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Company I of the 85th New York Volunteers

Allen, Arthur F.CorporalFriendship
Appleby, Sheldon S.PrivateRichburg
Baker, Andrew2nd SergeantWard
Barnes, Francis E.PrivateBolivar
Barto, DavidPrivateClarksville
Black, MorrisPrivateBelmont
Bolsover, Henry3rd SergeantRichburg
Bremett, Christopher W.PrivateWard
Buckley, Elon G.5th SergeantRichburg
Cartwright, A.G.1st LieutenantWardPromoted Captain Oct 21, 1863
Childs, John C.PrivateClarksville
Clapp, WallacePrivateFriendship
Collins, Daniel H.PrivateWard
Coon, Milton L.WagonerRichburg
Davis, Reuben W.PrivateRichburg
Doty, Edwin L.PrivateClarksville
Dunning, John P.PrivateBelmont
Drake, Joseph A.PrivateWard
Durffee, Charles1st SergeantFriendship
Elvis, AlvahPrivateWard
Feathers, Geroge L.PrivateBelmont
Fitch, Isaac A.CorporalCuba
Fuller, Oscar A.CorporalWard
Haynes, JacksonPrivateClarksville
Haynes, PhillipPrivateCeres
Johnson, William F.PrivateWard
Jones, ChesterPrivateRichburg
Jordon, DelayonPrivateRichburg
Jordon, John W.CaptainFriendshipResigned Jan 26, 1862
Jordon, MonroePrivateRichburg
Jordon, ReubenPrivateRichburg
Lebar, HoracePrivateRichburg
Lebar, MelvinPrivateRichburg
Lewis, Cyrus P.MusicianWard
Lewis, JamesPrivateWard
Lucas, DanielPrivateRichburg
Margason, John S.PrivateWard
Maston, Samuel P.PrivateClarksville
Maxon, JohnPrivateRichburg
McGibney, David C.PrivateWard
McGibney, George B.PrivateWard
McGibney, Samuel J.CorporalWard
McOmber, Walter S.PrivateWard
Moore, Hiram P.PrivateRichburg
Morris, William A.PrivateCuba
Munger, Henry W.PrivateClarksville
Nugent, John D.PrivateScio
Page, Henry S.PrivateFriendship
Pattyson, Andre B.PrivateClarksville
Peckham, Alvah C.PrivateClarksville
Peckham, George C.PrivateClarksville
Peckham, Herbert D.MusicianClarksville
Perry, William D.PrivateBolivar
Sallay, JamesCorporalWard
Sawyer, SimonPrivateRichburg
Seldin, Oscar B.PrivateBelmont
Sissem, BenjaminPrivateBolivar
Smalley, Ryneer4th SergeantRichburg
Smith, Edward R.PrivateBolivar
Southworth, Nathan A.CorporalClarksville
Spencer, Isaac R.PrivateClarksville
Spencer, Russel R.PrivateClarksville
Thayer, Mortimer F.CorporalWard
Thayer, Morton B.PrivateWard
Vanoelzor, John N.PrivateRichburg
Vars, DennisPrivateRichburg
Vosburgh, Andrew J.PrivateRichburg
Ward, Leory S.PrivateClarksville
Wilcox, JohnPrivateRichburg
Wilkinson, William S.PrivateClarksville

Sources: History of Allegany County, NY, 1806-1879, F.W. Beers & Company.
1865 New York State Census, Allegany County

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