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“These items taken from obituaries are the same as written at the time, consequently all information is of that date. Items taken from the cemetery records may at times list people who have bought lots or erected monuments ahead of time, consequently they mat be buried elsewhere or still alive.” L. L. Stillwell

Additional obituaries added by Gerri Raw.  Lot numbers refer to As the Day Dawns Cemetery


Born of Job and Ann Southard, who came to Allegany County and settled about 1829; died May 2, 1921. 
Married Marcus Hadsell at Canaseraga. She was a descendant of the Southard who helped to form the 
Constitution and who served the nation twice as Secretary of the Navy. Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Howard 
Pierce, Swain; three step-sons, George and Llewellyn of Angelica; and Henry of Schenectady. Burial in 

HADSELL, CYNTHIA A.    Lot 753. 

HADSELL, EMMA YOUNG (1861-1916) 
Emma Rosamond Young was born July 3, 1861 in Birdsall of Jacob and Harriet Young; died Aug. 4, 1916. 
Married Llewellyn Hadsell on Sept. 18, 1879, in West Almond. Survivors: husband; sons, Ralph LeRoy, 
Albany, and Clair Emeley of Los Angeles; mother; sisters, Mrs. James. F. Hamilton, and Mrs. Henry 
Hadsell of Schenectady. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 798. 

Born on Aug. 22, 1892 in Hecktor, N.Y.; died Oct. 15, 1931. Married Llewellyn Hadsell on Sept. 18, 1879 
in West Almond. Survivors: husband; sons, Ralph LeRoy, Albany and Clair Emely of Los Angeles; mother; 
sisters, Mrs. James F. Hamilton and Mrs. Henry Hadsell of Schenectady. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in West Almond on Mar. 27, 1861, of Marcus de LaFayette Hadsell and Caroline N. Southard Hadsell; 
died Dec. 23, 1935. He was a carpenter by trade. Survived by brother, Henry Hadsell of Schedectady. 
Burial in Angelica. 

HADSELL, GUY F. (1883-1914) 
Born of Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Hadsell in West Almond 30 years ago. Died Mar. 15, 1914. Was a 
schoolteacher and taught near and in Clarendon. Married Miss Amelia Bergan of Clarendon in 1907. Leaves 
his wife, parents, brothers, Roy R. Hadsell of Albany and Clair E. of Buffalo. 

Died on Apr. 14, 1937. Was a native of West Almond. Retired Schenectady Railway Company employee. 
Survived by wife, Mrs. Margaret E. Young Hadsell, and son Frank M. Handsell, both of Schenectady. 

HADSELL, IRA S. (1834-1909) 
Born in West Almond; died at home of son, Manderville Hadsell, Feb. 1, 1909, at the age of 74 years. 
Survivor: son, Angelica.        Lot 753. 


HADSELL, LLEWELLYN        Lot 798. 

Born in West Almond Nov. 14, 1864; died on Jan. 6, 1942. Survived by widow; sister, Mrs. Fred Benaway, 
Alfred Station; two daughters, Mida Sabin, Uniontown, Pa.; and Alberta Casey, Geneva, N. Y. Was Election 
Inspector in 1898-1902; Town Committeeman, 1908-11. Burial in Angelica 

Born in Alfred of Daniel and Eunice Gardiner Hadsell, Dec. 25, 1827; died in Angelica on Apr. 17, 1918. 
Married in 1848 to Caroline Southard who died. Married Cynthia A. South. Survivors: wife; sons, 
Llewellyn and George of Angelica; Henry of Schectedady; daughter, Mrs. Nina Pierce, Swain; brother, 
Elmer Hadsell of West Almond; sister, Mrs. Gardinia Burdick of Burville, Pa. Burial in Angelica.
Lot 753. 


HADSELL, NELSON M.    Lot 61. 

HAGGSTROM, C.G. (1879-1940) 
Born in Stockholm Sweden, Sept. 8, 1879 of Charles Edward and Sophie Marie Haggstrom; died on July 1, 
1940. The family first settled in LaPorte, Pa., and later lived in Hoytville, Port Allegany and Austin. 
Moved from Austin to Pike, N. Y. two weeks before the Austin Flood. In 1915 he purchased the Horner 
Hardware in Angelica. Married Aug. 2, 1905, to Miss Ruth Stenstrom of Mt. Jewett. She died shortly after 
moving to Angelica. To this union three children were born: Arthur, Howard and Paul. Married Miss Jennie 
C. Hills of Angelica. Was Town Clerk in 1926-29.    Lot 205A. 

Ruth E. Stenstrom was born at Kanesholm, Pa., Mar. 10, 1882; died Apr. 2, 1915 at Angelica. Married Aug. 
2, 1905, to C. G. Haggstrom.. Survivors: husband; three sons, Arthur, Howard and Paul; sisters, Hannah, 
Eugenia, Tillie, and Lottie Stenstrom; Mrs. W. J. Shaughnessy of Kanesholm; brother, Eugene Stenstrom of 
Kanesholm. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 205A. 

Died Apr. 9, 1933. Survived by four children: Mrs. Frances Genther, Mrs. Susan Seidel, Miss Nellie 
Haight, all of Angelica, and William Haight of Elmira; six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. 
Mr. Haight preceded her in death ten years ago.    Lot 817. 

HAIGHT, MARY (1817-1853)        Lot 385 or 395. 

Born I Angelica on Mar. 17, 1881, of William and Caroline Ann Haight; died on Mar. 21, 1945. Survived by 
tow sisters, Mrs. Frances Genther of Angelica and Mrs. Susan Seidel of Elmira; brother, William D. 
Haight of Elmira.    Lot 817. 

HAIGHT, SARAH (1778-1830) 
Wife of Samuel S. Haight. Died Nov. 8, 1830.    Lot 452. 

Born at Hartford, Pa., Apr. 16, 1852; died at Angelica, July 16, 1923. He was a painter and paper hanger 
of great skill. Married Ellen Sullivan. Children, Mrs. C. E. Genther, Miss Nellie Haight and Mrs. J. F. 
Seidel, all of Angelica; son, William Haight Jr. of Elmira Game Constable, 1889, 90, 92. Burial in 
Angelica.        Lot 817 

Born in Ward in 1872; died Feb. 11, 1949 at the age of 77 years. Widow of Mahlon Haines. Survived by 
three sons, John and Frederick Grusendorf of Angelica, and James Grusendorf of Wilson; one step-son, 
Harlo Grusendorf of Detroit, Mich.; two step-daughters, Mrs. Margaret Noble of Erie, Pa.; Mrs. Alice 
Barber of Olean; five sisters, Mrs. Louise Miller and Mrs. Elizabeth Grawstorf of Wellsville; Mrs. Sarah 
Evingham, and Mrs. Grace Vreeland of Belmont; and Mrs Gertrude Van Campen of Belvidere.     Lot 597. 

Born in Cuba in 1862; died on Oct. 14, 1937. Married Phebe Peckham on Dec. 31, 1885, who died on Nov. 
30, 1919. Married Mrs. Anna Grusendorf of Belmont in Dec. 1927. Survived by widow; daughter, Mrs. James 
Barber of Andover; brother in Oklahoma. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 596. 

Amanda Amelia VanVelzor was born in the town of Wirt on Sept. 1, 1845; died Oct. 16, 1917. Married June 
2, 1872 to James Trowbridge at Andover, who died Sept. 1887; married June 2, 1901 to E. M. Halbert at 
Grove. Survivors, husband; son, C. D. Trowbridge, Birdsall; daughters, Mrs. Mae Luther, Angelica; Mrs. 
Belle Davis, Andover. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 152. 

Born in Birdsall; died on July 28, 1951, at the age of 70 years. Was a carpenter. Survived by brother, 
Roy Halbert of Canaseraga; sister, Mrs. Minnie Trowbridge of Bath.    Lot 6. 

HALBERT, EMMA J.     Lot 152. 

HALBERT, HATTIE M.     Lot 152. 

Born in bolivar on Aug. 13, 1848; died on Sept. 16, 1930. Married Emma Jane Perry, who died Dec. 15, 
1899; married Mrs. Amanda Trowbridge on June 2, 1901, who died on Oct. 17, 1917. Survived by children: 
Minnie Trowbridge, Perry; Edna Meeks, Birdsall; Roy, Dansville, and Asa, Birdsall; brother, Seth 
Halbert, Castile.    Lot152. 

HALE, Mrs. CLAIR (1885-1915) 
Died on Nov. 29, 1939 at the age of 54 years. Survived by husband; three daughters, Mrs. William 
Spangler of Angelica, and two others living in Bradford, Pa. 

HALL, MISS ALICE MAY (1857-1917) 
Born Apr. 9, 1857 in Olean of William and Eliza Hammond Hall; died in Mar., 1917, in Angelica. No  
survivors. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 226 

Born in Allen on Nov. 16, 1819 of George and Mary Hammond; died on Mar. 28, 1915. Married William f. 
Hall on May 3, 1849. Survived by daughter, Miss Alice Hall.        Lot 226. 

HALL, GRACE E. (1917-1932) 
Born on Apr. 7, 1917 in Chittenango, N.Y. of John R. and Gertrude Baker Hall; died on Oct. 7, 1932. 
Survived by parents; brother, Richard, and sister, Helen.        Lot 698. 

HALL, HETTIE    Lot 578. 

Born on Jan. 3, 1881 at Springs Mills of Richard and Emiah Rowland Hall; died on April 5, 1934. Married 
Gertrude Baker on Nov. 10, 1915. Survived by wife and son, Richard, 14; and Helen, 5; two brothers, 
Rowland of Salamanca and Willard of Warren, Maine, and two sisters, Mrs. F. W. Barber of Obi, N.Y., and 
Mrs. Charles Benker of Hilburn, N. Y.    Lot 698. 

HALL, M. C.        Lot 174. 

HALL, RACHEL P.    Lot 187. 

HALL, WILLIAM A.         Lot 187. 

HALL, WILLIAM H.        Lot 868. 

HALL, WILLIAM F.        Lot 226. 

Born at Short Tract on June 12, 1884 of William and Margaret Haire Hall, both natives of Ireland; died 
Mar. 21, 1933. Married Mrs. Laura Child on Feb. 18, 1920. Was connected with the Welfare Department for 
23 years. Survived by son, Donald; step-sons, Alfred and Robderick Child; brother, Thomas of Short 
Tract; sisters, Mrs. Henry Scholes, Dalton, and Mrs. Arthur Mills of Portageville. Burial in Angelica. 

Died in Cleveland, Ohio in July 1943. Was a former resident of Birdsall and editor of the Belfast Blaze. 
Survived by wife and two children. 

Died in Cleveland, Ohio on Dec. 2, 1944. Lived in Birdsall and Angelica and Belfast where Mr. Hall 
conducted the Belfast Blaze for a time. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Charles Olmstead of Cleveland, Ohio; 
son, Noble C. Hall of Cleveland, Ohio. Burial in Angelica. 

Father of Mrs. Harold Hoffman of Angelica. Died Jan. 1953. 

HAMER, MILTON W.    Lot 30. 

HAMER, WILLIAM F.     Lot 30. 

Died at Birdsall on May 8, 1925. Survived by sons, W. S. Hamilton and J. F. Hamilton of Rochester, and 
Philip Hamilton of Birdsall; daughters, Mrs. B. Ayres of Rochester, and Mrs. G. Sherwood of Angelica. 
Burial in Angelica.    Lot 185. 

HAMILTON, Mrs. ALEXANDER (1848-1917) 
Born in Ireland on Mar. 10, 1848; died on June 5, 1917 at Birdsall. Survivors: husband; sons, W. S. 
Hamilton, Schenectady; James F. Hamilton, Rochester; Philip Hamilton of Birdsall; daughters, Mrs. Byron 
Ayres of Angelica and Mrs. B. H. Sherwood of Angelica. Burial in Birdsall.    Lot 185. 

HAMILTON, ARTHUR W.     Died 1926.    Lot 818. 

HAMILTON, JAMES        Lot 185. 

HAMILTON, J. R.     Lot 721. 

HAMILTON, MARY E.     Lot 156. 


HAMILTON, PHILIP        Lot 254. 

HAMILTON, PHILIP (1872-1936) 
Born in Birdsall on May 14, 1872, of Alexander and Elizabeth Scholes Hamilton; died on Feb. 28, 1936. 
Married on Jan. 5, 1898 to Miss Adelaide Wallace. Four children were born to them: Arthur, who died ten 
years previously; Mrs. Josephine Geiser, James A. Hamilton and Philip M. Hamilton. Also surviving are a 
brother J. F. Hamilton of Rochester; two sisters, Mrs. Susie Sherwood and Mrs. Byron Ayers, both of 
Rochester.        Lot 818. 

Died at home in Angelica at the age of 60 years on Jan. 23, 1916. Survivors: daughters, Sarah and Grace 
of Angelica.    Lot 797. 

HAMMOND, DWIGHT (1834-1908) 
Died at the age of 74 years on Dec. 19, 1908. Survivors: wife, and Frank, of Elmira. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 108. 

HAMMOND, ELLA L.    Lot 108. 

HAMMOND, ELLA        Lot 546. 

HAMMOND, GEORGE (1794-1879) 
Died Dec. 1, 1879, at the age of 85 years. Was Highway Commissioner, 1837; Assessor, 1840, 41, 50, 58; 
Poor Master, 1848.    Lot 546. 

HAMMOND, MARY (1800-1872)    Wife of George Hammond.        Lot 546. 

HAMMOND, Mrs. N. C. 
Mary V. Treat was born in Angelica on Dec. 27, 1826. Died Dec. 12, 1919 in Annin Creek, Pa. Married 
Nathan C. Hammond, the late Judge Hammond of Potter Co., Pa., who died eight years previous to her 
death. They had ten children, six of whom survive: Mrs. Mary Bailey of Shinglehouse, Pa., Mrs. I. N. 
Miller of Pleasant Valley, Pa,; Mrs. Carl Beckwith of Annin Creek, Pa.; Judge D. L Hammond of Boyne 
City, Mich.; G. P. Hammond and Mrs. T. A. Brown of Wellsville. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 546. 

Born in Angelica; died at the age of 88 years on Aug. 10, 1911. Married Mary Treat in Angelica 60 years 
previous to his death. Survivors: wife; sons, C. P. Hammond, Angelica; Judge D. L. Hammond of Boyne 
City, Mich.; daughters, Mrs. Mary Bailey, Angelica;. Mrs. I. N. Miller of Pleasant Valley, Pa,; Mrs. 
Carl Beckwith of Annin Creek, Pa.; Judge D. L Hammond of Boyne City, Mich.; G. P. Hammond and Mrs. T. A. 
Brown of Wellsville. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 546. 

Nina Hammond, daughter of Elizabeth Wafler Hammond and George Palmer Hammond, was born April 20, 1897, 
in Angelica; died August 11, 1943. Having completed her high school requirements in that village in 
1905, she enrolled in the Angelica Teachers' Training Class, a course from which she was graduated in 
January, 1907. After teaching for a year and a half in Grove, New York, she continued her education at 
Geneseo State Normal School, where she received a Teacher's Diploma in June, 1909. She was in the 
teaching profession for 35 years. Lived for many years with her cousin, Nora Evans. Was never married. 
Sister, Lala Hammond predeceased her. Burial in Angelica. Lot 169. 

HAMMOND, OLE    Lot 546. 

HAMMOND, SARAH        Lot 108. 

November 2, 1917 at an early hour occurred the death of Mrs. Palmer Hammond after an illness of many 
months, age 71 years, 9 months and 28 days old. Mrs. Hammond was the daughter of David and Mary Ann Rohr 
Wafler, born in Rochester. Married Palmer Hammond. Most of her life had been spent in Angelica and 
vicinity. Survivors: husband, two daughters, Nina and Lala, one sister Mrs. Daniel Evans, two brothers 
John Wafler of Angelica and David Wafler of Weyauega, Wis. Burial was in the Angelica cemetery. 


HAMMOND, THOMAS    Lot 797. 

Mr. Thomas HANLY died at his residence at Belvidere, on Saturday morning last. He was about 70 yrs of 
age. As the funeral procession of Thomas Hanly was going down Bosworth's Hill on Monday, a horse 
attached to a covered buggy, fell down, throwing the driver out and wrecking the buggy. No one was 
injured. [Published Allegany County Republican, Aug. 14, 1885] 

HANSON, JOHN D.     Lot 216. 

Born July 20, 1878 in Freemont; son of Lester L. And Annabelle Harding; died Jan. 7, 1933. Married on 
May 16, 1903 to Jessie Austin of Alfred. Survived by eight children: Reuben Lloyd, Smith, Lewis, 
Irene,Roy, Glenice, and Mary; two brothers, William of Arkport and Lester of Angelica; sisters, Mrs. 
Flossie Briggs of Andover; Mrs. Addie Snyder of Alfred and Mrs. Gertrude White of Almond. Lot 607. 

Born in Ward, Nov. 18, 1879 Reuben and Nettie Bunnel Austin; died Mar. 7, 1953. Married Carlton Harding 
in 1902 who died in 1933. Was a schoolteacher. Survived by eight children: Reuben Lloyd, Smith, Lewis, 
Irene,Roy, Glenice, and Mary; two brothers, William of Arkport and Lester of Angelica; sisters, Mrs. 
Flossie Briggs of Andover; Mrs. Addie Snyder of Alfred and Mrs. Gertrude White of Almond.    Lot 607. 

HARDING, LINDA    Lot 607. 

HARDY, MARY ANN        Lot 385 or 395. 

HART, BARNEY (1802-1853)        Lot 455. 

HART, CHESTER P.        Lot 87. 

HART, LENA A.    Lot 59. 

Born in Cuba on Mar. 22, 1863, of Chester and Mary Wakefield; died on Nov. 13, 1940. Married on Aug. 7, 
1884, to the late John E. Hart. Survived by sister, Mrs. Myrta Milgate of Cuba; son, Joseph B. Hart of 
Angelica; three half-sisters, Mrs. C. O. Schwab, Mrs. C. W. Valkenburg and Mrs. Grant Ingalls, and three 
half-brothers, Roy, Harry and Earl Wakefield. For 50 years ran a dressmaking establishment in Olean. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in Moravia, Cayuga County, N.Y., July 13, 1856; died Oct. 25, 1950. Daughter of Seth Percival Hart 
and Susan A. Engle. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 59. 

Election Inspector, 1866, 72, 73; Justice, 1871, 74, 81, 82, 86, 87, 91; Town Auditor, 1877. 

Born in West Almond, June 22, 1833 of Matthias and Deborah Engle; died Nov. 8, 1922 in Angelica at the 
age of 90. Survived by three children, John Engle Hart of Sacramento, Calif.; Sarah Frances Hart, and 
Mrs. Guy O. Himan, both of Angelica; grandson, Joseph B. Hart.    Lot 87. 

Born Apr. 7, 1793, near Boston, Mass.; died Dec. 13, 1883. In 1808 her father moved to the town of York, 
Livingston Co. N.Y. Married Samuel Hartshorn, also from Massachusetts. He died in 1832. Moved to 
Angelica in 1844. Survived by four children, Frederick M., Mrs. Pond, Mrs. Phillips and Cares of Denver, 
Colo.; brother, Nathaniel Chadwick of Hornellsville.    Lot 555. 

An Orderly Sergeant of Angelica Volunteers and from Sergeant he became Major of the 27th of New York. 

HARSHORN, SAMUEL (1789-1853)        Husband of Mary Chadwick.     Lot 555. 

Born in Angelica, May 13, 1831, of Rufus and Rachel Harwood; died in Angelica, Oct. 5, 1920. Married in 
1852 to Margaret Bixby and ten children were born to them. He served nearly a year in the War of the 
Rebellion. Survivors: widow; eight children, George R., Kansas; Mrs. Adeline Childs of Angelica; Palmer 
S., Calif.; Mrs. Matilda Warner, Angelica; Holman R., Washington; John J., Angelica; Mrs. Nellie R. 
Hull, Short Tract, and Samuel N., Colorado. Burial in Angelica.     
Lot 811. 

Margaret Almira Harwood was the daughter of Prof. Lewis and Fannie Bixby. Born in Rochester, September 
10, 1831; died in Angelica, Oct. 26, 1920. Married George W. Harwood in 1852. She taught school with her 
father and mother in the old School House where the Grand Theater now stands. Survivors: eight children, 
George R., Kansas; Mrs. Adeline Childs of Angelica; Palmer S., Calif.; Mrs. Matilda Warner, Angelica; 
Holman R., Washington; John J., Angelica; Mrs. Nellie R. Hull, Short Tract, and Samuel N., Colorado. 
Burial in Angelica.        Lot 811. 

HARWOOD, JOHN J.        Lot 811. 

Born in Cuba on Apr. 21, 1869, of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Halstead; died on Apr. 7, 1943. Married George W. 
Harwood of Allen. Survived by husband; two sons, George W. Harwood jr., at home, and Charles Harwood of 
Olean; daughter, Tena Damon of Allen; another daughter, Emma Hotchkiss, died several years ago. 

HASKELL, FRANCIS K.    Lot 332. 

Born of Norman Rose and Elizabeth Falsom Haskell in Monroe, Mich., Apr. 21, 1837; died at Alfred, Feb. 
26, 1914. He was an accountant and for years was in the insurance business. Married in 1858 to Julia 
Crawford of Louisville, Ky., who died a few years later. Married Frances Kedzie of Rochester in 1864, 
who died two years ago. In 1907 they moved to Angelica to live with their daughter. Survivors: 
daughters, Mrs. Charles A. Collins, new York City, and Mrs. Frank S. Blair, formerly of Angelica, at 
present at Alfred; granddaughter, Mrs. Frank Brown of New York City; nephew, Norman Rose Haskell of 
Brooklyn. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 332. 

HAWLEY, HANNAH        Lot 19. 

HAYNES, J. C.     Constable, 1890.    Lot 147. 

HAYNES, MARY    Lot 147. 

HAYNES, OLIVER    Lot 147. 

Died on Sept. 18, 1944, at the age of 65 years. Wife died in 1931. Survived by brother, Bergie Hazzard 
of Wellsville; sisters, Mrs. Fred Stebbins of Andover, and Mrs. O. Leigh Smith of Wellsville. Burial in 
Angelica.    Lot 240. 

Jesse Irene Smith was born December 25, 1886 of Albert E. and Julia I. Smith; died on Mar. 29, 1931. 
Married Royce D. Hazzard on Dec. 25, 1911. Survivors: husband; brother, Olen Smith; sisters, Mrs. Alice 
Graham, Mrs. Eugene Graham.    Lot 240. 

HEATH, GEORGE   (1880-1948) 
Died on November 28, 1948, at the age of 68 years. Survived by widow, Mrs. Jennie Heath. Lot 39. 

Born in Flag Springs, KY., June 27, 1951, at the age of 89.    Lot 153. 

HECKER, S. A.    Constable, 1922-23.    Lot 153. 


HECKMAN, ESTHER E.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, ESTHER S.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, HENRY O.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, LOUISA H.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, RACHAEL E.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, SARAH M.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, THADEUS S.    Lot 492. 

HECKMAN, THOMAS    Lot 492. 

HELM, ADALINE    Lot 122. 

HELM, ASA    Lot 122. 

HELM, FAYETT    Lot 618. 

HELM, HARRY A.     Lot 122. 

HELM, HULCY    Lot 618. 

HELM, LISLE J.    Lot 122. 

HELM, HARRY L. (1902-1949)    Died in May, 1949. Burial in Angelica. 

HELME, LOIS M.    Lot 543. 

HELME, AUGUSTA M.    Lot 543. 

HELME, JAMES R.    Lot 543. 

Born in Angelica, Aug. 31, 1879; died on Mar. 15, 1925. Survived by her son, Lloyd Charles and daughter, 
May Charles; father, J. Clark Phippen; sister, Mrs. Edna Moore, Greenville, South Carolina; brothers, 
Henry, Binghamton; Roy Phippen, Oneonta; John Phippen of Angelica; aunt, Mrs. Delia Pratt, Akron, N. Y.; 
uncle, Elmer M. Phippen, Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 

Tuesday, July 17,1934, occurred the death of Mrs. Amelia Henderson, a life long resident of Angelica; 
born 1854, youngest child of Francis and Rebecca Davison Renwick. Married Charles Wafler, who died; also 
predeceasing her was their son, Archie Wafler, in 1882. Married John Henderson, who died in 1923. She 
leaves one son, Ray Wafler of Ithaca, N.Y. and two grandchildren, Gladys and Harold Wafler, also of 
Ithaca. She has been a member of the local Methodist church since girlhood. Burial in Angelica cemetery. 

HENDERSON, JOHN C. (1847-1923) 
Born February 7, 1847; died May 10, 1923. Married and had two daughters, Carrie and Mary, and two sons, 
James and Walter, both of whom died young. His wife died and he later married a widow, Mrs. Amelia 
Wafler. Leaves his wife; daughters, Carrie, Mrs. Bruce Chaffee, and Mary, Mrs. Lockwood; brother, Rufus 
Henderson of Bath. Assessor in 1880, 83, 1910, 11; Election Inspector, 1901, 02; Highway Commissioner in 
1912-15.        Lot 90. 

HENDERSON, JAMES    Died 1880, son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Henderson.    Lot 90. 


Mr. and Mrs. J .C. Henderson lost by death last Friday, August 14, 1885, their little son, Walter. Five 
years ago they lost another son.         Lot 90. 

Wife of Henry Henneman. Survived by husband; three sons, Glen Brown, William, and Samuel Brown; one 
daughter, Mrs. Noble Hill of Avon Lake, Ohio, and one sister, Mrs. Ira Brown. Lot 131. 

Died on July 19, 1933. Survived by wife, Sarah E. Henry; one son, Thomas Henry; four daughters, Mrs. W. 
L. Thomas and Mrs. Paul Billing of Erie, Pa.; Mrs. Helen Hibbard of Bradford, Pa.; and Miss Doris Henry 
of Busti; brother, James Henry of Friendship; sister, Mrs. A. H. Cook of Scio. Burial in Angelica.    
Lot 18. 

HENRY IRENE    Lot 18. 

HENRY, JANE V.  (1810-1842)    Daughter of Samuel and Ann Henry.    Lot 450. 

HENRY, JULIA A. (1818-1849)    Daughter of Samuel and Ann Henry.    Lot 450. 

HENRY, JAMES    Lot 857A. 

HENRY, JAMES W. (1813-1839)    Lot 450. 

Born at Birdsall on Dec. 19, 1865, of James and Amanda Beardsley Weaver; died January 9, 1944. Married 
James Henry. She is survived by two brothers, Almon Weaver of Canaseraga, and Charles Weaver of 
Angelica. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 857A. 

HENRY, SAMUEL I. (1788-1850)    Lot 450. 

HENRY, SAMUEL R. (1820-1844)    Lot 450. 

HENRY, SARAH EMMA (1865-1950) 
Youngest daughter, one of 11, of John J. Crawford and Nancy J. Morehouse, born in Angelica, Nov. 17, 
1865; died in Bradford, Pa., on Oct. 9, 1850. Married George Thomas Henry of Belvidere, who died in 
1933. Survived by four daughters, Mrs. Paul Billings, and Mrs. Lloyd Thomas of Erie, Pa.; Mrs. Chester 
Lamb of Eldred, Pa. Formerly lived at the Belvidere Farms. Burial in Angelica. Lot 18. 

Born on June 14, 1899, son of George Thomas and Emma Crawford Henry; died in Erie, Pa., on May 9, 1947. 
Survived by wife, Mrs. Gladys Henry; mother and four sisters, Mrs. Paul Billings, Mrs. Lloyd Thomas, 
Erie, Pa.; Mrs. Bert Holmes of Bradford, Pa., and Mrs. Chester Lamb of Eldred, Pa. Formerly lived at the 
Belvidere Farms. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 18. 

Died May 16, 1941 at Belmont. For many years she was a teacher, and later principal in the Salamanca 
School System. She went from Salamanca to Washington, D.C. where she taught until the year 1909 when she 
was married to William Herdman of Angelica. She was closely identified with community life in Angelica; 
one time a member of Wilsonian High School faculty, a member of the Methodist Church, and active in its 
various organizations, a member of the Progress Club and on the Board of the Angelica Public Library. 
Burial in Angelica cemetery.    Lot 235. 

Born on the Church Farm Angelica, February 4, 1871; died April 25, 1919. Burial in Angelica. Lot 589. 


Born in Angelica on June 7, 1863, of John and Jane Herdman; died on June 8, 1933. Married on October 19, 
1932 to Isabel Coker. Served in the Spanish American War in 1898. Survived by wife; two brothers, 
William and Joseph C., both of Angelica.    Lot 72. 

HERDMAN, GRACE    Lot 235. 

Born on January 7, 1915; died on December 28, 1932. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herdman; 
sister, Marion; and brother, Joseph.    Lot 862. 

HERDMAN, JAMES        Lot 589. 

Born in England in 1826; married Jane Wharton.        Lot 589. 

HERDMAN, JOHN JR.        Lot 589. 

Born in England, February 27, 1832; died April 30, 1919 in Angelica. Maiden name, Jane Wharton. Married 
John Herdman at Gretna Green in 1851. Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Jennie Andrews, Olean; sons, William 
George, Edward, Robert and Joseph Herdman, all of Angelica; daughter, Diana died five days before. 
Burial in Angelica.        Lot 589. 

HERDMAN, ROBERT        Lot 589. 

Born in the town of Almond, February 8, 1856; died July 39, 1933. Was son of John and Jane Herdman. 
Survived by wife, Edith Rutherford Herdman; brother, Joseph Herdman.    Lot 235. 

HEROLD, GEORGE W.    Lot 679. 

HERRICK, ARTHUR        School Inspector 1825, 26; Justice of the Peace, 1830. 

HERRICK, HANNAH M. (1804-1829) 
Wife of Arthur Herrick. Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Haight.        Lot 452. 

Daughter of J. and N. Jacobs. Wife of William E. Heydon. Survived by Elizabeth E. Heydon, 3 months; 
Nancy Heydon, 10 years, Susanna Heydon, 1 year.    Lot 353. 

A Freeholder, 1808, 09, 11, 12; Collector and Constable, 1808; Highway Commissioner, 1809, 12, 25, 28, 
36; Highway overseer, 1809, 22; Licensee, 1809-13; Fence Viewer, 1822. 

HIBBARD, MARY        Lot 722. 

Born at Garwoods on December 23, 1884, of Jerry and Annie Swain Ryan; died January 29, 1939. Survived by 
husband, Daniel Higgins; mother, Mrs. Annie Ryan, Angelica; sons, Grant Patterson, of Rochester, and 
Walter Patterson, Belmont; five daughters, Mrs. Elwyn Tucker, Mrs. Paul Brainard and Mrs. John Ryan, 
Angelica; Mrs. Morell Brainard and Mrs. William Austin, Friendship; two brothers, John and Charles Ryan 
of Rochester, and sister, Mrs. John Geary of Hornell. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in 1828. Married Mary E. Mason. Constable, 1888,1891. Lot 150B. 

Born in Wellsville on June 12, 1862; died April 12, 1950. Widow of Reuben Hill. Survived by three 
daughters, Mrs. Nettie Keenan, Mrs. Jennie Haggstrom of Angelica; Mrs. Elizabeth Rickard of 
Hollidaysburg; brother William Feller of Wellsville. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 150B. 

Born in West Almond on December 15, 1884 of Lewis J. and Delia Hills; died October 27, 1933. Married L. 
Blanche Wyse of West Almond on June 20, 1904. Survived by mother and wife, daughter, Mrs. Ethel E. 
Chandler; sister, Mrs. Vero Baker of Alfred. Buried in Angelica.        Lot 790. 

HILLS, NETTIE M.        Lot 726. 

Mary E. Mason was born in Nunda April 24, 1832; died on April 14, 1880. Wife of John Hill. Lot 150B. 

Born in Nunda on February 12, 1859 of John and Mary Hill; died on November 18, 1930. Married Miss Louise 
M. Feller of Wellsville on June 28, 1881. Survived by a son, Walter Hill of Hornell; daughters, Mrs. 
Nettie Keenan and Mrs. Jennie Haggstrom of Angelica, and Mrs. Earl Richard of Altoona, Pa. Constable, 
1812-23. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 150B. 

Born in Fallbrook, Pa., February 6, 1867; died on October 14, 1934. Married Belle R. Hart of Angelica, 
February 27, 1894. Was former County Judge and Surrogate. Survived by wife; two brothers, John G. and 
Lewis G. Hinman; two sisters, Ada and Bessie, all of Rockville Center, Long Island. Justice, 1914-21, 
1932, 33; County Judge, 1929. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 59. 

Born in Moravia, Seneca County, on February 3, 1861, of Seth Percival and Susan A. Engle Hart; died on 
January 1, 1951. Widow of Judge Guy O. Hinman. She was an artist. Survived by a nephew, Joseph B. Hart. 
Burial in Angelica.        Lot 59. 

Born in Baden, Germany; died July 10, 1939, at the age of 94 years. Married Elizabeth Isamen of Grove, 
on April 6, 1808. Was member of Co. G. New York Dragoons, and was the last Civil War veteran. Survived 
by three sons, William of Mt. Morris; Charles and Edward of Angelica; two daughters, Mrs. Neva Wilkins 
of Belmont, and Mrs. Hattie Hartman of Friendship; a half-brother, John Hoffman of Transit. Burial in 

HOLDRIDGE, EDWARD S.         Lot 903B. 

Born of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Osgood in Angelica; died in Bradford, Pa., April 29, 1925. Husband, F. P. 
Holley, owned the Hotel Holley of Bradford. Survived by husband; brothers and sisters, including Mrs. J. 
H. Rook and A. O. Osgood of Angelica and Mrs. Meeker of Hornell.        Lot 101. 

HOLMES, ELLA        Lot 566. 

HOLMES, MARY E.         Lot 566. 

HOLT, C. S.         Lot 823. 

Born May 4, 1854 to Fred and Anna Drager Holtz; died in 1854. Married Caroline Charles on June 14, 1894. 
Member of I.O.O.F. Held several village offices. Was an expert harness maker. Survived by widow and one 
son, Carol Holtz and daughter, Florence (Mrs. Harry Ten Eyck), Plainfield, N.J. Lot 182A. 

Born October 11, 1839, son of Harry and Sally Hooker and was a direct descendant of Rev. Thomas who came 
over on the Mayflower, also a relative of General Joseph Hooker; died November 27, 1920 in Angelica. He 
was president of the Bank of Angelica and Trustee of the village for one term. Married Miss Electa 
Franklin of Allen who died in July 1917. Survivors: sisters, Mrs. David Walker of Angelica; and Mrs. C. 
S. Leonard; children, Harry F. Sidney R. and Mrs. Wm Breneka of Angelica. Was Election Inspector in 
1876, 77; Assessor, 1882; Justice, 1885. Burial in Angelica. Lot 34. 

HOOKER, ARLINE        Lot 602. 

HOOKER, AUGUSTA W.         Lot 307. 

HOOKER, AURELIA        Lot 602. 

HOOKER, AVA        Lot 602. 

Assessor, 1810, 11, 15; Election Inspector, 1810, 11, 15; Highway Overseer, 1810-13; Fence Viewer, 1814-
16; Freeholder, 1814. 

HOOKER, CHARLES    Town Superintendent, 1950-55.        Lot 114. 

HOOKER, ELECTA L.     Lot 34. 


Native of Angelica, born in 1852 of Willard Lyon, pioneer settler of Angelica; lived for 101 years; died 
December 30, 1953. Survived by sister, Mrs. Adell Matteson, now 98 years old, and brother, Dr. Harry B. 
Lyon, both of Dunkirk. Sister of the late Frank J. Lyon; aunt of Mrs. Harry B. Warner of Belfast and 
Daniel Lyon of the Peavy Road. 

Born 1814. Married Sally Jane Rivenburgh. Overseer of Poor, 1844.        Lot 602. 

Born in Angelica on August 19, 1873, of Alonzo H. and Electa Franklin Hooker; died on October 3, 1941. 
Married October 17, 1894 to Minnie May White, who died January 1, 1920. Married Frances Cook on May 11, 
1921. Survived by widow; daughter, Mrs. Charles R. Seely, and son Charles A. Hooker, both of Angelica; 
sister, Mrs. William Breneka, and brother, Sidney R. Hooker.    Lot 885. 

Born in West Almond on December 13, 1874, eldest daughter of John B. and Emeline White; died January 4, 
1920, former Minnie White. Married to Harry F. Hooker on October 17, 1894. Survivors, husband; two 
children, Mrs. Florence M. Seely and Charles A. Hooker, and a host of friends. Lot 885. 

Born on November 13, 1801; died May 9, 1884. Came to this country at the age of 15 years. Was widow of 
the late Reuben Hooker of Angelica. Daughter of the late James Wilson, Esq. Settled in Town of Allen. 
Married Reuben Hooker in her 20th year, and settled on a farm in Angelica. Lot 591. 

Came from Athens, VT in 1809. Freeholder, 1811, 12, 14; Highway Overseer, 1810, 13, 15, 32; Fence 
Viewer, 1810-13, 22; Collector and Constable, 1812; Election Inspector, 1812; Commissioner of Highway, 
1814; School Commissioner, 1815, 18, 19, 21; Constable, 1815; Poor Master, 1823, 26. Died February 8, 
1844, age 73 years.    Lot 489. 

HOOKER, JOHN II (1801-1869)    Lot 489. 

HOOKER, JOHN III (1821-1843)    Son of Philon and Margaret Hooker.    Lot 489. 

Son of Harry and Sally Hooker, born July 29, 1841; died June 7, 1885. Survived by wife and children. Was 
Election Inspector in 1874, 80-82; Assessor, 1883.        Lot 602 

HOOKER, LEOLA C.     Lot 602. 

Born in Angelica, November 5, 1833, of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Hooker; died June 16, 1812. Married Miss 
Susan J. Ling, who died in 1885 . In September 17, 1889, married Miss Augusta Watson, who died July 5, 
1911. Survivors: son, Lewis W., Angelica; daughters, Susan and Faith, Angelica. Constable, 1860. Burial 
in Angelica.    Lot 307. 

Born of Joseph B. and Mary Anne Worden Watson, May 27, 1866; died, Angelica, July 25, 1911. Married 
Lewis T. Hooker, Angelica, September 21, 1889. Survivors: husband; children, Susan, Jane, Faith Augusta, 
and Lewis Wilson at home; sisters, Mrs. Lamont McGibeny and Mrs. Lester P. Bennett; brothers, Gardner 
and Elmer Watson. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 307. 

HOOKER, LEOLA C.     Lot 678. 

HOOKER, LUCY A.         Lot 29. 

HOOKER, MARGARET (1798-1884)     
Wife of Philon Hooker. Son John died in 1843.        Lot 489. 

HOOKER, MARY (1803-1839)    Lot 489. 

HOOKER, MARY A.         Lot 602. 

HOOKER, MARY A.         Lot 678. 

HOOKER, MARY S.         Lot 104. 

HOOKER, MINNIE        Lot 885. 

HOOKER, PHILON(1793-1864) 
Died on April 4, 1864, age 70 years. Husband of Margaret Hooker. Son John died in 1843. Fence Viewer, 
1817; Highway Overseer, 1817; School Commissioner, 1830; Highway Commissioner, 1831, 36, 37; Assessor, 
1838, 40-43; Election Inspector, 1848; Justice, 1855.        Lot 489. 

HOOKER, POLLY D.     Lot 612. 

HOOKER, REUBEN (1795-1879) 
Died October 8, 1879. Husband of Jane Hooker. Fence Viewer, 1819; Highway Overseer, 1819; School 
Commissioner, 1830; highway Commissioner, 1831, 36, 37; Assessor, 1838, 40-43; Election Inspector, 1848; 
Justice, 1855.        Lot 591. 

Sally J. Rivenburg was born in Cortwright, August 15, 1816; died in Angelica, March 19, 1911. Married 
May 27, 1838, to Harry Hooker of Angelica. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. L. L. Fisk, Mrs. Chester Leonard 
and Mrs. Theodore Walker and Mrs. David Walker of Angelica; son, Alonzo H. Hooker, Angelica. Husband 
died February 23, 1897. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 602. 

HOOKER, SYLVIA (1775-1841)    Wife of John Hooker.        Lot 489. 

Born in Angelica in 1875 of Alonzo H. and Electa Franklin Hooker; died on September 14, 1942. He was 
postmaster of Angelica and a farmer. Survived by widow, Mrs. Dora Otte Hooker; seven children, Mrs. H. 
L. Britton, Mrs. M. Bliss, and Kenneth Hooker of Bolivar; Mrs. Clair Evans, Roger and Manton Hooker of 
Angelica, and Ernest Hooker of Cleveland, Ohio; sister, Mrs. William Breneka of Angelica. Burial in 
Angelica.    Lot 34. 

Died April 2, 1887, at her home in Angelica. Survived by husband, Lewis T. Hooker and father, Robert 

HOOKER, SYLIVA A.     Lot 591. 

HOOKER, WALTER        Lot 581. 

Assessor, 1866, 69; Justice, 1875; Election Inspector, 1878, 83.        Lot 114. 

HOPKINS, REV. CALEB (1758-1824) 
First clergyman who held Episcopal services in Angelica regularly. Soldier of the Revolutionary War; a 
Militia officer.    Lot 488. 

HOPKINS, MARY (1789-1852)    Wife of Rev. Caleb Hopkins.     Lot 488. 

HORNE, ELIZA ANN (1813-1846)    Lot 461. 

HORNE, FRANCES A.     Lot 475. 

HORNE, JEFFREY (1767-1846)    Lot 475. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Horner, died September 27, 1931, the last of a family of nine children. 
Lot 36. 

Daughter of Levi and Harriet Gorton Horton; died at the family residence on May 11, 1917. Survived by 
brothers and sisters.        Lot 36. 

HORNER, JOSEPH    Excise Commissioner, 1881, 86.     Lot 36. 

Born in 1812. Married Ann Gorton. Highway Commissioner, 1844, 51, 54, 57, 66, 70-78, 81, 82; Overseer of 
Poor, 1864.        Lot 36. 

HORNER, MARY        Lot 36. 

Born in the old homestead on the Horner Road in Angelica, Angelica January 26, 1846, the third of eight 
children of Levi and Harriet Gorton Horner; died of heart trouble, March 11, 1926, 80 years old, in 
Angelica. Married Miss Mary Gillies of Angelica, April 15, 1888. Was owner of a business establishment 
in Angelica.; also a tinsmith Of the eight children, Mark, Elizabeth, Sheridan, Louise, Alpha, Harriet, 
Joseph and Fanny, the last two are all that remain. Town Committeeman, 1897-99. Burial in Angelica.        
Lot 63. 

HORNER, SUSAN    Lot 36. 

Mary Gillies was born in Almond; died on September 19, 1933. Married to Sheridan Gorton Horton on April 
25, 1858. She was the first president of Angelica's Progress Club. Survived by a sister, Mrs. Alvin 
Jackson of Sisterville, West Virginia. Another sister, Mrs. Frank Sibley of Cuba died in 1932. 
Lot 63. 

HORTON, BETTS (1782-1874)    Lot 600. 

Born in Columbia Crossroads, Pa., February 23, 1855; died in Hornell, December 21, 1943. Survived by two 
sons, Eugene and Miles Horton and one daughter, Mrs. Leon West of Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 

HORTON, EMILY    Lot 514. 

HOWE, ELIZA H.    Lot 497. 

HOWE, ISRAEL    Town Clerk, 1846, 47, 48. 

HOWE, RAYMOND D.    Town Clerk, 1920-21. 

Born in Angelica, April 29, 1875; died April 9, 1916. Married John A. Howlett, March 1, 1905. Survivors: 
husband; daughters, Alice and Doris; son, Wilford. Burial in Angelica. 

HUBER, ALICE.    Lot 265. 

Born in Hornell January 16, 1870; died on October 4, 1949. Survived by four brothers, Leonard Huber of 
Fredonia; Fred of LeRoy; Lewis of Angelica and William of Dunkirk; five sisters, Mrs. Anna Covill of 
Syracuse; Miss Gertrude Huber of Hornell; Mrs. Catherine Johnson of Bradford, Pa., Mrs. Minnie 
Threehouse and Mrs. Mae Torpy of Hornell. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 265. 

HUFF, CLARA    Lot 325. 

HUFF, EARL        Lot 325. 

HUFF, PEARL    Lot 325. 

Orton Hufstader, 58, died February 26, 1963, unexpectedly while at work at the Motors Training Center, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Born March 24, 1904 in Olean, son of William F. and Laurilla Post Hufstader. 
Survivors: the former Lois Gibson Hufstader of Angelica; a son, Gibson, Cincinnati; a daughter, Mrs. 
Henry Ross, Bloomington, Ind.; three brothers, William, Thomas and Robert, all of Florida; four 
grandchildren and several cousins. Burial in Angelica. 

Lois Gibson Hufstader of Cincinnati, Ohio, died January 6, 1964; born at Angelica on March 9, 1908, a 
daughter of Charles and Mabel Franklin Gibson. Survivors: a son, Gibson Hufstader of Warren, Mich.; a 
daughter, Mrs. Henry Ross of Cincinnati; a sister, Mrs. Dorothy Beale of Sodus, N. Y., and four 
grandchildren. Burial in Angelica. 

HULL, Mrs. DORCAS AMBLER (1780-1858) 
Wife of Laurens Hull, M.D.    Lot 516. 

Son of Moses and Nellie Harwood Hull, born in Bolivar on January 9, 1890; died in July 1949. Survived by 
father and mother of Short Tract; daughter, Mrs. Marie Wetzel of Rochester: brother, Everett Hull of 
Short Tract. 

HULL, LAURENS, M.D. (1777-1865) 
Husband of Dorcas Ambler Hull. Was a surgeon in New York State Militia during War of 1812. Lot 516. 

Wife of Moses Hull of Short Tract; died in March 1950. Survived by husband; son, Everett Hull; two 
sisters, Mrs. Tillie Warner of Fillmore; and Mrs. Adeline Childs of Angelica; brother, Samuel Harwood of 
Colorado.        Lot 811. 

HULL, WILLIAM B.         Lot 351. 

HUMPHREY, ARANDA K.        Lot 700. 

HUMPHREY, ELIZABETH        Lot 700. 

HUMPHREY, EVA CA.     Lot 809. 

HUMPHREY, HARVEY A.         Lot 809. 

HUMPHREY, HEMAN W.         Lot 809. 

HUNN, LIZZIE        Lot 590. 

Born in Angelica November 20, 1865; died October 4, 1954. Widow of the late Thomas Hunt. Survived by 
son, Walter T., and daughter, Margaret E., both of Angelica. Burial in Angelica. Lot 763B. 

HUNT, SARAH J.     Lot 376. 

Born in Angelica, July 4, 1857 of the late Thomas and Margaret Hyde Hunt; died July 26, 1942. Survived 
by wife, Mrs. Nettie Johnson Hunt; daughter, Miss Margaret Hunt; son, Walter Hunt, and sister, Mrs. E. 
J. Balfour of Olean. Burial in Olean.    Lot 763B. 

Born in Bloomfield in 1856; died in Olean in September 1923. Survived by three sons, Alonzo W. of 
Angelica; Harvey B. and Thomas A. of Olean and eight grandchildren. Burial in Angelica. 

HUNTER, WILLIAM H.     Lot 728. 

HUNTLEY, HIRAM (1818-1894) 
Died at his home in this place on February 18, 1894, at the age of 76 years. Born in Chenango County and 
came to Allegany County with his parents 60 years ago, and to Angelica 52 years ago. Married Miss Jane 
Porter, who now survives him. One daughter preceded him in death. A grandson survives. Was a 
businessman. Election Inspector in 1867.        Lot 709.  

IRVIN, Mrs. I. B. 
Wife of I.B. Irvin, master mechanic of the P.S.&N. railroad died April 25, 1924. She had suffered from 
nerutitis from August 1908 until May 9, 1909 on which date she was stricken with apoplexy from which she 
never fully recovered. Member of the Order of the Eastern Star.She was laid at rest in the evergreen 
section of the Angelica Cemetery. Survivors: husband; son Willis and family. 

IRVIN, J. B.        Justice, 1926-29    Lot 827. 

IRVIN, MATILDA E.        Lot 827. 

ISAMEN, ALBERT M.     Lot 694. 

ISAMEN, CHARLES W. (1857-1939) 
Died on June 7, 1939, at the age of 82 years. Married Mary B. Henry of Birdsall in 1882. Survived by 
widow; three daughters, Mrs. Lee Dudley, Mrs. William Ludwig and Mrs. Howard Hasty of Dalton; two sons, 
Henry W. Isaman of Winchester, Mass., and Lester Isaman of Angelica; one brother, Lewis Isaman of 
Castile. Burial in Canaseraga.        Lot 830B. 

ISAMAN, ELLEN        Lot 830B. 

Mary E. Maxwell born in Jamestown, N.Y. on April 29, 1853 of Richard and Lucy A. Maxwell; died November 
2, 1939. Married on June 3, 1872 to John C. Isaman of Grove. Son, Albert Monroe, died in infancy. 
Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Charles Closser and Mrs. Clayton Smith. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 694 

This community was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Mr. Edward Ives. in West Almond, July 30, 
1913. Rev. Fox of Canaseraga officiated assisted by Rev. Poland, the M.E. Pastor. He leaves to mourn his 
loss his wife, Louise Hills Ives; three children, Arthur Ives of Arkport, Lewis Ives of this place and 
Mrs. Sylvester Withey of Perry. Burial at Angelica.         Lot 792 

Born in West Almond August 31, 1880, son of Edward and Louise Hills Ives; died on April 23, 1952. 
Married Mayme Jane Gegan, November 27, 1902. Daughter, Theda Pearl, Mrs. Howard Balcom, who died October 
11, 1950. Was a farmer; two terms as Road Commissioner for West Almond; Town Clerk; Director and Race 
Secretary of Allegany County Fair. Survived by widow; granddaughter, Brenda Lou Balcom.        Lot 792. 

IVES, LOUISA F.         Lot 792. 

JACKSON, DELANCY M.        Lot 684. 

Born in Warren County, Pa.; died on September 12, 1930. Accountant in Bank in Bradford, Pa. Engaged in 
mercantile business in Angelica. Bought insurance business of Dudley and Weaver about 30 years before 
his death. Town and Village Clerk; treasurer of the Agricultural Society and treasurer of Melrose Lodge. 
Survived by two sisters, Minnie of Angelica; and Mrs. Kate Eaton of Corry, Pa.; two brothers, Alvin C. 
Jackson of Sisterville, West Virginia, and Harry A. Jackson of Dallas, Texas. Was Town Clerk in 1893-
1919. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 50 

JACKSON, GEORGE B.     Lot 817 B. 

Born in Erie, Pa.; died in Dallas, Texas, April 20, 1932. Married Miss Mary Bird McDonald of Kansas 
City, MO. Telegraph operator and bank cashier. Survived by widow; two sisters, Mrs. O. P. Eaton of 
Corry, Pa.; Miss M. M. Jackson, Angelica; one brother, Mr. A. C. Jackson of Sisterville, West Virginia.        
Lot 50. 

JACKSON, JANE B.        Lot 50. 

Died in Corry, Pa. on April 19, 1933. Survived by sister, Mrs. Kate Eaton of Corry, Pal, and brother, 
Alvin C. Jackson of Sisterville, West Virginia.         Lot 50. 

JEFFREYS, HARRIET (1845-1913) 
Born in England; died in June 1913, at the age of 86 years. Married James Carson about 45 years ago. 
Spent her 33 years in Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 

JENNINGS, AMY A.        Lot 363. 

JENNINGS, AMY A.         Lot 614. 

JENNINGS BETSY (1771-1844)    Lot 372. 

JENNINGS, CLARA I.    Lot 351. 

JENNINGS, CYRUS        Lot 113. 

JENNINGS, DAVID        Lot 614. 

JENNINGS, ELIZA A.     Lot 614. 

Born in Birdsall Center, October 30, 1838; died in Angelica, November 18, 1910. Survived by daughters, 
Mrs. Mertin Green, Mrs. Edward Mann, Angelica; brother, George S. Scheank,, Coudersport, Pa. 

JENNINGS, LOREN G.     Lot 614. 

JENNINGS, JOSEPH (1772-1895) 
Came to Allen Township in 1822, from Rehoboth, Mass.        Lot 372. 

JENNINGS, JOSEPH P.     Lot 614. 

JENNINGS, KITTIE E.     Lot 631. 

JENNINGS, MABEL E.     Lot 631. 

JENNINGS, POLLY A.    Lot 113. 

JENNINGS, VIENNA        Lot 113. 

JOHNSON, A. JANE        Lot 46. 

Born in Belfast, March 7, 1848; died June 13, 1926. Married Miss Susan Brundage. Survived by wife and 7 
children; also one brother and one sister.         Lot 762. 

Born in Angelica, October 9, 1878 of Eli and Susan Brundage Johnson, one of 7 children; died on March 
19, 1932. Married on May 25, 1905 to Madge E. Dunning of Belfast. Had hardware business; plumber, farm 
machinery expert, Inspector for State Highway Department. Survived by widow; daughter, Marian of 
Buffalo; mother, Mrs. Susan Johnson of Friendship; four sisters: Mrs. William Kruger of Friendship; Mrs. 
C. J. Lyman, Waco, Texas; Mrs. Bert Arnine, Hornell, and Mrs. Thomas Neugent, Milroy, Pa.; cousins, Mr. 
and Mrs. Lytle of Angelica.        Lot 624. 

JOHNSON, GEORGE DEY        Lot 539. 

JOHNSON, HULDAH        Lot 634. 

Born in Angelica November 25, 1862 of Robert and Huldah Johnson, one of eight children of whom only one 
survives (Mrs. Thomas Hunt of Angelica); died on February 21, 1935. Burial in Angelica. Lot 634. 

JOHSNON, LESTER M.     Lot 190. 

JOHNSON, ROBERT        Lot 634 

JOHNSON, ROLLAND M.    Lot 762. 

Freeholder, 1808, 11-12, 14; Highway Overseer, 1811-13, 15-17; Pound Master, 1814, 17, 20. 

JOHNSON, SUSAN E.        Lot 762. 

Died in April 1934, at the age of 78 years. Was sister of Mrs. W. O. Hall.  Burial in Angelica. 



Born in Allen on January 22, 1900 of Harrah and Ella Arnold Jones; died on August 28, 1953. Operated 
Barber Shop, P.S.&N Railroad employee, School bus driver. Married December 26, 1921 to Glenna Lockwood. 
Survived by widow; three sons, Gerald of Friendship; Roland Keith of Buffalo, and Robert of Angelica; 
daughter, Nancy at home; granddaughter, Christina Jane Jones of Angelica; brother, Roderick Jones of 
Olean. Burial in Angelica. 

JONES, CHARLES W.     Lot 687. 

JONES, ELMIE I.         Lot 687. 

JONES, EMMA L.        Lot 687. 


JONES, WETHY A.        Lot 687. 

Only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Arnold, born August 16, 1869 in Birdsall; died July 4, 1917 in 
Hospital in Olean. Married Harrah R. Jones of Allen, December 12, 1894. Survivors: husband; sons, 
Milfred A., Bertelle L. and Roderick L. Jones, all of Angelica; mother, Mrs. Jane Arnold, Angelica; 
three brothers, John, George and James Arnold, all of Angelica.     Lot 808. 

Born in Angelica, May 19, 1807; died July 22, 1947. Wife of Harrah Jones of Allen. Survived by husband; 
sister, Miss Alice Seiver of Lockhaven, Pa.; brother, William L. Seiver of Angelica; three sons, Milford 
Jones of Andover; Bertelle Jones of Angelica and Roderick Jones of Olean. Burial in Angelica.  Lot 319A. 

JONES, HARRAH    Lot 808. 

JONES, INEZ        Lot 808. 

JONES, MILFORD        Lot 808. 

Born at Vathgate, Scotland on October 16, 1905; died September 21, 1955. Husband of Mrs. Dorothy E. 
Jones. Survived by widow; son, William Jones; three daughters, Mary Dorothy and Elizabeth Jones, and one 
brother, Robert Jones, of Michigan. Burial in Angelica. 

Died February 1, 1912. Survivors: children, Everett of Buffalo; James of Washington; Ada of Angelica, 
and Margaret of California. Burial in Angelica. 

KAISER, CARDINE        Lot 239. 

KAISER, JOHN    Lot 239. 

KAPLE, Mrs. MARIETTA (1850-1922) 
Died on May 1, 1922 at the age of 71 years. Married Louis Kaple, who survives. Also surviving are sons, 
Clarence Kaple, Hornell; Earl of Crittendon, South Hornell; three sisters, Mrs. F. A. Norton of Almond; 
Mrs. Charles Karr, Almond, and Mrs. W. W. Norton of Angelica; and brothers, William Makely of Spencer, 
N.Y. Henry, Bert and Fred Makely of Almond. Burial in Angelica. 

Born at Pawtauket, Rhode Island, December 5, 1878 of James and Rosa McCourt Keenan; died September 25, 
1941. Survived by wife, Mrs. Nettie Hills Keenan; daughter, Mrs. Walter Britton of Angelica, and son, 
Walter H. Keenan of Wayland.    Lot 878B. 

KEISER, FRED.    Lot 149. 

KEISER, JENNIE    Lot 149. 

KEISER, JOHN    Lot 149. 

KEISER, LIONEL W.        Lot 149. 

Born in Portage in 1830; died at Willard on July 30, 1895. Was married to the late Zebidee A. Kendall of 
this place. Survived by three children, Mrs. F. A. Robbins of Angelica; C. M. Kendall of Denver, CO, and 
Mrs. H. E. Pierce of Bristol, CT.    Lot 571. 

KENDALL, MARY A.     Lot 571. 

Born 1829; died August 14, 1868. Husband of Chloe Kendall. Attorney at law. Justice, 1855, 63; Election 
Inspector, 1859, 64.    Lot 571. 

KERR, BRYCE (1781-1868)        Lot 552. 

KERR, MARTHA (1828-1845)    Daughter of Bryce and Ruth Ann Kerr.        Lot 552. 

KERR, RUTH ANN (1790-1785)    Lot 552. 

KEYES, FANNIE M.        Lot 154B. 

Wm. Kiddy, a young man, aged about 20, had epileptic fits; had been a resident at the County Home for 
several years , had a fit and fell head first into the large kettle in the wash house, which was full of 
boiling water. He died Tuesday night (July 5, 1881) of last week. 

Born of Bruce and Hattie Mae Kidney, Belfast; died October 23, 1918. Married Miss Barbara Dretson, 
Buffalo, October 7, 1916. He was the grandson of Mrs. Isabelle Lyon, Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 


KINGHORN, JOHN (1769-1848) 
Died May 29, 1848, at the age of 79 years. Town official in the War of 1812. Freeholder, 1814; Overseer 
of Poor, 1814-16; Town Clerk, 1820-21); Election Inspector, 1821.    Lot 512. 

KINGHORN, MARGARET (1778-1859)    Wife of John Kinghorn.        Lot 512. 

KNIER, AMELIA    Lot 118. 

KNIER, BERTHA    Lot 118. 

KNIER, CLARA     Lot 118. 

KNIER, GEORGE    Lot 118. 

Born in Germany in 1844; died at Angelica on January 27, 1909. Married Miss Barbara Bower Scholes in 
1871. Survivors: wife; daughters, Mrs. John Scholes and Mrs. Clarence Common of Angelica; Mrs. Celia 
Swan, East Otto; sons, Casper and Lewis Knier, Angelica; John Knier, Little Valley and Joseph Knier, 
Salamanca. Ran a dray while living in Angelica. Burial in Angelica. Lot 118. 

KNIER, JOSEPHINE        Lot 118. 


KNIGHT, PHILIP    Lot 134. 

KORTS, LUCINDA        Lot 634. 

Born in White Deer, Pa., August 12, 1877; died on October 27, 1946. Widow of J. Herman Krebs. Survived 
by daughter, Barbara Krebs of Buffalo; two sons, Maxwell Krebs of Worcester, Mass., and Philip Krebs of 
Ithaca; sister of Mrs. George Edwards of Angelica. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 861. 

Born at Sinnamahoning, Pa., one of five sons of Charles and Arminta Kerebs; died on April 19, 1932. 
Married Miss Jane Lupold at Lock Haven, Pa. To this union three children were born. He was the inspector 
and general track foreman for the P.S.&N. Railroad. Survived by his wife; daughter, Miss Barbara Krebs; 
sons, Maxwell and Philip Krebs; brother, Milford Krebs of Sinnamahoning. 


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