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Not all of these movies were actually filmed in Carson City, Co. Nevada,
But they all pertain to CC.


Name of movie


Film Info or notes


Corbett Fitzsimmons Prizefight

Documentary style

Considered the first movie to film in Nevada; technically it could be called a documentary since it simply records the fight, but it was a long one and three cameras were used for shooting on 70 mm film, which would be a big deal even today. There’s a plaque on Musser Street where the fight took place, (Plot Outline: The first known feature film! A very unusual filmed record of the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight originally ran over 90 minutes in length)
Info Submitted by: Robin Holabird Deputy Director Nevada Film Office, 5/2006


The Last Trail

George O'Brien

Set in a Carson City


The Carson City Kid

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers, and not playing "himself" but playing a character named Roy Rogers), posing as The Carson City Kid, is seeking vengeance on Morgan Reynolds, the man who killed his brother.


West of Carson City

Johnny Mack Brown

When a gold strike turns a ghost town into a boom town, Gorman arrives to open his crooked gambling hall and Judge Harkins arrives to bring law and order.


Riding Through Nevada

Charles Starrett (The Durango Kid)

Set in Carson City


Carson City Cyclone

Don "Red" Barry

When the night watchman at the bank is gunned down during a robbery, he fingers Barton as the trigger man. When the trial comes up in neighboring Carson City, Gil finds a witness named Sullivan who says that Barton was with him on the night of the murder.


Vigilantes of Boomtown

Alan "Rocky" Lane as Red Ryder and Robert Blake as Little Beaver

Set in a Carson City


Carson City Raiders

Alan "Rocky" Lane

Frazier is out to stop Nugget's freight line. He has Starky impersonate the notorious outlaw Fargo Jack. But Rocky quickly realizes that the new Sheriff Tom was the real Fargo Jack and he sets out to trap the gang.


Chicken Every SundayDan Dailey /Celeste Holm Says Original V&T Railway, Nevada


Carson City

Randolph Scott

Randolph Scott attempts to build a railroad between Carson City, and Virginia City.
He must battle with an assortment of evil men, his own workers, and his step brother.


City Of Badmen

Dale Robertson
Richard Boone

Robertson, Boone, Betz, the lovely Matthews and the always great Bridges bring fine performances to this western with a "hook." The hook here is Fitzsimmons/Corbett boxing match held in Carson City, and our heroes are going to attempt to run off with the gate.


The Misfits

Clark Gable
Marilyn Monroe
Montgomery Clift

Sophisticated, but emotionally crippled Roslyn (Marilyn Monroe, giving what many believe to be her strongest performance) has come to Nevada to gain a quick and easy divorce. The principle location was in Dayton Nevada. Other locations included Reno itself and Pyramid Lake. Misfits Flats off U.S. 50 near Stagecoach takes its name from this movie. Daytons Movie


Charlie Varrick

Walter Matthau

Charley Varrick and his friends rob a small town bank. Expecting a small sum to divide amongst themselves, they are surprised to discover a very LARGE amount of money. Quickly figuring out that the money belongs to the MOB, they must now come up with a plan to throw the MOB off their trail.The bank they rob is in Genoa, NV and most of the balance of movie is in Reno and Dayton
1971A Howling in the WoodsBarbara Eden
Larry Hagman
A disillusioned housewife on a vacation in the woods is disturbed by her husband continually trying to get her to come home and, more ominously, a mysterious howling at night. A made for TV horror movie shot around Lake Tahoe but in part in Dayton, with the “Dayton” sign over the gas station changed to the fictional town “Stainesville” for the movie. Supposedly a very good movie! Submitted by: Linda Clements, Dayton, Nevada webmaster, Historical Society of Dayton Valley


The Shootist

John Wayne,
Lauren Bacall,
Ron Howard

John Waynes Last film. A dying gunfighter spends his last days looking for a way to die with a minimum of pain and a maximum of dignity. The house where John Wayne rents a room is on Mountain Street in CC, NV. Shows scenes of Washoe Lake.


Honky Tonk Man

Clint Eastwood

The life or works of a fictional musician, a man who plays guitar and sings (Eastwood's impressionism) and fills in piano at a blues bar if called upon. Parts filmed in Carson City and Dayton. My friend A.D. Osborn and I tried to get on as extras at this filming location, but I guess we weren't ugly enough. :o)


Far From Home

Drew Barrymore

The crew stayed in Carson City and built a set there for close ups of scenes filmed at American Flats.
Info Submitted by: Robin Holabird Deputy Director Nevada Film Office, 5/2006
1989The WizardBeau Bridges, Fred SavageFilmed in Carson City, Minden, and in a casino in Reno NV. Also parts in Fallon NV. Submitted by Josie!
Submitted also by: Linda Clements Dayton, Nevada webmaster, Historical Society of Dayton Valley Various scenes around Old Town Dayton, and on Hwy. 50E as the actors travel through. The Volkswagen spider sculpture in Mound House is also in a scene.
1990MiseryJames Caan
Kathy Bates
Parts of this movie filmed in Genoa Nv.
Suggested by: Grace Cole 8/11/2011


Pretty Hatties Baby

Jill Clayburgh

Pretty Hattie's Baby, starring Alfre Woodard, filmed in the governor’s office at the Capitol but was never released.
Info Submitted by: Robin Holabird Deputy Director Nevada Film Office, 5/2006



Elizabeth Berkly

Kyle MacLachlan

The opening of Elizabeth Berkley hitchhiking in Utah was filmed on US 395, north Carson as well as around Gardnerville.
Info Submitted by:Robin Holabird Deputy Director Nevada Film Office, 5/2006
1998Border to BorderCurtis Armstrong
Lisa Arturo
Border to Border (1998): filmed all over the West but in part at Kitty’s Guest Ranch in Mound House, submitted by: Linda Clements Dayton, Nevada webmaster, Historical Society of Dayton Valley


Shanghai Noon

Jackie Chan (Trailer)

Shanghai Noon is set in the Carson Valley though it filmed in Alberta Canada.
Info Submitted by:Robin Holabird Deputy Director Nevada Film Office, 5/2006


Pledge of Allegiance

Freddie Roderiguez

Pledge of Allegiance (2005) with Freddie Rodriguez of Six Feet Under shot almost entirely in Carson City.
Info Submitted by: Robin Holabird Deputy Director Nevada Film Office, 5/2006

If you know of any movies filmed in or around Carson City Co. NV not shown here, please let me know, Bill

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