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1920-1930 Photos of Carlin and some of itís people. Contributed by Tami Bakewell

The first photois three sets of siblings.  On Top are the Reel kids, in the middle is (my mom and aunt), June and Anona Neal, and on the bottom are the Fitzgeralds.  This was taken in about 1926 or 1927.



The second photo is of the WWI cannon "Big Bertha" which came through Carlin  in 1923.  It must have been quite an event for my family to go down to take a photo of it.


elko_carlinpics_filesimage001.jpgCarlin 1

Kids at party:

Top Row:  ___Fritz, Vern Archibald, Burt Howard, Eddie Doherty, Alice Doherty, Vivian Birdsall, Marg McKenna, Tom McKenna, Jamima Cornell


2nd Row:  Edward Mac(? or Mae), Lee Taylor, Comeal (?) Jensen, Alta Mae Barnes, Joyce Jensen, ____ Wright, Earl Trowsdale (?)

McBride, June Neal, Mary (Mrs. Grandon) Neal (adult)


3rd Row:  Aaron Martin, Elda Archibald, Marion Jensen, McBride, Mary McKenna, McBride, Manning, Anona Mae Neal




The Carlin School: This building has been demolished to make way for the new school.


 elko_carlinpics_filesimage002.jpgelko_carlinpics_filesimage003.jpgelko_carlinpics_filesimage004.jpgCarlin 2Carlin 3Carlin 4