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Company H of the 85th New York Volunteers

Ackin, John W.PrivateWellsville
Adams, Thomas R.PrivateWellsville
Aldrich, Mason K.CorporalWellsville
Amidon, JohnPrivateWellsville
Baker, Elisha A.PrivateAndover
Baker, IraPrivateAndover
Barker, John G.SergeantWellsville
Barker, John H.PrivateAndover
Beagle, John D.PrivateAndover
Beerman, HenryPrivateWellsville
Bloss, Erwin L.PrivateWellsville
Bloss, OrmusPrivateWellsville
Bradley, Joseph E.MusicianWellsville
Brandage, Lucien W.2nd LieutenantWellsvilleDischarged June 13, 1862
Bray, Luther C.PrivateWellsville
Briggs, Fernando C.PrivateWilling
Brown, George H.PrivateWellsville
Brown, John A.CaptianWellsville
Brown, NewellPrivateWellsville
Bundy, FultonCorporalAndover
Burdick, John C.PrivateAndover
Burlington, William T.CorporalHaalsport
Buttler, AugustusPrivateWilling
Butler, Daniel B.PrivateWilling
Campbell, LuciusPrivateWellsville
Coats, Herman1st LieutenantWellsvillePromoted Captain July 31, 1863
Coleman, Matthew J.PrivateWellsville
Collins, TalbertPrivateWhitesville
Comstock, FrederickPrivateWellsville
Comstock, William H.PrivateWellsville
Cooper, Joseph M.PrivateWellsville
Cornell, Robert B.PrivateWellsville
Corwin, JohnPrivateSpring Mills
Crandall, SidneySergeantWhitesville
Crane, William J.PrivateWellsville
Carver, Lyman P.CorporalWellsville
Darling, Horation G.PrivateWellsville
Dauphin, DexterPrivateWellsvilleImprisoned at Andersonville, escaped and was recaptured.
Davis, Marshall D.PrivateAndover
Deming, Francis M.PrivateAndover
Downey, John A.PrivateWhitesville
Dunham, Levi H.WagonerWellsville
Farnum, Charles C.SergeantWellsville
Finch, AbelPrivateWellsville
Finch, Marcus L.PrivateWellsville
Fosbury, Richard J.PrivateWhitesville
Frost, Charles W.SergeantWellsville
Green, Alonzo B.PrivateIndependence
Green, ElanPrivateWellsville
Green, Jesse C.CorporalAndover
Hall, DanielPrivateWellsville
Hardy, WilliamPrivateAndover
Harris, Alvin B.PrivateWellsville
Henyan, William F.PrivateWilling
Hoard, Alexander W.PrivateWellsville
Hubbard, George H.PrivateWhitesville
Hurlburt, HarveyPrivateAndover
Jacobs, Judson D.PrivateWhitesville
Jones, Charles A.PrivateWellsville
Jones, Miles T.PrivateWellsville
Kemp, Daniel H.PrivateWellsville
Larabee, CyrenusPrivateAndover
Leach, George A.PrivateWellsville
Lestner, JohnPrivateWellsville Enlisted, September 2, 1861, at Wellsville,
to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. H,
September 6, 1861; captured in action, April 20, 1864,
at Plymouth, N. C.; released, March 1, 1865 at
Wilmington, N. C.; mustered out, April 21, 1865,
at Elmira, N. Y.
Source: Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the
State of New York for the Year 1901, pg 1052
Submitted by David L. Kilmer
Letts, JohnPrivateWellsville
Lewis, William H.PrivateWellsville
Ludington, SwintonPrivateWhitesville
McIntyre, Steven L.PrivateWellsville
McIntyre, William W.PrivateWellsville
O'Neal, CharlesPrivateWellsville
Palmer, Albert A.PrivateWellsville
Parker, James H.CorporalWellsville
Parker, LorenzoPrivateHallsport
Payne, PhiloPrivateWhitesville
Perin, AlmerMusicianWellsville
Porter, George H.PrivateAndover
Richmond, Geroge W.PrivateWhitesville
Riley, Patrick H.PrivateWhitesville
Sawyer, Selic A.CorporalWhitesville
Smith, Bradley W.PrivateAndover
Stevens, Nathan W.CorporalWellsville
Tucker, George L.SergeantWellsville

Sources: History of Allegany County, NY, 1806-1879, F.W. Beers & Company.
1865 New York State Census, Allegany County

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