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Helen J. Stewart Chapter Projects

DAR Schools:

Label Collecting: Save labels from food products! (Campbell’s Labels for Education). These labels are sent to various schools, all of which are supported by the NSDAR. The schools redeem the labels for school supplies and computers.

Genealogical Records:

Volunteer opportunities abound at DAR and the Genealogical Records Committee welcomes new volunteers every day. Whether you love roaming through cemeteries transcribing tombstones, hunting through dusty volumes in your local county building, or collecting precious family Bible records, your contribution of primary source records will be a priceless addition to the vast Genealogical Record Collection housed in the DAR Library.


Bring in your used ink cartridges, laptops, or cell phones for recycling. Help our planet by not adding to our land fills.

Project Patriot:

Send necessary items to injured active duty personnel at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Send packages and cards to friends and family who are serving overseas.

Service for Veterans:

Veteran’s Support: Bring in new toothbrushes, travel size soap, toothpaste, shampoos, shaving cream, etc. to be donated to a variety of Veteran’s locations. Send postcards, holiday cards, and anytime cards to veterans.