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Lucy Adams Hart

Lucy Adams Hart was born in Pittsford, Vermont in 1841 and in 1855, married Toby Hart by whom she had 21 children! During the Civil War, she went to Washington with the sole intent of persuading President Lincoln into bringing her husband home. The unstoppable Lucy Hart met with President Lincoln, after DEMANDING that she be allowed to speak with him, and they had a long pleasant conversation. He could not bring her husband home, however, so she went to the front and stayed encamped with Toby through the war.

Toby was stationed at Beverly Ford, Virginia. He asked his men to build a cabin for Lucy, which they did. Lucy "tended" to the soldiers with the touch only a woman can bring. She was their morale booster. She became a member of The Army of the Potomac, and saw her husband through the Battle of Brandy Station, the Battle at Rappahanock Station, and possibly Gettysburg. She was well remembered by General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick even when she met up with him years after the war. She was a lady of strong character, who refused to allow the war to seperate her from the husband she loved so dearly.

In 1909, she received a letter from her brother, George H. Adams, who was living on Craig Mountain, in Benton, Idaho. Each had thought the other had died in the war. They were overjoyed to have found each other again after 40 years.

Lucy was not famous, but she was a fine lady of courage and indomitable spirit - one of the many unsung heroes of the Civil War, beloved by her husband, and the many men with whom he served.

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