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Descendants of Dr. Clemence Lozier

First Generation

1. Abraham Witton LOZIER. Born on 2 Feb 1803 in Midland Park, NJ. Abraham Witton died in New York City, NY on 26 Dec 1837. Occupation: Architect in New York City. On 10 Mar 1829, he married Clemence Sophia HARNED, daughter of David HARNED & Hannah WALKER, in New York City, NY. Born on 11 Dec 1813 in Plainfield, NJ. Clemence Sophia died in New York City, NY on 26 Apr 1888. They had the following children:

i. Cornelius. Born on 1 Jan 1830 in New York City, NY. Cornelius died on 18 Mar 1830 in New York City, NY.

ii. Peter Sturr. Born on 5 Dec 1832 in New York City, NY. Peter Sturr died in New York City, NY on 22 Feb 1835.

iii. William Henry. Born on 21 Jun 1835 in New York City, NY. William Henry died in New York City, NY on 8 Sep 1836.



Abraham Witton (1838-1896)

Second Generation

2. Abraham Witton LOZIER. Born on 8 May 1838 in New York City, NY. Abraham Witton died in New York City, NY on 14 Jan 1896. On 20 Jan 1866, he married Charlotte Irene DENMAN, daughter of Jacob Smith DENMAN & Selina LYON, in Ft. Wayne, IN. Born on 15 Mar 1844 in NJ. Charlotte Irene died on 3 Jan 1870. They had the following children:

i. Clement Abraham. Born on 7 Nov 1866 in Winona, MN. Clement Abraham died in New York City, NY on 5 Dec 1886.

ii. Robert Ten Eyck. Born on 5 May 1868 in Norwalk, CT. Robert Ten Eyck died in New York City, NY on 21 Aug 1921.



Charlotte Jessica (Jesse) (1870-1951)

Third Generation

3. Charlotte Jessica (Jesse) LOZIER. Born on 1 Jan 1870. Charlotte Jessica (Jesse) died in Newburgh, NY on 3 Oct 1951. On 15 Jan 1896, she married Stephen Henry (Harry) PAYNE, son of Benjamin Nott PAYNE & Esther ROUNSVILLE, in NY. Born on 12 May 1869 in Corning, NY. Stephen Henry (Harry) died in Brooklyn, NY on 9 Jan 1936. They had the following children:

i. Denman Clement. Born on 6 Mar 1897 in NY. Denman Clement died on 9 Mar 1897 in NY.



Robert Lozier (1898-1947)

Fourth Generation

4. Robert Lozier PAYNE. Born on 2 Jul 1898 in NY. Robert Lozier died in Cleveland, OH on 10 Sep 1947. On 6 Sep 1922, he married Marjorie ROBERTS, daughter of Jerome Lewis ROBERTS & Maude ARGERSINGER, in Brooklyn, NY. Born on 18 Feb 1900 in Watertown, NY. Marjorie died in Indianapolois, IN on 1 Jan 1994. They had one child:

i. Barbara. Born on 11 Nov 1926 in Ware, MA. On 20 Nov 1948, she married Walter CITRON, in Cleveland, OH.

Biography and history of the college

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