map of the Yarmouth S. S. Co. in the front of the book. On most pages there are hand written notes with the year given. Some are pertinent to the family only, some births, deaths, marriages and events. May be useful to those who are interested in the genealogy of Nova Scotians and of Yarmouth in particular. I will transcribe all notes as they are written on the days they were written, with the year noted. I am using his punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Where I have been unable to decipher a word or name I have followed it with (?). I have added few notes of my own, they are in brackets.
--Submitted by Page Durkee Laughlin, great grandaughter of Eben Scott.
Jan. 1
Dined at Rose’s today, 1897
Wm. D. Lovitt died this day, in his 60th year, 1894
1900, L. E. Baker’s Death, received the news this morning
Jan. 2
Arrived home from New York and was sick , 1895
Capt. Edward Durkee was buried today, 1897. Died yesterday
Jan. 3
Sunday 1892, Samuel Dennis Buried today- A bad rain Storm
Victor was shot at Kemp’t fataly 1899
Jan. 6
1862-Rescued from the Wreck of Village Belle, by American ship Tropic, Capt. G. W. Nowell (?) was wrecked
on 2nd Lat. 49"50 North Long 56’’30 W.
Jan. 7
1885, Picked bunch of pansies from the garden
Jan. 8
Winnie married, 1885
Mrs. Doctor Harris died this morning - very sudden 1897
Jan. 9
Built fence this day, no frost in ground as yet, 1892
Jan. 10
News of the Death of Capt. A. D. Hilton 1893
Mr. MacKintosh sick with La Grip, is brother David preached in Tabernacle,1892
Jan. 11
1891- Rev. A. Rodgers preached his farewell Sermon
Jan. 12
Mr. Horace Baker, Mrs. Huskins, Mrs. R. Churchill all died this day 1892- La Grip
1892 Silver wedding at Rev. Wm. MacKintosh’s
1892 Mr. James Lovitt died
1892 Mrs. Steritt died- school teacher
1891 This day its the highest tide ever known at Yarmouth 14 inches over Steamboat wharf.
It put out fires in the Woolen Mill
Jan. 14
Prince Albert Victor Duke of Clarence died this day 1892 aged 28 years
Cardinal Manning died this day 1892 aged 82
Jan. 16
James Lovitt buried 1892
Jan. 17
Tyro’s Crew heard from at Sanandar (?) Jan 1st taken from wreck Nov. 1st 1879
Jan. 18
There is no frost in the ground up to now, people have done their plowing on their farms, all this month fine weather 1889
Jan. 20
1898 Died at Kelly’s Cove Mrs. Prince Kinney age 86
Jan. 21
Died at Salem, Melissa Hilton 1888
Jan. 22
Queen Victoria died this day 1901
Mrs. John Tilley Buried 1890
Waitstill Hilton died 1879
Jan. 23
Phillips Brooks died this morning 1893
Jan. 24
Mrs. Leonard Dennis died today aged 90 1893
Jan. 25
Mother Johnson taken sick 1884
Jan. 26
Just about half of a Congregation today on account of La Gripp 1890
Mrs. Huestis died 1901
Lizzie married 1880
Lower School House burnt 1880
Jan. 27
1889 Sunday The Ship Antoinette struck on Nantucket Shole Ship was lost. Crew saved . Capt. Reff Ferguson
Gussie left for Baltimore 1894
Jan. 28
B.B. Law Sailed from Friscoe 1890
Jan. 29
Mr. George Smith’s House Burned this morning 1890
Antoinette arrived at N York 53 days 1880
Red Riding Hood was played this evening- did I do right in going to it. 1880
Jan. 31
Left this morning for Yarmouth from Phila. E.S. & Wife

Feb. 2
1891 Capt. Amos D. Healey died this day at 7 o’clock, droped dead in his Barn.
Was found at 10:15 he was 67 years of age last Aug 23rd.
Rose left this Eve, to join her Husband in California for a Voyage 1895 in Wm.Law. Broke up House Keeping.
Feb. 4
1882 Arrived home from Philidelphia
Raymond married 1885
Walked on board of fishing Sch. On Ice in middle of Yarmouth Harbor 1885
Doctor Da…… is 78 years of today 1887
Feb. 5
Concert at Tabernacle Church 1885
Feb. 6
Trawler was Launched 1872. And sailed from Yarmouth April 1st for Phil. Oil at 5/3 Rotterdam
Feb. 8
Mrs. Reid died at 4 o’clock this day 8 of Feb 1887
Feb. 13
Byron arrived home 1880
Feb. 15
U.S. Warship Maine blown up at Havanna 1898
Feb. 20
Byron came home from N York 1880
Feb. 22
Election for 1887 for Dominion
Feb. 24
1881 Dennis & Deane’s failure
Feb. 27
1887 L. E. Baker had an heir born,
1887 Capt. N Hammond died.
1887 Ship Elieza McLaughlin lost
1887 Ship Helen came to land- given up
1887 Rev. J. H Pettingill died this morning 76 years of age
Mar. 1
Amos Scott, Jr. Buried 1880 aged 50 years
Mar. 2
1891 John Wesley died just one hundred years ago today 88 years old
Agnus left this morning for Halifax, has lived with us for 7 years less one month 1891
Mar. 3
News of Cornelius Murphy death 1882
News- Mary Lawton lost - six men drowned 1882
Deacon Amos H. Scott, Sr. Died aged 76 1880
1880 Parr’s Store burned up came very near burning the Bla___
Also, Anniversary of my return home from ship wreck Village Bell 1862
Mar. 4
Down to James at a company 1879
Mar. 5
Nathan Lewis Buried 1899
1891 Election for Dominion Flint versus Kinney
Mar. 6
Henry W. Beacher died this morning 1887 - sick three days
Mar. 7
1882 The news of Frank Clements having both legs broken
Capt. I Brown furniture sold 1882
Mar. 8
36 Received into the Tabernacle 1893
Mrs. Bradford Hilton Buried 1894
Rev. Mr. Foshea Buried 1899
1893 March 8th is Sunday and the first Sunday Service in our new Vestry. 36 new members joined,
we had a prayer Meeting the Wednesday before, Eben Scott
Mar. 9
Mrs. Harry Healey died the 10 of March 1895
Kaiser William died March 9th 1888 age 90.
Mar. 11
Church Burned at 6am 1892
Tabernacle Church burned at 6am 1892
Mar. 13
1881 Czar of Russia Assassinated, Sunday
Mar. 15
Election day for the Province of N Scotia Law and Porter elected 1894
New Post opened on the 15th 1887
James F. Scott Died this day 1895 aged 60 years
Mar. 16
David E Macknut, Conductor, died today 1895
Mar. 17
Charles Horton died this morning 1894 in his 69th year, St. Patrick’s day
Mar. 19
1893 Worshiped in our new Vestry for the first time 34 taken into church
The Great Wiggin’s snow storm. Streets to Rail track blocked up, no mail for six days from this date, snow 3 feet on a level 1885 March 19th.
Mar. 20
Bark Sylrin (sp) lost on Trinity 1892
1892 Tabernacle Church worships at the Boston Marine Hall for the first time since the fire March 20th
1880, This morning at 12 o’clock lower Town School House burned
Shoveled Snow all forenoon 1885
Mr. McGregor sent this text to be preached from first Sunday after Church Burned. Nehemiah 2, Chapter 17 & 18- Read it
Mar. 21
Charlie & Ebbie sick with the Measels, Millie just over them 1885
Mar. 25
Easter Sunday 1883
Easter in 1894
Mar. 26
1887 Finished painting Church inside. The outside of Tabernacle was painted last year 1886. Signed E. Scott, committee.

Apr. 1
Wm. Law Sailed from N.York 1898 second time
Apr. 4
Frank Hilton Born 4th 1880
Apr. 5
Easter Sunday 1885
Easter Sunday 1896
Mrs. Lois Scott died Good Friday April 5, 1901 and buried Easter Monday 8th.
Apr. 9
Easter Sunday 1882
Apr. 10
Easter Sunday for 1898
General Booth is 70 years old April 1899
Apr. 11
Snow Storm 1897 Mr. Taylor preached, Tabernacle
Apr. 12
1893 Rose came home from Philadelphia from a visit.
Byron sailed on March 28th for Siseton (?) in Japan. Wm. Law, 74,200 cases Oil
Apr. 13
1892 Large fire, Old Clements Corner burned Horner’s, Parker’s S. Hoods, McCollums, and corner Shoe Store all Burned. 1893 It’s now all built up with Brickand formerly opened tonight, just one year
Apr. 14
Lincoln Shot 1865 & died next morning
Musi___ Holt left Yarmouth for a better land 1887
1895 Easter Sunday 11 joined the church- Gary (?) Parker, Flo (?) Horton, Mrs. Parker, two children both Parker, Mrs. E. Hilton, Mrs. H Horton, Jr. Dennis, Mrs Dennis, Mrs. Steritt
Apr. 15
Good Friday 1892 and a fine Snow Storm
Lincoln Shot at Ford’s Theatre, 1865
Mr. Moses was taken to Asylum at Halifax 1887
Mr. Alden Eddis Died suddenly today 1887 aged
Apr. 16
Capt. Ferguson & Family came home from N York 1898
Apr. 17
Easter Sunday for 1892
1884 This morning Mrs. Joshua Heustis Died Suddenly
1884 This Evening G. Dudman & Louise Lewis were married (note-George Bradford Dudman)
Apr. 18
Easter Sunday for 1897
Apr. 19
John Robbins married 1882
Apr. 21
Easter Sunday 1889
Wealthy came to the case to Care for Jamie 1889
Apr. 22
Oct. James Farish Buried 1889 (note-d.April 19th [mpdl] )
Apr. 23
1898 Hispano & American War actually begun, first prize taken by the Americans -a Steamer loaded with Pitch pine.
Apr. 24
Mr. Leonard Dennis Died 1886
Apr. 25
Easter Sunday 1886 fine day
Mrs. Samuel Killam died this day 1893
Morton Corner burned down 1880
Took the Hall Stove down 1892 and find it very cold
Apr. 26
G. B. Deanne 62 years old was buried today 1888. Died in Boston
Apr. 27
Frank Moore married 1881
Apr. 28
Janie E. Scott Died 1889
Apr. 29
Longfellow the Poet, Darwin the Scientist , Emerson the Philosopher, all died this Month 1882

May 1
Hall fire out this morning 1895 & 1897
Finished Plumbing at Rose House 1893
May 2
Hall fire out today 1899
James Hilton Died 1882
Byron left for Boston 1888 for B.B. Law
May 3
Married at N York 1861 {note-Ebenezer Scott’s 2nd marriage to Wealthy Johnson}
Hall fire out today 1896
May 4
James Hilton’s Funeral 1882
Mrs. Payson Funeral /82
May 5
Frank arrived home 1880 from M. I. B. (?)
May 6
Assassinations 1882 Lord Frederick Cavendish, Secretary Ireland & Mr. Burke, Under Secretary.
May 7
Frank Scott Married 1881
May 10
Congregational people gave us a surprise party about 28 came, had a pleasant time 1898
May 13
Talmage’s Church was burned this day for the third time 1894
May 15
Hall fire out 1893
Charley Barker Died 1880
Rev. Mr. Robertson Barn was burned 1880
Arche Comm (?) Married 1880
May 16
Grandpa Johnson Died, 1867 aged 70
May 17
Social at Mrs. Lasers, receipts 23.25 net 1888
Surprise party of 40 to Commerate Mrs. Scott’s anniversary Birthday 1899
May 22
Ernest Law born 1860
May 23
Winnie Married Second time 1892
May 24
Planted two Poplar Trees from G. Crosby’s Front & Back yard 1894
Steamer London (Ontario) disaster 1881 240 drowned
May 26
Rev Mr. Whitman’s 80th birthday May 26, 1893
May 27
Mr. McColl preached in Tabernacle today 1894
Mr. MacKintosh absent at Ottawa
May 28
1894 Passed away to her peaceful rest, my oldest Sister aged 69 Elizabeth H. Crosby

June 2
Mrs. E. Scott went to Carleton on a Visit 1896
Robert Williams & Margaret Woodlum (?) married 1896
Mr. MacKintosh left this day for London by Canada 1891 on his vacation to be absent eight Sundays
June 3
Mrs. Scott went to Carleton today 1897
June 5
Mrs. William Lovitt died today 1897
June 6
Albert Perry’s Funeral today, died on the 2 inst. 1897
June 7
Sir John McDonald died this morning & buried on 11inst, at Kingston 1891
Five taken into Church 1896
Mrs. Eben Scott turned the first Sod for the new Tabernacle Church - 9 o'clock 1889
June 7th 1896 The Old Lion Baptist Church Opened up for the first time in their New Church on Parade Street. Also the Anniversary of turning the first Sod of Tabernacle Church
June 8
June 8th 1887 "Lane" (?) came home on a visit from Florida
Capt. Ferguson Married 1873
Rev Wm. Fortush went to St. John, N.B, at Ordination of Paster St. John Church also on his vacation 1896 Monday
June 13
1892. Sent for D
Oct. Dudman for my dear wife
June 14
1892 Tuesday at 4 sent for D
Oct. Persin (?) to have consultation
June 15
Frederick III Son of William died this 15th of
June 1888. He was Emperor just 98 days.
June 17
1896 Capt. John Tilley was married to Miss. Miller
1896 S. H. Goudey’s Daughter married today
1896 The great main Circus entlites (?) today
1896 Capt. Sheldon Lewis died today
June 18
1883 Gave Mr. McGregor his farewill address in Vestry
1883 Capt. Tilley was Married
1883 200 Children killed at Sunderland in a Crush in a Theatre
June 20
1877 The Great Fire at St. John, N.B.
1877 I, E. S crossed the Bay of Funday in 3 ¾ hours on my way home (Steamer Empress)
from St. George "Bark Traveler"
June 22
This morning Wealthy quite easy, 1892
June 24
President Carnot of France was Assassinated at Lyons, by an Italian Anarchist
June 24 1894 Sunday eve.
Mrs. J. (?) Doty left Yarmouth tonight 1890 to join her husband in Buenos Ayers
June 25
1891 Riley & family arrived this morning on a visit.
June 30
Emma & Riley arrived home 1880 the first time

July 1
Aunt Rosanna left Yarmouth for the last time to live with her chilfren at New Haven
July 2
Garfield Shot 1881
Emma & Family & Mrs. Petingill came home 1884
July 3
We was at Tusket this Day of 1890 to the Launching of J.Y. Robbins. Eben Scott & wife
July 4
Rev’d Mr. Braithwaite & family came yesterday and Preached his first Sermon as Pastor of Tabernacle Church 1894
July 6
Electric Cars ready to run 1892
Yett, (?) C,A. Convention 1892: Royal Prohibition Commission 1892, Holines, (?) Convention 1892
July 7
Congregated Union commenced at Yarmouth 1888
Mr. Fielding Stopped at our House, also Mrs. Dearborne & Mrs. Busby (/)
Mr. Temple Preached in Marine Hall 1892
Wealthy went out to meeting for the first time since she was taken sick. Just two months 1892
July 9
1892 Laying Corner Stone, of new, Stone Church, Tabernacle.
July 12
Emma’s baby born, 1883 Alfred Conrad (note.-my father, MPDL)
July 13
Byron arrived home from Phila 1881
Emma & Riley came home on a visit with the children 1889
July 14
Jessie Durkee came to us on a visit for the summer, came with Gussie & Frank 1888
July 15
Mr. Watson was ordained at Chebogue 1884
Thomas Lane died 1890. 67 years old.
July 16
Jessie Durkee Born 1879
Maxwell F. Scott died on
July 16 /8pm of Membrous Croup
July 17
Mrs. W.y Scott down to dinner & Tea. Has been sick nine weeks 1892 (W.y means Wealthy)
Rev’d Mr. Davies Installed our Chebogue Church 1890
July 18
 May Corning died this Morning 1899
Rev’d Mr. G (?) Christie Buried at Yarmouth 1890
July 21
Aunt Roseanna Scott 78 years 1888
"Capt. Charles Clements" was buried 1887, July 21st.
Mrs. Rosanna Scott is 77 years old today & commences board at Mrs. R. Simes (?).
July 23
Frank & Gussie commenced keeping house 1888 and sold off in 1894 Jan 27 and moved to Baltimore
Byron, Rose & the children left for a voyage to Triest, arrived 22 Sept. 1881
July 27
Riley & Emma came home 1883
"Missing Link" opened this day 1891
Myself & Wife went to Annapolis 7 cars full, it was also the Baptist Picnic Eben Scott
Aug. 2
Rev’d Mr. MacKintosh & Rev’d Duncan McGregor dined with us today, 1887
Freemans left for Phildelphia 1882
Aug. 7
Wealthy out to meeting first time just two months 1892
Aug. 8
Received 5 lbs of Strawberries today from Mr. Churchill 1893 it being very late in the Season
Aug. 9
1892 Corner Stone of the new Tabernacle Church was laid
Aug. 14
Ship Trantiman (?), Lost off of the Isle of Man. Capsized, all hands lost.
Capt. Brown had his wife on board, was towing from Glasgow to Liverpool. New hull Ship 2200 tons 1882
Aug. 17
1885 Ship B.B. Lease, (?) Launched at Dumbarton, Glasgow.
Aug. 19
Had fresh Strawberries for Tea from Chebogue 1894
Received news from Mauritius, Capt. C. Johnson was alive.
Aug. 20
1893 Tabernacle Church Opened for Worship this morning, Sermon by Rev. John McCall of New Bedford, Mass.
{Program of the service and drawing of the church pasted in the book}
Aug. 21
Drove to Carlton & back with Mrs. Scott 1890
Mrs. Asenith Scott died today 78 years 1893
Our Mother Johnson, fell asleep at 9pm 1885. Aged 81
1887, Samuel Killam Sr. Died this morning aged 83 years.
Aug. 22
1890 Received dispatch from Frank, that Aspatogan had Foundered, crew safe, Porto Rico
Herman Clement Died 1880 Aged 16
Aug. 23
Herman Clement Buried 1880 aged 16 ½ yrs.
Mrs. Henry Webster died 1880
Aug. 24
Byron sailed from Elsinen (?) 1880 Ship Antoinette
Killam ship launched 1880
A McGregor left Yarmouth for Pawtucket 1883
Aug. 25
Mrs. Webster buried 1880 Aged 39
Miss Jane Baxter married 1880
Capt Amos Healy returned home 1880
Aug. 26
Mr. MacKintosh Preached his last Sermon at Yarmouth 1894
Dennis Horton died 1880
1892 Electric Cars commenced to run on main street
Aug. 28
1881 The great gale at Georgia Trawler dismasted
Held a Survey on Iron Steamer Lotharna on Soldier’s Ledge 1890
Rev’d Wm. MacKintosh left Yarmouth for Ottawa 1894
Aug. 30
Emma left for Phila 1881
Trawler towed into Tyber dismasted 1881
Aug. 31
Courtesy is the Sugar that sweetens the lemonade of life.
1887, Sister Jane, left this evening by Steamer Yarmouth for Florida. Has made a visit of three months.

Sept. 1
Eben Scott left this morning for Savannah 1881
Sept. 2
Mr. Fortush preached his first Sermon on trial 1894
Sept. 4
Mr. MacKintosh went to receive the appreciation of ministers at Cornwallis, Mrs. Scott & myself attended Church at St. John, Kirk Street Church and partook of the Sacrament. 1887
Sept. 6
Mr. Temple Preached his farewell Sermon 1885
Sept. 8
Jane left for Boston 1883 to join Freeman for Florida
Sept. 10
Annie Law Married this Morning 1890
Sept. 11
At 6:30 Saturday 1880 N (?) K. Clements departed Aged 64
Sept. 12
Emma & the children left this this evening By the Yarmouth to return Home, have been here just 11 weeks
Sept. 14
1881. Died. I N. McKittrick, aged 27 High school teacher
Sept. 17
Sister Jane left Yarmouth for Phil’a to Join Freeman, 1882
Sept. 19
Mrs. Rosanna Scott left this evening for New York, Aged 75 1885, her sister, Mrs. W. Hayes- 89
1881 President Garfield died at 10:45 P.M.
Sept. 20
Asenith Scott Birthday 1893 aged 79
Sept. 21
Jennie MacKintosh Died 1895
Sept. 22
Byron arrived at Trieste - fifty days 1881
Sept. 23
1881 Arrived home from Savannah E.S.
Sept. 24
Julie Married 1881
Sept. 25
Grandma Crawley died this Morning in her 85th yeat 1890
Sept. 26
Freeman & Jane left Emma’s at Phil. For Eureka Springs, Arkansas 1892
Sept. 27
Emma & Gussie & Byron left for Phila 1884
Sept. 28
1894 we had the pleasure of entertaining General Booth of the Salvation Army. Also his Son and Secretary for one night. E.
Sept. 29
Annie’s birthday

Oct. 2
Jane left for Florida 1889
Oct. 3
Emma Married 1878 (note, my grandmother, MPDL)
Rose Married 1872
Prince’s Block opened 1891
Oct. 7
1894 Mr. Wm B. Fortush became Pastor of the Tabernacle Church First Sermon today
Winnie’s Baby born 1893
Oct. 9
Social Welcome given to Rev’d Wm. B. Fortush in Tabernacle Church
Oct. 9, 1894 Five Ministers present
My mother died Oct. 9th 1864 E. Scott
Oct. 12
Little Willie Crosby died 1893 Sick four years
Oct. 13
1894 Erected a Marble Monument in our lot at Chebogue Cemetery, Eben Scott
Oct. 15
At Carlton for Mrs. Scott 1894
1896 Rose & Family arrived Home from Middelslore absent 18 months
Granma Johnson’s Birthday 79 1883
Oct. 16
First Social in New Tabernacle Church 1893
Oct. 17
Rev’d Wm. MacKintosh arrived in Yarmouth from Melbourne with his family 1883
Noticed the Anniversary again in 1890
Byron & Frank are home.
Oct. 20
Philip Hilton died this Morning, only sick about 12 hours.
1896 buried next day at Chebouge Cemetery 68 years of age
Oct. 24
Lois left for St. John by train 1880
Oct. 25
Hall stove lighted 1899
Byron left home for Boston 1880
Mr. Fortush Preached his farewell Sermon at Yarmouth 1896
Oct. 28
Jane’s birthday
Oct. 29
Rev’d A. McGregor returned from Glasgow the Church…….his house & gave him a warm reception 1881
Oct. 31
Little Bessie Kelly was drowned in the tank 5 ½ years old 1880

Nov. 1
1874 Commenced Housekeeping on Kirk Street Eben Scott
Capt. Ferguson was married on June 8th 1873
Czar of Russia died 1894 Alexander
Nov. 2
Lighted the Hall stove.
Nov. 3
1893 Lighted Hall Stove
1896 McKinley Elected President
Nov. 5
Hall stove in 1896
Nov. 6
Lighted Hall stove 1894
Thanksgiving today, 1890 Collection $75 dollars at the Tabernacle meeting for Home Missions
Nov. 7
1890 A.J. T. Clements Died Aged 38
Nov. 8
1892 G. Cleveland Elected as President as Democratic large majority
Nov. 8 1881 left Yarmouth for Philadelphia on a visit arrived there on the 12th at 10 o’clock ,E.S.
Nov. 10
Thanksgiving day for 1892. It rained all day I was at work Putting Furnace in place in New Tabernacle Church.
Lighted Hall stove 1900
1900 L. S. Montesello, foundered of Cape Forchure, (?) out of 37 all told only 4 was saved
Nov. 11
Sunday 11th I visited the scene of the wreck at Chebogue Point- saw 15 Dead Bodyes.
1890 Lighted the Hall Stove
Mrs. Vickey’s funeral today 1893
Nov. 12
Thursday, Thanksgiving day for 1885
Do Do Do for 1891
Nov. 15
1880 first Snow 3 inches deep
Do 1890 one inch deep
Nov. 16
Changed the hour for holding the Sabbath School, 2 O’Clock to 12:30 PM 1890
1893 May changed it Back to afternoon
Nov. 17
Capt. Norman Bent, buried 1896
Nov. 19
Mr. Casky died this morning 1899
Nov. 20
1879 first snow at Yarmouth, at Kempt 2 feet
Benj. Hamilton funeral this day 1899
Nov. 21
Thanksgiving day for 1896 The first cold day in November high wind - a little Snow
Nov. 22
Lelissa (?) Goudy died this morning 1887
Nov. 23
1887 Rev’d Mr. Barrett was Married at Church of England this morning to Mr. James Moodys Daughter
In the afternoon Ken Moodys Funeral took place, his Body came from Florida by Steamer.
Nov. 25
King Alfonso of Spain & Vice President of U.S. T. A Hendricks both died this day 1885
Nov. 27
A newspaper clipping pinned to the page.
1898 "The storm of Saturday night and Sunday, November 26 and 27, did more damage on the New England coast than has been known before since 1851. In Boston Harbor thirty-five vessels, ranging from a Wilson liner to a small launch, were reported ashore or sunk, with a loss of forty or fifty lives. The steamer Portland, of the Boston and Portland Steamship Company, was totally wrecked on Sunday morning off Highland Light, and the crew and passengers all perished. The number, so far as known is 90. Thirty odd bodies have been washed ashore, besides a large quanity of wreckage".
(note-the 90 above has been crossed out and 140 written in)
Nov. 28
Another clipping--
"During the storm on the New England coast no fewer than 170 vessels were wrecked or blown ashore. The loss of life is difficult to estimate, but will exceed 200, this number including those who perished in the wreck of the Portland."
Nov. 30
Rose left for Yarmouth for San Francisco, Cal. 1889

Dec. 2
1900 Dec. 2nd Rev’d Mr. Tecrum (?) preached his first Sermon
Dec. 3
Earnest Law, Died this morning at 2 O’Clock 1885
His Wife having been a Bride, a Mother & a Widow in 10 months & 25 days.
Rose started from Boston for Cal.a 1889
Dec. 4
Aunt Lydia Hilton’s birthday Age 84 1894
Dec. 5
Arrived home from Emma’s this morning 1888. I was absent four weeks. Wealthy was absent eight weeks, E.S.
Dec. 8
1882 This morning Brig Erriria (?) came on Shore, Yarmouth sound
Dec. 9
Explossion on board of Steamer Newfield off Chebogue Point. 1 man killed & five taken to Bunkers Island, badly burned Dec. 9th 1890
Dec. 10
Mrs. Edward Williams died this morning at 11 O’Clock 1898
Mr. Mackintosh buried two of the ladies at Brunker Island (?) one more having died 1890
Mrs. Lois Williams died 1898 (note same as Mrs. Edward Williams above?)
Dec. 17
John K. Ryerson died 17 Ded. 1890 aged 70 years
Dec. 18
Capt. Guildford of Steam Ship Newfield at Davis wharf in Yarmouth fell down dead, Heart disease Dec. 18th 1890
Dec. 19
1890 Attended a Silver Wedding at Mr. Davis, S, Mac, Nutts,
Dec. 21
Antoinette arrived at Falmouth 1882
Dec. 23
Old Mrs. Wm. Titus our next door neighbor died this day 1893 aged 96 years.
Dec. 24
I am 68 years old today 1896 Eben Scott
Capt. Jacob Crosby buried 1882 Sunday
Organ used for first time 1882, Tabernacle, Jessie McGregor played on it.
Dec. 25
Eben Abbott and Charlie came down from Horton’s Landing for their Holidays 1896
Anniversary of Grandma Johnson, Marriage 1823
Lois & Rose with all dined with us today 1896
Hannah was at Lunenburgh today 1896
Dec. 26
Mrs. Frederick Allen died this Morning 1896
Dec. 28
On the Morning of 28th Dec. , Viets (?) & Dennis Dry Goods Store was burned to the ground 1890
B.B. Law sailed from San Francisco for Cork (?) 1890 Same on Jan 28th
Dec. 29
Mrs. J Horton died 1885
Christmas Tree S, School 1891
Dec. 30
Sunday School Christmas Tree 1885
Samuel Dennis Died this day 1891
Dec. 31
1883 This morning at 5am Mrs. Marie Clements died
1882 Capt. J. Crosby funeral Sermon
The organ of Tabernacle dedicated to N.K. (?) Clements 1882
1882 At 10 O’Clock felt shock of Earthquake
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