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1720 Albany County Census Index

A list of the freeholders of the city and county of Albany. 1720
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Transcribed by Chris Andrle, 10 Sep 1996, from E.B. O'Callaghan, M.D., The Documentary History of the State of New-York. (Albany, New York: Weed, Parsons & Co., 1850), vol. 1, p. 241-246, and submitted to the USGenWeb Archives where it is available in text format. USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: Material may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation.

First Ward
Barclay, Revr'nd Thomas
Beekman, Jacob
Beekman, Johannis
Bregards, Antoney
Collins, John
Cooper, Obediah
Coster, Antoney
De Garmoe, Johannis
Dunbar, Jno
Egbertsen, Barent
Flantsburgh, Danl
Flantsburgh, Matthews
Gerritse, Ryert
Gramoe, Peter
Grewsbeck, David
Grewsbeck, Stephanis
Halenbeek, Hend:
Hilton, Wm.
Holland, Henry
Hogan, Wm:
Hooghkirck, Luykas
Kelly, Daniell
Kidney, John
Lansen, Jacob
Lansen, Johannis
Lansen, Mindert
Livingston, Philip
Livingston, Robert Junr
Mindertsen, Fred.
Oothout, Hendrick
Ratclif, Johannis
Roseboom, Jacob
Rosie, John
Ryckman, Harmanis
Ryckman, Peter
Ryckman, Tobias
Schuyler, Johannis
Schuyler, Mindert
Staats, Jacob
Tenbroeck, Johannis
Tennyck, Coonrodt
Van Alen, Johannis
Van Bentheusen, Baltis
Van Brugh, Peter
Vandenbergh, Johannis
Vanderpoel, Winant
Vandyke, Cornelis
Vansante, Johannis
Vansante, Joseph
Van Schaick, Antoney
Van Schaick, Antoney Junr
Van Schaick, Antoney Snor
Van Schaick, Gose
Van Woort, Claes
Visser, Bastian
Wendell, Evert
Wendell, Johannis Junr
Wendell, Harmanis
Wendell, Thomas
Williams, Tho:
Winegaert, Luykas
Winegaert, Nicolas
Yates, Joseph Junr
Yeats, Joseph Snor

2d Ward
Beekman, Johannis Snor
Bleeker, Jan: Janse
Bleeker, Johannis
Bleeker, Nicos:
Brigardes, Siebolet
Cuyler, Abram:
Cuyler, Johannis
Egbertsen, Benj.
Grewsbeck, Johannis
Grewsbeck, Wm:
Funda, Claes
Hansen, Johannis
Hogan, John
Jacobsen, Herpert
Jacobsen, Wm:
Kip, Abram
Kip, Issack
Lansen, Abram:
Lansen, Gerrit
Lansen, Jan
Marselis, Guisbert
Mindertsen, Reyner
Mingaell, Johannis
Nach, Andries
Pruyn, Arent
Roseboom, Gerrit
Roseboom, Hendrick
Roseboom, Johannis
Roseboom, Mindert
Sanders, Barent
Schermerhorn, Cornelis
Tennyck, Hendrick
Van Dyke, David
Van Ivera, Warner
Van Scherline, Cornelis
Vinhagen, Johannis
Visser, Johannis
Visser, Nanning
Wendell, Johans: Evertse
Wendell, Phillip
Yeats, Christofell

3d Ward
Babington, Samuell
Backer, Johannis
Bleeker, Rutger
Borghaert, Cornelis
Borghaert, Issac
Borghaert, Jacob
Borghaert, Jacob Junr
Brat, Barnt
Brat, Derrick
Brat, Tunis
Derrickse, Takel
Egbertsen, Tunis
Evertse, Jacob
Evertsen, Jan:
Evertsen, Johannis
Funda, Isaac
Gansivoort, Lenord
Gerritse, Elbert
Gerritse, John
Hansen, Hendrick
Hun, Johannis
Janse, Evert
Long, Thomas
Maasse, Cornelis
Maasse, Jan
Muller, Jacob
Muller, Johannis
Pruyn, Johannis
Pruyn, Samll:
Ryckman, Albert
Schuyler, Abram:
Schuyler, David
Solomonse, Jno:
Switzs, Cornlis
Tenbroeck, Derrick
Tenbroeck, Wessell
Vandenbergh, Guisbert
Vandenbergh, Winant
Vandeusen Harpert
Van Ness, Gerrit
Van Ostrande, Johannis
Van Vechten, Philip
Van Vechten, Reuben
Visser, Jacob Visser, Teirck Harminse
Walderom, Peter
Winegaert, Jacobus Luykasse
Winne, Peter

County of Albany Viz.
Aukus, Dow
Beck, Caleb
Brat, Arent
Brat, Arnout Junr
Brat, Derrick
Bumstead, JOhn
Chase, Lawrence
Clament, Joseph
Coppernoll, William
Danielse, Daniell
Danielse, Jan
Danielse, Peter
Danilse, Arent
De Grave, Abram
De Grave, Andries
De Grave, Arnout
De Grave, Jesse
Delemont, Jan
Feele, Cornelis
Fonda, Yellous
Franse, Claes
Franse, Teirck
Gelen, Jacob
Gelen, Johannis
Gelon, Sanders
Groot, Abram:
Groot, Derrick
Guisling, Mindert
Hagadoring, Sam:
Janse, Daniell
Lewis, David
Lythall, Abram:
Marrinas, William
Marselis, Assweris
Meebe, Abram
Meebe, Jan
Mindertsen, Johannis
Peek, Jacobus
Peek, Johannis
Philipse, Harma
Pootman, Arent
Pootman, Cornelis
Pootman, Victore
Powlisse, Marte
Quacumbus, Peter
Schermerhorn, Arent
Schermerhorn, Jacob
Schermerhorn, Jan
Schuyler, Nicholas
Schuyler, Phillip
Simonse, Gerrit
Simonse, Volkert
Smith, Adam
Stevens, Jonathan
Swaert, Esays
Swaert, Wouter
Switzs, Jacob
Switzs, Simon
Teller, Johannis
Thickstone, Jereme
Toll, Carle Hanse
Toll, Daniel
Trueax, Abram
Van Brackell, Gerrit
Van Brakell, Guisbert
Vander Volgen, Cornlis
Vander Volgen, Tunis
Vandyke, Jacobus
Van Eps, Evert
Van Eps, Jno. Baptist
Van Olinda, Jacob
Van Petten, Andries
Van Petten, Arent
Van Petten, Claes
Van Petten, Claes
Van Slyck, Cornelis
Van Slyck, Harma
Van Slyck, Marte
Van Vlack, Benj.
Van Vost, Yealous
Vedder, Albert
Vedder, Arent
Vedder, Harmanis
Vedder, Helmes
Vedder, Johannis
Vroman, Adam
Vroman, Barent
Vroman, Hendrick Snor
Vroman, Jan
Vroman, Johannis
Vroman, Peter
Vroman, Simon
Vroman, Wouter
Vrooman, Hendrick Junr
Weemp, John
Weemp, Mindert
Wemp, Jan Barentse
Yeats, Rob:

Kenderhook and part Mannor of Livingston Viz.
Burgaret, Coonrodt
Burgaret, John
Clawe, Hendrick
Conine, Lenord
Dingmans, Gerrit
Fansborough, Isaac
Fausburgh, Peter
Gardineer, Jno:
Gardiner, Derrick
Goes, Derrick
Goes, Jno:
Goes, Mattias
Huyck, Burger
Huyck, Johannis
Huyck, Lamert
Klaime, Jurie
Rouse, Casper
Schermerhorn, Cornelis
Scherp, Guisbert
Scherp, Lawrence
Valkenburgh, Lamert
Van Alen, Evert
Van Alen, Jacobus
Van Alen, Johannis
Van Alen, Luykas
Van Alen, Peter
Van Alen, Stephanis
Van Alstine, Abram:
Van Alstine, Thomas
Van Buren, Peter
Vanderpoel, Melgert
Vandeusen, Johannis
Van Schauk, Elias
Van Schauk, Lawrence
Van Slyck, Peter
Van Valkenburgh, Bartlemeus
Van Valkenburgh, Jochim
Wieler, Evert

The north part of the Mannor of Livingston:
Auspah, Baltis
Broose, Gabriell
Bruise, Claes
Coole, Peter
Decker, Broer
Decker, Jurie
Ham, Coonrodt
Hooper, David
Kelder, Coonrodt
Livingston, Robert Esqr
Luyke, Abram
Muzigh, ffitz:
Plees, Jan Emnerick
Prooper, Hanse Jurie
Pulver, Johannis
Rees, Jonat:
Roseman, Johannis
Schureman, Coonrodt
Schutt, Solomon
Sihans, Hans
Simon, Jno: Wm:
Smith, Nicolas
Spikerman, Bastian
Stover, Jacob
Styker, Nicos:
Uldrigh, Johannis
Winne, Killian
Witbeck, Nicolas

Bout, John
Conine, Casper
Coole, Johannis
Esselstine, Cornlis
Eswin, Jacob
Fretts, Jurie
Halenbeck, Wm:
Hardyke, Frank
Hardyck, John
Hogoboom, Derrick
Hogoboom, Peter
Hoose, Jno:
Huyck, Cornelis
Jan, Jurie
Lamafire, Ghondia
Lamatere, Cloude
Lodowick, Hendrick
Moor, Richard
Mulder, Cornelis
Mulder, Jeremias
Rees, Andries
Rees, John
Rees, Wm:
Scherp, Johannis
Sidnem, George
Tenbroeck, Saml
Tenbroeck, Tobias
Vandeusen, Isaac
Van Deusen, Rob:
Vanduse, Nicos:
Van Hoosem, Jacob
Van Hoosem, Jan
Van Hoosem, Johannis
Van Hoosem, Kasper
Van Salsbergen, Hendr:
Whitbeck, Hendrick

Coxhacky and Cats Kills
Albertse, John
Brunk, Jno
Brunk, Lenord
Brunk, Peter
Casperse, Jno:
Collier, Michael
Conine, Philip
Halenbeek, Casper
Halenbeek, Jacob
Halenbeek, Johannis
Hotlen, Coonrodt
Janse, Helme
Lefferrese, Wm:
Provoost, Abram:
Salisbury, Frank
Schut, Mindert
Spoor, Isaac
Tenbroeck, Wessell
Van Berghen, Gerrit
Van Berghen, Marte
Vanhoosem, Jno:
Van Loan, Albert
Van Loan, Jan
Van Loan, Jno: Junr
Van Schauk, Arent
Van Schauk, Minkas
Van Vechten, Saml
Van Wormer, Cornelis

Boose, Mattias Snor
Brat, Derrick
Christianse, Cornelis
Christianse, Johannis
Cluit, Frederick
Cluit, Jacob
Cluit, John
Creeger, Saml:
FFoort, Jno:
Kanfort, Lapion
Ouderkerk, Peter
Pearse, Jacob
Quackenboes, Jno: Junr
Quacumbus, Jno:
Rycksen, Evert
Rycksen, Gerrit
Rycksen, Maes
Takelsen, Derrick
Timonse, Eldert
Van Vranken, Nicholas

Half Moon
De Voe, Jno:
Fort, Daniell
Gerritse, Roolif
Harminse, Lavinus
Harminse, Tunis
Ouderkerk, Eldert
Ouderkerk, Isaac
Roolifse, Hendrick
Vanburen, Corn'ls
Vandenbergh, Cornelis
Vanderbergh, Winant
Van Olinda, Daniell
Van Ness, Cornelis
Van Ness, Evert
Van Schoonhoven, Jacobus

Danielse, Simon
Delamon, Martin
De Wandelaer, Johannis
Doxie, Saml
Fele, Lewis
Fether, Curset
Fort, Abram
Ketlyne, Daniell:
Knickerbacker, Johannis
Quacumbus, Adrian
Van Vechten, Derrick
Winne, Peter

Colloney RenselaersWyck
Appel, Johannis
Backer, Jno:
Backer, Storm
Banker, Evert
Barheyt, Jno:
Barheyt, Wouter
Bovie, Claes
Brat, Albert
Brat, Andries
Brat, Storm
Coyeman, Andries
Coyeman, Peter
Coyeman, Samuell
Dow, Andries
Dow, Folcort
Dow, Hendr:
Dow, Jonas
Falkenburgh, Jaac
Forest, Philip
Funda, Jno:
Gardinier, Andries
Gardineer, Claes
Geritse, Barent
Grewsbeek, Nicos:
Hagodorn, Derrick
Hooghteeling, Coonrodt
Husyele, Peter
Huyck, Andries
Ketlyne, William
Lansen, Gerrit
Lansen, Jacob
Legrange, Johns:
Legrange, Ome
Marselis, Mindert
Oothout, Adrian
Oothout, Jno:
Ouderkerk, Abram
Ouderkerk, Johns:
Pryn, Frans
Roolifse, Albert
Schermerhorn, Jacob
Schermerhorn, Jacob Junr
Schuyler, Peter Esqr
Simonse, Johannis
Slingerlant, Albert
Staats, Barent
Valkenburgh, Hend:
Valkenburgh, Jacob
Van Alen, Wm:
Van Alstine, Cornelis
Van Alstine, Isaac
Van Alstine, Jan:
Van Alstine, Martin
Van Alstine, Marte Junr
Van Buren, Maes
Vanburen, Martin
Vandenbergh, Gerrit
Vandenbergh, Gerrit
Vanderhyden, Derrick
Vanderse, Killian
Vanderse, Wouter
Vandeuse, Melgert
Vandeuse, Rut
Van Renselaer, Cap: Hendrick
Van Vechten, Corn'lis
Van Vechten, Jno:
Van Vechten, Solomon
Van Vechten, Volcort
Van Wie, Gerrit
Van Wie, Jan
Van Wyen, Hendrick
Vaulkenburgh, Johannis
Wendell, Abram
Wendell, Johns:
Wendell, Phillip
Winne, Daniell
Witbeck, Jan
Witbeek, Jno:
Witbeek, Jonat:
Witbeek, Luykas
Witbeek, Tho:

Pursuant to an order of Judicature held for the Province of New York on the Eleventh Day of June 1720, Directed to Gerrit Vanschaick high Sherrif of the City and County of Albany; A Returne of the free holders of the said City and County.

Gerret Vanschaijck Sheriff

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