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Company E of the 85th New York Volunteers

Abbey, William H.PrivateAngelica
Barney, George W.CorporalGranger
Barney, JohnPrivateGranger
Benjamin, George W.CorporalGranger
Bennett, Charles W.PrivateGranger
Bennett, James H.PrivateGrangerdied in Andersonville
Bentley, JohnPrivateGranger
Blinn, JohnPrivateAngelica
Buckbee, CharlesPrivateGranger
Bullock, EbertCorporalGrangerdied Aug 1864 at Andersonville
Campbell, Frederick S.PrivateAngelica
Clark, AaronPrivateAngelicataken Prisoner at Plymouth, NC

Champlin, William Henry
-probably Geneseedied at Andersonville 5 Aug 1864;
grave 4768
Collins, MichaelPrivateGranger
Crandall, George W.PrivateAngelica
Crotty, JohnPrivateGranger
Dean, Albert A.PrivateAngelica
Drew, Lycurgus D.PrivateGranger
Drewry, Eli W.PrivateGranger
Goodale, George P.PrivateGranger
Groves, Richard D.PrivateGranger
Holbrook, JamesPrivateGranger
Holbrook, LewisPrivateGranger
Holliday, SpencerPrivateAngelica
Hooper, EliCorporalAngelica
Hunt, ThomasPrivateAngelica
Jones, George W.CorporalGrangerpromoted to Sergeant; died on transport after being exchanged.
Jones, John A.CorporalGranger
Keith, JosiahCorporalGranger
Langworthy, Benjamin F.PrivateAlfred
Lawrence, StewartPrivateAngelica
McDaniels, HarveyPrivateAngelica
McDonell, John H.PrivateAlmond
McGibney, HendersonPrivateAngelicadied July 17, 1864 at Andersonville.
Meabon, EdwinPrivateGranger
Miller, MyronPrivateGranger
Morgan, Henry C.PrivateScio
Moses, LutherPrivateGrangerdied July 28, 1864 at Andersonville
Parker, Jefferson M.1st SergeantGrangerdied July 23, 1862, at Libby prison
Parks, Jackson A.PrivateGranger
Parsons, Walter S.PrivateGranger
Patterson, Horatio N.PrivateAngelica
Pitt, George W.4th SergeantGrangerpromoted 2nd Lieutenant; POW and escaped
Platt, Nathan2nd LieutenantAngelicadisch. July 29, 1862
Porter, David H.WagonerAngelica
Randall, George W.PrivateGranger
Reynolds, Oren S.MusicianGrangerdied Aug 23, 1864 at Andersonville
Rickets, FrankPrivateGranger
Riley, George W.PrivateGrangerdied Feb 19, 1862 at Washington DC of sickness; bur. at Angelica
Rotch, Charles K.PrivateGranger
Scott, Martin V.B.PrivateGranger
Sibbald, GeorgePrivateGranger
Simons, Henry L.3rd SergeantAngelica
Smith, Andrew W.1st LieutenantGrangerresigned Apr 3, 1862
Smith, Varin C.PrivateGranger
Smith, William S.PrivateGrangerWilliam S. Smith died in the Florence, SC stockade hospital on December 20, 1864
after having been captured in the April, 1864 action at Plymouth, NC, and transferred there
by way of Andersonville, GA; Charleston, SC and Florence, SC.
William S. Smith was from Grove, Allegany County, NY.
Snyder, Darius M.PrivateGrangerdied March 1865 at Newbern, NC of sickness and while escaping from prison
Snow, EdwardPrivateAngelica
Snow, Harvey C.PrivateAngelica
Standish, Gideon B.PrivateGranger
Taber, Albert Owen2nd SergeantGranger
Thorp, Thomas J.CaptainGrangerdisch. Aug 29, 1862
Tibbetts, George E.5th SergeantGranger
Underhill, EdwardPrivateAngelica
Underhill, Jesse C.PrivateAngelica
Van Winkle, HenryPrivateAngelica
Vanantwerp, MiltonCorporalGranger
Walker, George C.PrivateAllen
Wallace, JamesPrivateGranger
Way, JohnPrivateAngelica
White, Jesse C.PrivateBelfast
Williams, Charles R.PrivateGranger
Williams, SmithPrivateAngelica
Whittle, William C.PrivateGranger
Zimner, FrederickPrivateAngelica

Sources: History of Allegany County, NY, 1806-1879, F.W. Beers & Company.
1865 New York State Census, Allegany County

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