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Company D of the 85th New York Volunteers

Arnold, James H.PrivateAlmond
Barnes, Allen C.PrivateAlmond
Blanchard, Elisha T.PrivateAlmond
Blanchard, StratonPrivateAlmond
Burbank, Jacob D.PrivateAlmond
Chapel, Alfred -- Bolivardied Aug 4, diarrhea
Chapel, Henry -- Bolivar
Chapel, Alfred -- Bolivar
Davis, AsaPrivateAlmond
Garnett, Amos S.PrivateAlmond
Gilbert, ElijahPrivateAlmond
Hill, William H.PrivateAlmond
Johnson, Charles H.PrivateAlmond
Jones, Benjamin F.PrivateAlmond
Jones, WilliamPrivateAlmond
Terwilliger, BenniahPrivateAlmond
Terwilliger, David R.PrivateAlmond
Terwilliger, Thomas R.PrivateAlmond
Wallace, JamesSergeantBlack Creek
Wallace, Richard H.SergeantBlack Creek
Watson, ReubenCorporalFriendship
Welch, John C.SergeantAngelica
Wells, Winfield S.CorporalLittle Genesee
Wight, Franklin L.CorporalFriendship
Williams, George A.CorporalFriendship
Wilson, Francis R.SergeantBlack Creek
Wixon, FrancisCorporalFriendship
Wixon, ReubenCorporalBolivar
Whitford, GeorgeCorporalFriendship
Whitney, Mendall A.PrivateIndependence
York, David D.MusicianFriendship
York, Edgar D.CorporalFriendship
Young, William F.PrivateAlmond

Sources: History of Allegany County, NY, 1806-1879, F.W. Beers & Company.
1865 New York State Census, Allegany County

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