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“These items taken from obituaries are the same as written at the time, consequently all information is of that date. Items taken from the cemetery records may at times list people who have bought lots or erected monuments ahead of time, consequently they mat be buried elsewhere or still alive.” L. L. Stillwell

Additional obituaries added by Gerri Raw.  Lot numbers refer to As the Day Dawns Cemetery


LACY, RAYMOND W. (1892-1950) 
Born at Black Creek on March 12, 1892, youngest son of Willard and Maria Hamilton Lacy; died September
19, 1950. Educated in Black Creek and Cuba. In 1910 he entered employment with P.S.&N Railroad and 
continued until retirement in 1946. Married Marguerite Lowry on November 17, 1915. To them was born one 
daughter, Carol, Mrs. Robert Miller. Was World War I veteran, serving as member of the 147th Infantry. 
Received serious thigh wound. Was three times Mayor of Angelica; Village Trustee at time of his death; 
Charter member of Hill-Warner Post 414. American Legion; member of Past Masters Association; charter 
member of Angelica Conservation Club, helped generously to build the Club House; member of Brotherhood 
of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers, and member of the Methodist Church of Angelica. While mayor he was 
helpful in getting the Speer Resistor Corp., in Angelica. Besides his wife and daughter he is survived 
by two brothers, Frank Lacy of Churchville and Elroy Lacy of Olean.        Lot 88A. 

Born in West Almond of Willard and Matilda Lindsley, on March 12, 1849; died in Angelica, July 29, 1923. 
At two years of age her mother was taken from the home by death. Married February 20, 1868 to John R. 
Lamont. Survived by son, Jay A. Lamont; sister, Mrs. John Hager of Bellwood, Nebraska. Burial in 
Angelica cemetery.    Lot 220. 

Born in Angelica, February 9, 1890, son and only child of John R. and Frances Lindsley Lamont;  died at 
Cuba hospital, April 12, 1951. School teacher and later worked in Borden Plant, Angelica, and assisted 
father, professional cheese maker. Thirty years ago began employment as rural mail carrier. Survived by 
wife, Elizabeth Lamont, and several cousins in Nebraska and California. Was a 32nd degree Mason. 
Lot 220. 

Born in Virgil, March 1846, of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lamont; died August 12, 1914. Married Frances 
Lindsley of West Almond, 1868. Survivors: wife; son, Jay Lamont; sister, Mrs. Jane Arnold, Angelica. 
Burial in Angelica.        Lot 220. 

LANCEY, AMANDA    Lot 439. 

LaRUCHE, ROSETTA L.         Lot 547. 

LATHAM, CYNTHIA (1792-1850)        Wife of Pardon Latham.        Lot 537. 

Born in Alfred 1826;died October 6, 1914 in Angelica. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Kate Batchelder, 
Bradford; Mrs. Alma Cawcroft, of Jamestown; Mrs. Fannie Matson, Watts Flats; Mrs. Dora Brazington, Erie; 
Mrs. Laura Robertson, Erie; son, Orson of Utica; and brother, A. J. Pierce, Cuba. Burial in Angelica.        
Lot 79. 

LATHAM, ESTHER    Lot 252. 

LATHAM, HULDA.    Lot 79. 

LATHAM, JOHN O.    Died in Binghamton, April 13, 1887.        Lot 79. 

LATHAM, LEONARD P.        Lot 79. 

Louise Robbins Latham born in Springwater, April 1865; died November 1921. Married first a man by the 
name of Wales, who died a year later. Then married Henry Latham. Survivors: sons, Floyd and Carl, 
Angelica; Earl, Wellsville; sister, Mrs. Alice Huber, Angelica. Burial in Angelica. Lot 16. 

The wife of W. B. Latham died at 6 o'clock Wednesday evening; funeral at the house at 2 p.m. Friday. Her 
maiden name was Roxie Palmer, being a daughter of Warren Palmer of Almond. Surviving: husband, one son 
and daughter. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 252. 

LATHAM, SMITH        Overseer of Poor, 1879-83,, 85, 90-98, 1901-02.     Lot 252. 

Aged 82 years, died in Belvidere in February 1920.         Lot 16. 

Election Inspector, 1896, 97; Collector, 1898; Constable, 1898; Justice, 1901, 02, 04-07, 12-15; School 
Director, 1912; town Committeeman, 1914, 15; Supervisor, 1916-19.        Lot 887. 

Daughter of Henry and Hester Southard Blauvelt, one of 7 children; born in Angelica, August 2, 1874; 
died July 16, 1948. Married on March 26, 1894, to Clarence L. Lathop. Survived by husband; son, Welland 
P. Lathrop of San Francisco, Calif.; daughters, Lucille, Mrs. Milton Ferry of Hornell; Frances, Mrs. 
Arthur Deagon of Birmingham, Alabama; and Kathy, Mrs. William Welch, Angelica; sisters, Mrs. Gerald 
Hulbert of Bethlehem, Pa., and Mrs. Carson Hurburt of Victor. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 887. 

LAWRENCE, ALMIRA (1804-1888)    Wife of William S. Lawrence.        Lot 576. 

LAWRENCE, CHARLES G.     Lot 576. 

Town Clerk, 1811, 14; Licensee, 1813; School Inspector 1814; Election Inspector, 1814. 

LAWRENCE E.    Game Constable, 1872; Constable, 1874.    Lot 576. 

LAWRENCE, WILLIAM S.      (1801-1869)    Husband of Almira.        Lot 576. 

Died at home, Olean Street, Angelica, March 13, 1910, at the age of 75 years. Born in Angelica and 
always lived here. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 576. 

Born in Angelica, October 1895, of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Scholes; died on July 28, 1913, in Josephine, 
Pa. Married in 1912 in Pennsylvania. Survived by father, husband and an 8-day old daughter. 

Born in Ireland, March 23, 1840; died August 1, 1917 in Angelica. Married August 30, 1881, to Sarah A. 
Hammond. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 797. 

LEE, Mrs. SARAH ANN. (1853-1931) 
Born of Thomas and Margaret Gillies Hammond of Monaghan County, Ireland;; died at the age of 78 years on 
December 11, 1931. At the age of 18 came to the U.S. and lived 20 years in New York City. Married James 
Lee who died in 1917. Lived 40 years in Angelica. Survivors: Mrs. Margaret Donaghy of Montreal, Canada, 
sister; Thomas Hammond, New York City, and Archie Hammond, brothers; Miss Grace Hammand, Canandaigua, 
and Sarah Hammond Langdon, Oakland, Calif., nieces.    Lot 797. 

LEIGH, GEORGE    Died July 1936.    Lot 867. 

Born in Ireland in 1866; died on September 1, 1936. Married to George Leigh who died two months 
previously. Survived by four sisters, Mrs. Catherine Marvin, Mrs. Fannie Gillies, and Mrs. Anna Young, 
all of Angelica; and Mrs. Mary Burdick of Buffalo; one brother, James Malcolm of Kansas. Burial in 
Angelica.        Lot 867. 

Born in Friendship on August 18, 1836; died in Angelica, December 4, 1912. Lived several years in Rhode 
Island. Several years before his death he came to Angelica to be in business with Frank Brown. Then went 
to Belvidere to run a general merchandise store and post office. After 26 years there, he and his wife, 
came back to Angelica for their remaining years. In 1880, he married Miss Jennie Hooker, who survives. 
Survived by sisters, Mrs. Sanford of Sonyea; and Mrs. Williams, Belfast.    Lot 807A 

LEONARD, CHARLES F.         Lot 689. 

LEONARD, FLORA J.    Lot 689. 

Born in Angelica on April 27, 1846, of Harry and Sally J. Hooker; died in Angelica on May 16, 1925. 
Conducted a millinery store in Angelica. In 1880 married Chester Leonard who died in 1912. Survived by 
sister, Mrs. T. E. Thuresson of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and 18 nieces and nephews.        Lot 807A. 

LEWIS, ARCHIE        Lot 709. 

LEWIS, HENRY (1800-1846)    Lot 401. 

LEWIS, JULIA A.        Lot 709. 

LEWIS, LOTTIE        Daughter of Henry and Lovisa Lewis.        Lot 125. 

LEWIS, LOVISA (1799-1846)    Wife of Henry Lewis.        Lot 401. 

LEWIS, LOVISA H. (1832-1846)        Daughter of Henry and Lovisa Lewis.    Lot 401. 

LEWIS, OLIVE E. (1822-1840)    Daughter of H. E. Lewis.    Lot 401. 

LEWIS, S. E.         Lot 709. 

LIDDIE, ETHELYN L.     Lot 79. 

LIGHTFOOT, JOSEPH B.        Lot 727. 


Born in the town of Turriff, Scotland; died in Angelica at the age of 64 years, on July 17, 1896. Came 
to Angelica in 1869, where he prospered in business for many years. Later was attracted to Eldred, Pa., 
during the time when the oil interest was at its height. Later returned to Angelica where he resumed 
business. Survived by widow. Two sons preceded him in death. Licensee in 1877.    Lot 727. 

Born in Germany December 24, 1842, and with his parents came to this country in 1852. They first lived 
in the building which stood where the post office is now, and which was burned in 1895. Later they moved 
to the German settlement near Caneadea. Before as well as for a number of years after the Civil War, Mr. 
Lilly was employed on the Church estate at Villa Belvidere. It was there he met and married his wife, 
Miss Cornelia Merriman. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted and saw three years at the front. On 
July 1, 1864, he was promoted to Corporal. he was employed at the Joncy Paper Mill for a number of 
years. A number of years ago he bought and moved to the Merriman place where he has since lived. He was 
a member of Wilbur Havre Post No. 502 and held various offices in the Post. For years he has been the 
color bearer at the Memorial Day exercises. He is survived by his wife and five children, Eugene of 
Rochester, George of Angelica, Frank of Belfast, Mrs. Hattie Nusbickel, and Mrs. Grace Weeks of Angelica 
and two brothers, Fred of Angelica and Charles of Oberlin, and one sister, Mrs. Dora Myers of Allen. 
Burial in Angelica.        Lot 642. 

Born on July 5, 1841 of Mr. and Mrs. Merriman; died in Angelica, January 19, 1920. Married Aaron Lilly. 
To this union five children were born: Eugene of Rochester, George of Angelica, Frank of Belfast, Mrs. 
Hattie Nusbickel, and Mrs. Grace Weeks of Angelica.         Lot 642. 

Born near Hanover, Germany, August 11, 1845; died in March 1920. Came to this county at age of six and 
settled in Allen. Married Renia E. Palmeter on April 15, 1869. Moved to Angelica ten years later. They 
celebrated their Golden Anniversary of married life. Survivors: wife and three children, Mrs. May I. 
Davis and Mrs. Belle Renwick, both of Rochester and Walter F. Lilly of Angelica.        Lot 765. 

LILLY, HATTIE        Lot 642. 

LILLY, GEORGE M. (1868-1933) 
Born of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Lilly; died on February 15, 1933 at the age of 64 years. Survived by ten 
children: Arthur of Troy; Clair of Saranac Lake; Neil and Anna of Rochester; Mrs. Philip Crook of 
Washington, D. C.; Robert, Ray, Carl., Lewis and Inez of Angelica; sister, Mrs. Grace L. Weeks, 
Angelica, and brother, Frank Lilly, Belfast. Burial in Angelica. Lot 870. 

Marjorie Deal Lilly born at Allen's Hill, the daughter of Asa and Margaret Patterson Deal; married Aug. 
9, 1911 to Walter F. Lilly. Graduate of Genessee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima and a graduate of Syracuse 
University. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and a member of the First 
Methodist Church here. Mrs. Lilly taught for several years at Wilson Academy. Died 1964. Survivors: 
husband; foster daughter, Mrs. David McCollister of this place; a brother, Dr. John Deal of Vernon; 
seven foster grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. Burial in Angelica. 

LILLY, SERENA  P. (1848-1938) 
Born near Alfred, December 29, 1848; died June 23, 1938. Married Fred Lilly in 1869, who died in 1920. 
To this union were born four children.    Lot 765. 

November 5, 1925 
Died October 23, 1925 at Portageville, NY.; born 1855. She was 70 years of age, one of four daughters of 
Alexander and Diana d'Autremont, who formerly lived in the town of Allen. Mrs. Lincoln, with her twin 
sister, Mrs. H.F. White of East Main Street was at the home of the latter's daughter, Mrs. Bert 
McTarragan, when she was stricken. Mrs. Lincoln lived for a number of years on Horner Road, while her 
late husband, Lysander Lincoln, was employed as a mail carrier on Route 2. For ten years she lived at 
Industry where Mr. Lincoln was Superintendent, and where he died in 1919. Survivors:.a son Edgar, of 
Buffalo, and two sisters, Mrs. Adeline White of Angelica and Mrs. Sheldon Frost of Allen.        Lot 

LINCOLN, Mrs. ADELIA        Lot 176. 

LINCOLN, CHARLES (1869-1946) 
Son of the late Jason and Adelia Lincoln, born in Allen on June 2, 1869; died on March 13, 1946. 
Survived by son, Raymond of Friendship; sister, Mrs. John Kitchen of New York City. Burial in Angelica.        
Lot 175. 

Son of Lysander and Adelaide d'Autremont Lincoln. Was former resident of Angelica, later moving to 
Buffalo. Married to Anna LeSuer of Friendship. Was a pharmacist. Survived by widow. 



Born in Allentown in 1879 of Jason and Adelia Benjamin Lincoln; died on April 10, 1935. Married Miss 
Viola Farnum in 1905. Survived by sons, Roderick and Harold; brother, Charles of Angelica, and sister, 
Mrs. John Kitchen of New York City.        Lot 161 

Born in Grove, January 19, 1877; died on March 8, 1941. Lived in Angelica for 40 years. Survived by 
husband, Charles Howard Lincoln; one son, Raymond Lincoln of Friendship; two sisters, Mrs. S. F. Gillies 
of Galeton, Pa., and Mrs. Ruth Ostrander of Birdsall; one brother, George Sheffield of Angelica. Burial 
in Angelica.        Lot 175. 

LINCOLN, HOWARD        Lot 176. 

Born June 30, 1840, in Allen; died in West Main Street home in Angelica, October 17, 1921. Survivors: 
sons, Charles and Fred of Angelica; daughter, Miss Nettie Lincoln of New York City. Burial in Angelica. 

Word was received here on Monday of the death of Lysander Lincoln which occurred at his home in 
Industry, NY. Sunday night, November 23, 1919. His death was caused by apoplexy. The remains were 
brought to Angelica on Tuesday and funeral services ere held from the home of his brother Jason Lincoln 
on West Main street at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, with burial in the Angelica cemetery. Mr. Lincoln 
was a former resident of Angelica, but for a number of years has lived at Industry where he was one of 
the keepers at the State Industry school. Married Adelaide d'Autremont. 

Born of Fayette and the late Helen Dalton Morse, November 28, 1916, in Friendship; died on December 26, 
1949. Wife of Roderick C. Lincoln.    Lot 161. 

Born of Mr. and Mrs. George Farnum in Angelica on February 28, 1885; died November 18, 1952. Was a 
telephone operator. Survived by son Harold Lincoln of Angelica; son Roderick Lincoln of Angelica; three 
grandsons, Gary, Randy and Ronald Lincoln, all of Angelica; aunt, Mrs. Bertha Lyon of Black Creek; 
nephew, Raymond Lincoln of South America.        Lot 161. 


LLOYD, CARLETON I. (1819-1822_    Son of John and Sarah Lloyd.    Lot 465. 

LLOYD, CARLETON H. (1840-1840)     
Infant son of Ransom and Julia Lloyd.    Lot 465. 

LLOYD, CORNELIA L    Lot 465. 


LLOYD, HELEN M.    Lot 467. 

LLOYD, JULIA M. (1808-1881)    Wife of Ransom Lloyd.    Lot 465. 

Born in Angelica of Judge and Mrs. Ransom Lloyd in 1847 and died at birthplace, February 4, 1914. Most 
of her life was spent in Angelica. Taught school in Angelica Academy a few terms. Sister, Cornelia Lloyd 
of Washington, D. C., lone survivor of this large and prominent Angelica family. Burial in Angelica.        
Lot 465. 

LLOYD, NANCY (1807-1826)    Daughter of John and Sarah Lloyd.    Lot 465. 

Died March 21, 1870, at the age of 70 years. Husband of Julia M. Starr. School Commissioner, 1826-29; 
Assessor, 1828,29, 58; Pound Master, 1830; School Inspector, 1832-33, 35-36; Overseer of Poor, 1845; 
Election Inspector, 1851, 60, 69-79. Judge of General Session of Court in 1838. 

Lot 465. 

LLOYD, SALLIE R.    Lot 329. 

LLOYD, SARAH (1776-1821)    Wife of John Lloyd.    Lot 465. 

LLOYD, SOPHIA (1831-1832)    Daughter of Ransom and Julia Lloyd.    Lot 465. 


Born on February 20, 1849, in Birdsall; died on March 10, 1917. His father's mother was a daughter of 
Moses VanCampen, an original founder of Angelica. Married Harriet Olmstead Brown January 1, 1874, who 
died January 12, 1897. Married Miss Jane Palmer November 27, 1915. Survivors: wife; daughters, Margaret; 
Mrs. W. W. Harmon, Menominie, Mich.; Elsie, who died January 19, 1912; son, Carl of New Castle, Pa. Was 
Supervisor in 1885, 86. Burial in Angelica. Lot 733. 

Died in Chicago, January 12, 1897. Daughter of the late Col. Albert Brown of this place. Besides her 
husband, Mrs. Lockhart leaves three children, Margaret, Carl and Louise; brother, Charles A. Brown of 
Ithaca.    Lot 733. 


Born in 1810. Married Henrietta Wood in 1854. Supervisor, 1839-43, 52; Justice, 1846-47; Election 
Inspector, 1847, 50; Assessor, 1851. 

LOCKHART, MARTHA        Lot 717. 

LOCKHART, SARAH R.         Lot 734. 

LOCKWOOD, ELLA L.        Lot 583. 

LOCKWOOD, MARCIA C.    Lot 583. 

Born in West Almond on January 11, 1877 of Sherman L. and Margaret Engle Lord; died on April 28, 1951. 
Survived by widow, Mrs. Helen Lord; stepson, James Wainwright of Buffalo. Lot 783. 

LORD, FERNANDO C.    Lot 156. 

LORD, HARRIET A.    Lot 156. 

Oldest daughter of Whitman and Susan Engle, born January 14, 1939; died in August 1919. Survivors: 
children, Mrs. George Doud of Angelica; Mrs. Fred Beals of Industry; Hite Lord and Fay Lord of West 
Almond. Six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.    Lot 783. 

Born at Reading, Pa., November 3, 1836;; died in West Almond December 23, 1908. Married Margaret L. 
Engle, January 29, 1853. Survived by wife; children, Mrs. George Doud of Angelica; Mrs. Fred Beals of 
Industry; Hite Lord and Fay Lord of West Almond. Six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.        Lot 783. 

Born one of nine daughters of Nelson and Melissa Lyon Loree; died on March 12, 1938 at the age of 78 
years. Twice married, first to George Gillespie, and after his death, to Henry Loree, who died ten years 
previously. Survived by two sons, Leon Gillespie of Olean and DeForrest Gillispie of Belfast; five 
sisters, Mrs. Mary Scholes, Mrs. Julia Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth Common, Mrs. Nettie Wyant and Mrs. 
Nellie Green of Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 

LOTT, ANNA R.        Lot 228. 

LOTT, GEORGE H.    Lot 228. 

LOVELL, CLAVIN H. (1841-1919)    Lot 3. 

LOVELL, SARAH M.    Lot 3. 

Born in Belfast, August 24, 1835; died in Angelica, December 30, 1910. Married 43 years previous to his 
death. Survivors included his wife; brothers, William of Iowa; Andrew, New Hudson; sisters, Mrs. Kutz 
and Mrs. Shuart of Rochelle, Ill. Excise Commissioner, 1879; election Inspector, 1894, 95, 98; Assessor, 
1899-1905; Cemetery Trustee, 1899-1902. Burial in Angelica. Lot 103. 

LOUNSBURY, DELIA M.         Lot 103. 

LOWE, EMME        Lot 157. 

LOWE, FRANKIE        Lot 142. 

LOWE, FRANK (1853-1919) 
Born in Almond; died on January 10, 1919, at the age of 65 years. Survived by his wife. Election 
Inspector, 1887, 89-92. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 142. 

LOWE, Mrs. FRANK (1857-1948) 
Died July 31, 1948, age 91 years. Survived by cousin, Lewis Webster of Depew, Ill. Burial in Angelica. 

LOWE, LESLIE    Lot 157. 

LOWE, LOZETTE        Lot 188. 

LOWE, MARTHA    Lot 796. 

LOWE, MARTHA        Lot 116. 

Mrs. Martha A. Lowe was born Aug. 8, 1833, in County Cavan, Dundevan, Ireland, but a great many years of 
her life were spent in and near Angelica. She was the sister of the late John Dodson of Bennetts. She 
died Sept. 5, 1914, at the age of 81 years 27 days. Burial in Angelica Cemetery. Lot 188. 

LOWE, MARY.    Lot 188. 

Born on November 24, 1869 at West Almond of Tunis and Martha Halbert Lowe; died July 27, 1917 at 
Belmont. Married January 25, 1899 to Katherine Breneka. Survivors: wife; son, Arthur L. Lowe, Belmont; 
sister, Mrs. Mary Garthwaite, Belvidere; brothers, Eli of Westfield, and Louis of Canaseraga. Burial in 
Angelica.    Lot 188. 

Born in Sherbourne, N.Y., January 7, 1828; died in Angelica, April 28, 1911. Married Miss Lydia Ann 
Shaw, Angelica, who died in 1898. Married Mrs. Mary Ruckle on March 11, 1899. Survivors: widow; adopted 
daughter, Mrs. Samuel Thornton, Cuba; brother, Ebenezer Lowe, South Dakota. Lot 116. 

LOWE, Mrs. SYLVESTER (1830-1897) 
Died October 23, 1897, at the age of 67 years. Maiden name Lydia A. Shaw, being the only daughter of the 
late Daniel Shaw and wife. Married Mr. Lowe November 16, 1852. Survivors: husband; two children, Frank 
Lowe and Mrs. Samuel Thornton; brother, Deaniel B. Shaw, Bangor, South Dakota.    Lot 116. 

LOWE, TUNIS    Lot 188. 

LOWELL, HARRIET    Lot 277. 

LOWELL, Mrs. C. G. 
Born in Fremont, N.Y., April 5, 1844, of James R. and Ruth Babcock; died on October 2, 1936. She married 
Rev. Carlos Gould Lowell on August 14, 1866, who died 31 years previously. Survivors include four sons, 
Edward of Cleveland, Ohio; William and Carlos of Buffalo, and Julian of Rochester; two daughters, Bertha 
Lowell Seiver of Angelica and Harriet Lowell Goff of Chevy Chase, Md. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 277. 

Born in Alleghany, Pa., October 14, 1841; died in March 1919. Married Miss Sarah m. Grummond, who died 
in 1901. Survived by a daughter, Mrs. Irving Fox of Allen. Burial in Bath. 
Lot 277. 

Born in Geneseo, July 20, 1863; died in Angelica, March 19, 1910. Married Miss Clara Blauvelt while at 
Geneseo. Survivors: wife; daughters, Edna and Marguerite. Constable, 1901-05. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in Birdsall, December 21, 1865; died on August 25, 1946. Married Fillmore J. Lowery, who died in 
1910. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. John Brandes and Mrs. Raymond Lacy; foster daughter, Mrs. Leigh 
Huff of Belfast; three sisters, Mrs. C. L. Lathrop of Angelica; Mrs. Carson Hurlburt of Gloversville, 
and Mrs. Maude Hulbert of Bethlehem, Pa. She was the daughter of Henry and Hester Ann Southard Blauvelt. 
Burial in Angelica.        Lot 204. 

LOWRY, PHILIP            Lot 204. 

Married Miss May Trowbridge. Issue: two daughters.        Lot 38B. 

LUTHER Mrs. MAY(1873-1955) 
Born in Andover on May 24, 1873, of James and Amanda VanVelver Trowbridge; died January 3, 1955. Widow 
of Arba Luther. Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Leila Carson and Mrs. Claire Rearwin; sister, Mrs. Belle 
Davis of Hornell.        Lot 38B. 

LYBOLT, HENRY        Lot 704. 

LYMAN, D. L.    Lot 193. 

LYMAN, MARGARET    Lot 193. 

LYON, Mrs. CHARLES H. (1872-1914) 
Born June 2, 1872; died in Angelica, December 1914. Married Charles Lyon at Angelica in February 1902. 
Survivors: husband and mother. 

Married Simeon Lyon.    Lot 167. 

LYON, EARL        Lot 82. 

Born in New Hudson on September 27, 1870; died in October 1932. She was the daughter of Samuel and Laura 
Butterfield Ault. Married on July 16, 1887 to William T. Lyon. Survived by her husband and daughter, 
Mrs. Arthur Weir; three brothers, W. D. Ault of Wellsville; P. S. Ault of St. Petersburg, Fla., and E. 
L. Ault of Angelica.        Lot 167. 

LYON, ELLA    Lot 82 

Born in the town of Allen of Joel and Phoebe Kingsley Winchip; died on March 29, 1931. Married Frank J. 
Lyon on December 13, 1880. Survived by her husband; four children, Daniel H. Lyon and Mrs. Ethel M. 
Warner of Angelica; Raymond F. Lyon and Mrs. Marguerite Scholla of Rochester; brother, Harvey Winchip, 
Fillmore; and sister, Dorcas Freeborn of Dunkirk. One brother, Ansel Winchip, and two sisters, Alfretta 
Van Nostraid and Livonia Chaffee died previously. Burial in Angelica.         Lot 611. 

LYON, FRANK J.        Lot 611. 

LYON, FRED L.        Lot 822. 

Born on January 26, 1855, son of Willard and Jane Ann Hooker Lyon; died on October 1, 1937. Married Ella 
Winchip, who died six years previously. Born in a house where the Angelica Library now stands. Survived 
by two sisters, Mrs. Harriet A. Hooker and Mrs. Adell Matteson of Dunkirk; brother, Dr. H. B. Lyon of 
Dunkirk; two daughters, Mrs. Margurite Scholla of Hornell and Mrs. Ethel Warner of Angelica.        Lot 611. 

Born in Naples, N.Y., December 3, 1853, of Nelson and Melissa Lyon; died May 22, 1919 at Wellsville. 
Married to Miss Annie Pickett of Grove in 1879, who died in 1905. Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Walter 
Lytle, Angelica; son, Reuben Lyon of Detroit, Mich.; Ray Lyon, Belvidere; sisters, Mrs. Joseph Williams 
of Olean; Mrs. Fred Common of Bennetts; Mrs. Bert Green, Mrs. Matie Scholes, Mrs. James Common and Mrs. 
George Gillespie, all of Angelica; brother, James Lyon of Birdsall. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in Plattsburg, N. Y., one of ten children of Thomas and Rachel Graham; died on October 7, 1931. 
Married in 1865 to Wallace Lyon. To this union were born two children, Charles and Hattie, now Mrs. 
Hattie Robinson of Castile. Besides her children she is survived by a sister, Mrs. Hannah E. Lewis of 
Port Arthur, Texas and brothers, Walter Graham of Angelica; Seymour Graham of Belmont; and Edward Graham 
of Mahaffey, Pa. Brothers, John, William, James, and Frank Graham and sister, Mrs. Alice Wheeler, died 
previously.    Lot 31. 

LYON, GEORGE A.        Lot 82. 

Born of Filan and Margaret Hooker in Angelica; died at Dunkirk on January 28, 1915, at the age of 85 
years. Married Willard C. Lyon, who died 17 years previously. Survivors include sons, Harry B. and 
Martin G. Lyon of Dunkirk; and Frank J. Lyon of Angelica; daughters, Mrs. W. H. Hooker, Bradford and 
Mrs. H. A. Mattison of Dunkirk. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 611. 

LYON, JOHN C.         Lot 248. 

LYON, JULIA P.        Lot 82. 

LYON, LYMAN W.    Lot 82. 

LYON, MINNIE        Lot 82. 

Nelson Lyons died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Common at Bennetts on Saturday, Feb. 5, 1910, 
at the age of 78 years. Mr. Lyon was born in Naples, N.Y., but the greater part of his life was spent in 
and near Birdsall, No. 1. His wife died some years ago. Seven daughters and one son survive him. Burial 
in Angelica Cemetery. 

LYON, RUSSELL        Lot 82. 

LYON, SIMEON S.     Lot 167. 

LYON, WALLACE S.    Lot 31. 

LYON, THANKFUL (1796-1857)        Wife of Alden Lyon.    Lot 401. 

LYON, WILLARD C. (1822-1898) 
Was 75 years old, died January 21, 1898, being the oldest printer, formerly of this county. Married Miss 
Jane Hooker, who survives him together with five children as follows: Frank Lyon of angelica; Harriet A. 
Hooker, Bradford, Pa.; Mrs. h. A. Matteson, Martin G, and Harry B. Lyon, Dunkirk. Constable, 1851-54; 
Collector, 1852-54, 63, 65; Election Inspector, 1886, 79. Lot 611. 

Born in Birdsall, September 25, 1869, of Simeon and Cynthia Deming Lyon; died February 25, 1952. Was a 
farmer. Married in 1887 to Miss Edith Ault of Birdsall, who died October 7, 1932. Survived by daughter, 
Bernice, Mrs. Arthur Weir; son-in-law, Arthur Weir of Angelica; brother-in-law, P. S. Ault of St. 
Petersburg , Fla.; sister-in-law, Mrs. Jesse Lyon of Cuba.    Lot 167. 

LYTLE, ALEXANDER.        Lot 170. 

LYTLE, ALMA.        Lot 45. 

Died in 1894, daughter of Alex and Fannie Lytle.    Lot 170. 

Born to John and Lawrence Lytle on November 7, 1873; died on March 16, 1931. Married Florence Fairbanks 
at Portville in 1912. He owned a hardware business in Angelica until 1922. Then in 1924 he became the 
postmaster. Survived by wife and children, Mary, Florence and Robert; sisters, Mrs. Bert McGibney and 
Mrs. Carrie Bullock.     Lot 58. 

LYTLE, CHARLES A. (1888-1914) 
Born in Angelica; died in Alfred on April 7, 1914, at the age of 26 years. Born on a farm east of the 
village and spent most of his life there. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 45. 

Born at Corry, Pa., on May 31, 1859; died on February 26, 1931. Widow of Matthew Lytle. Survived by two 
daughters, Miss Edith M. Lytle of Amsterdam; Mrs. W. A. Wall, Cortland; son, William E. Lytle of 
Schenectady; brother, Alvin Gray of Wisconsin, and sister, Mrs. Emma Hughes of California. Burial in 
Angelica.    Lot 45. 

LYTLE, ELIZABETH S.         Lot 793. 

Died February 15, 1924 at Angelica; born May 21, 1849, and spent her entire life in Angelica. She was 
married March 26, 1873 to Alex Lytle, who survives her. She was the mother of eight children, seven of 
whom survive her: Mrs. George Lilly of Angelica, Fred Lytle of Lyons, N.Y., Margaret of Ashville, N. C. 
Edna, Mary and Fannie of Washington, D. C., and Walter D. Lytle of Angelica, also by 14 grandchildren. 
There was one daughter, Annie, who died in 1894. Lot 170. 

LYTLE, LIZZIE J. (1846-1900)    Lot 594. 

Born July 11, 1885 in Angelica; died in Angelica on August 18, 1922. Survived by sister, Mrs. Ruth 
Deming; brother, John Lytle, both of Angelica. Burial of Angelica.        Lot 793. 

Born in Ireland, November 28, 1830, came with his parents to America in 1848, settling on a farm near 
Angelica, died in Angelica on March 8,1914. Married to Lavernia Sherman in 1858, who died in 1901. 
Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Bert McGibney of Belmont and Mrs. Jessie Bullock, Angelica; son, Arthur J. 
Lytle of Angelica; brother, Alexander Lytle of Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 

Died in April 1896, at the age of 46 years. Survived by widow, Dora Gray Lytle, two boys and three 
girls.        Lot 45. 

Born in Ireland, March 2, 1833; died in November 1910. Married Elizabeth Gray November 27, 1878, who 
died February 16, 1908. Survivors: children, John, Ruth, and James; brothers, John and Alexander. 

MACK, CARL    Lot 74. 

MACK, DORR J.    Lot 74. 

MACK, HARRIET C.    Lot 74. 

MACK, FRANCIS J.     Lot 74. 

MACK, PHILIP W.         Lot 74. 

MAHON, ANNA M.        Lot 85. 

MAHON, GEORGE        Lot 85. 

Martin Mahoney, aged 60 years died at the County Home, September 1, 1908; had been a resident of the 
Home for several weeks. 

Born on March 31, 1902, in Corning, moving to Angelica in 1912; died at Olean Clinic on February 8, 
1924. In May 1921 he married Gladys Rowe. To them was born one daughter. Survived by his widow, 
daughter, mother, Mrs. Margaret Mahoney; sister, Mrs. J. O. Smith of Brooklyn; uncle, John Dawson of 
Angelica.        Lot 56B. 

MAIN, SUSAN E.         Lot 9. 

MALCOLM ANN        Lot 185. 

Born in Hornell May 22, 1872; died May 1, 1955. Daughter of Michael and Ellen Monahan Malone. Survived 
by brother, Thomas Malone of Birdsall. Burial in Angelica. 

MALTBY, SARAH        Lot 398. 

Born on June 1872 in Nebraska; died on June 8, 1915. Married Edward Mann, May 1908. Survivors: husband; 
small son and daughter; sister, Mrs. Merton Green, Angelica.    Lot 621. 

Born in England, October 14, 1838 of William and Ann Padbury Manning; died July 7, 1918 at Angelica. 
Married Miss Eliza Scholes, Karr Valley, on December 23, 1868. Survivors: wife; daughter, Mrs. Clarence 
Sylor; sister, Mrs. John W. Scholes of Angelica. Burial in Angelica.     Lot 789. 

Eliza was born 22 Aug 1840, in Monaghan Co, Ireland; died March 23, 1933, in Wellsville, NY; buried in 
Angelica, Lot 789. She married Edwin Manning, December 23, 1868, Karr Valley. They had two daughters, 
the first daughter, born in 1870, died while very young, and Edith, (Mrs. Clarence Sylor ) born 1882.     
Lot 789. 

Freeholder, 1808, 1811, 1812, 1814; Highway Overseer, 1813. 

Born January 11, 1799; died July 17, 1871. Husband of Dorothy; sons, James Mapes and Seymour Mapes, both 
died in the Civil War. Highway Commissioner, 1836; Pound Master, 1837; Overseer of Poor, 1853.    Lot 

MAPES, CAROLINE     Lot 140. 

Diana Graham was born of Mr. and Mrs. John Graham in Angelica, September 15, 1835; died on April 12, 
1913, at Angelica. She was a life-long Angelica resident. In 1897, she married Robert Mapes, who died 
many years previously. Survivors: sister, Mrs. Hannah Steadwell; brother, Charles Graham, both of 
Angelica.    Lot 140. 

Born August 19, 1805; died April 19, 1891. Sons, James and Seymour both died in Civil War. 
Lot 583. 

Died at the age of 66 years in Angelica on January 14, 1917. Married Andrew J. Mapes, who is deceased. 
Survivors: daughter, Mamie, of Angelica; and sons, Hiram of Angelica and Fred of Hornell. Burial in 
Angelica.        Lot 40A. 

MAPES, IDA ROYCE    Lot 13. 

Born in  Hopetown, Yates Co., February 27, 1794; died March 29, 1871. War of 1812 veteran; Col. New York 
State militia. Married in 1831 to Betty B. Philbrick from Deerfield, Rockingham Co. N. H. Constable, 
1823; Highway Commissioner, 1832, 1834, 1845; Assessor, 1827; Overseer of Poor 1851. Lot 583. 

MAPES, MAUD    Lot 40A. 

MAPES, ROBERT        Lot 140. 

MAPES SEYMOUR        Lot 583. 

MARCH, ELIZA        Lot 632. 

MARCH, GEORGE        Lot 632. 

MARBLE, ESTHER (1773-1852)        Lot 461. 

Born September 7, 1875 in West Almond; died January 20, 1948, aged 72. Survived by widow, Mrs. Jesse 
Margeson; two sons, Dr. Guy Margeson of Kohala, Hawaii, and Harold Margeson of Angelica; brother, C. B. 
Margeson of Erie, Pa.,        Lot 775. 


From The Belmont Dispatch, Wednesday, March 9, 1892: Dennis Margeson was buried last Friday. 

Fannie Sawyer Margeson was born in West Almond, August 24, 1851 of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sawyer; died 
October 3, 1918. Survivors: husband; daughters, Mrs. Mae Robinson, Angelica; Mrs. George B. Tucker, 
Rochester; son, Edward Lackey, Angelica; step-sons, C. B. Margeson, Olean; E. L. Margeson, Angelica; 
grandchildren, Walter Robinson, Marjorie Robinson, Mrs. Clark Mason, Walter and Idabelle Lackey, Harold 
Margeson, all of Angelica; Rev. Guy Margeson, Ipswich, Mass; Julietta and Clarence Margeson, Olean; 
sisters, Mrs. Lucinda Sylvester, Friendship, and Mrs. John Comstock, Rochester; brother, Charles Sawyer, 
Friendship, and great grandson, Wallace Mason. Burial in Angelica    Lot 119A. 

Born in West Almond 1856; died on December 23, 1934, at the age of 77 years. Married Edward Ives, who 
died in 1913. Married Heman Margeson in 1920, who died in 1928. Survived by daughter, Mrs. S. F. Withey 
of Perry; two sons, Arthur Ives of Mount Morris, and Lewis J. Ives of West Almond. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in England, September 6, 1837; died on October 10, 1912. Served as pastor in the Angelica 
Presbyterian Church.        Lot 816. 

Married Rev. H. G. Margetts, one time pastor of Angelica Presbyterian Church. Survived by husband; 
daughters, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Christie; sons, Arthur, Angelica; and Joseph of England. Burial in 
Angelica.    Lot 816. 

MARSHALL, LAVINA H.        Lot 600. 

MARTIN, CALVIN        Lot 23B. 

MARTIN, ELIZABETH        Lot 119. 

MARTIN, MARCUS D.    Lot 23B. 

MARTIN, ROXA NA.    Lot 23B. 

Born in Ireland, came to the U. S. at the age of 18 years; died on June 30, 1940. Widow of Lewis Marvin. 
Survived by daughter, Mrs. Flora Common; three sisters, Mrs. Jeanette Burdick of Buffalo; Mrs. Fannie 
Gillies, and Mrs. Martha Anna Young of Angelica; one brother, James Malcolm of Wichita, Kansas.    Lot 

MARVIN, JANE S. (1801-1825)    Wife of Samuel Marvin.     Lot 363. 

Born in West Almond, August 16, 1863 of George and Mary Haynes Marvin; died on May 1, 1933. Married 
Catherine Malcolm of Birdsall in November 1888. Survivors: wife; daughter, Mrs. Harlow common and 
brother, George of Andover. Was a farmer for 53 years, in produce business and owned the Angelica Feed 
Mill.    Lot 867. 

MARVIN, MERCY ANN        Wife of Seth Marvin.        Lot 506. 

Fence Viewer, 1820, 21; Highway Overseer, 1820, 21.    Lot 551. 


MATHEWS, MARY D.     Lot 551. 

MATHEWS, GEORGE G.    Lot 551. 

MATHEWS, ANN E. H.    Lot 551. 

Florence Adelaide Green was the daughter of Henry T. and Etta Green, born in West Almond, August 2, 
1886; died on March 7, 1922. Married Ernest J. Matthewson, September 22, 1909. Survived by husband; 
brother, James Green; sisters, Miss Lulu Green, Mrs. Jennie Roberts, Angelica; Mrs. Lena Whie [?White], 
Allen, and Mrs. Ella Smith, Wellsville. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 844B. 


MATTHEWSON, ERNEST    Died February 20, 1946.        Lot 186. 


MATTBY, SARAH        Lot 398. 

Born at Bell's Mills, Pa., on September 22, 1853; died on March 29, 1931. Survived by son, B. J. Maxson, 
Angelica; grandchildren, Mrs. Winifred Potter and Reva Brundage of Belmont; Mrs. Bessie Rauber, Hornell; 
Mrs. Belle Tucker, Wayland and Lintner Maxson of Angelica. 

Born in Angelica, May 3, 1864 of Nelson and Melissa Lyon; died September 13, 1917, at Angelica. Married 
29 years previous to her death to Christian Ream, who died in 1909. Married in 1911 to Barton Maxson. 
Survivors: husband; sisters, Mrs. George Gillespie, Belfast; Mrs. Mary Scholes, Angelica; Mrs. John 
Williams, Olean; Mrs. James Common and Mrs. Bert Green, Angelica, and Mrs. Fred Common, West Almond; 
half-brothers, Frank and James Lyon of Angelica. Burial in Angelica. 

Born in Clarksville, June 23, 1920; died September 27, 1951, wife of Fred Maydole of Caneadea. Daughter 
of Merrill and Bethel Brown Avery. Survived by husband; three children, Peter Dean, Bethel Ann and Edith 
Jane Maydole, all at home; six sisters, Mrs. Baker of Hornell, Mrs. Mildred Snyder of Black Creek, Mrs. 
Marion Leatherman of Washington, D. C., Miss Catherine Avery of Spring Creek, Pa., Mrs. Jean Cresly of 
Youngsville, Pa., and Mrs. Lois Wigden of Nunda; two brothers, Kenneth Avery of Wellsville and James 
Avery of Spring Creek; grandmother, Mrs. George Brandes of Cuba. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 222. 

Elizabeth Smith Way born in Angelica on May 14, 1848; died in March 1934. Married on September 12, 1864 
to Philetus George Mayhew of Greenfield, N.Y. To this union were born five children, Cora L. Bosard of 
Angelica; George J. Mayhew of Bradford, Pa., Nellie May Arnold, deceased; Lewis Mayhew, Angelica, and 
Willie Mayhew, who died in infancy. Mr. Mayhew died on October 27, 1909. Local grandchildren include 
Hazel Scholes, Kenneth Mayhew of Buffalo; Ruth and Lyle Bosard, Angelica; two great grandchildren, Billy 
Bosard and Gerald Scholes of Angelica.        Lot 132. 

Died at Bradford, Pa., January 1955; son of P. G. and Elizabeth Mayhew. Married Miss Katherine 
Rutherford, deceased. Survived by daughter of Bradford; brother, Lewis Mayhew of Angelica. Lot 132. 

Born in Angelica 77 years ago. Died August 17, 1950. Resident of Bradford, Pa. Daughter of Harrison and 
Frances Baldwin Rutherford. Survived by husband, daughter, Helen, Mrs. Ralph Steffey of Bradford, and 
sister, Idell, Mrs. George Conrad of Perry Center. Burial at Angelica.    Lot 132. 

Election Inspector, 1892, 1897. Born 1845. Married Elizabeth Way. Served five years with 104th Wadsworth 
Guards.        Lot 132. 

MAHEW, WILLIE        Lot 132. 

MAYO, CORNELIA    Wife of Joseph Mayo.        Lot 474. 

McBRIDE, ROBERT    Freeholder, 1814. 

McCABE, CAROLINE    Lot 336. 

McCABE, JOHN        Election Inspector, 1891, 1892, 1893.    Lot 336. 

McCLAIN, JAMES M.    Lot 248. 

McCRACKEN, MAE    Lot 42. 

McGIBENY, ALONZO    Lot 641. 

Born in West Almond, May 5, 1843, of Henry and Phebe Burrows McGibney; died on October 4, 1918, in West 
Almond. Survivors: brother, John F. McGibney, Angelica; nephews, Frank Burdick and Watson McGibney, 
Angelica; Lewis Watson, West Almond; nieces, Mrs. H. D. Burrill, Syracuse, and Mrs. Adah Dean, Angelica. 
Burial in Angelica. 

McGIBENY, FRANKLIN        Lot 641. 

Died at Bethesda Hospital, Hornell at the age of 65 years. Born February 13, 1855 at West Almond, where 
the greater part of his life was spent. He was the son of Henry and Phoebe Burrow McGibeny, and the 
youngest of a family of eight children. He is survived by two nieces and three nephews, Mrs. Mary D. 
Burrill of Syracuse, Mrs. Adah Dean, Watson McGibeny and Frank Burdick of this place and Lewis Watson of 
Belmont.     Lot 764B. 

Born in West Almond on May 24, 1839, of Elijah and Adah Spencer Watson; died on October 21, 1930. 
Married Alonzo McGibney on November 13, 1858. Survivors: son, Watson McGibney, Angelica; daughter, Mrs. 
Adah Dean of Angelica. A daughter, Mrs. Cora McGibney Grastorf, died on October 8, 1902. Burial in 
Angelica.        Lot 641. 


Alice Sly, born in Tioga, Pa., in 1850; died on December 19, 1917, in Angelica. Married S. H. McGibney 
of West Almond in 1875. Survivors: husband; sister, Mrs. Cora Young, Bradford; brother, Charles Sly of 
Pennsylvania. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 815B. 

McGIBENY, ZERVIAH    Lot 370. 

Born in February 1883, daughter of Henry and Adeline d'Autremont White; died January 13, 1948. Teacher. 
Widow of James McTarnaghan who died December 3, 1947. Survived by son, Robert McTarnaghan and two 
brothers, Harry White of Angelica and Charles White of Rochester. Services in Hunts Baptist Church. 
Burial in Hunts Hollow. 

Died in Hornell on Sunday, October 1921 after a short illness. He was married a number of years ago to 
Miss Marion Osgood of Angelica who survives him. 

MERRIAM, LARANA    Lot 642. 

MERRIAM, LOTT        Lot 642. 

MILES, CHARLES R.    Lot 201. 

Overseer of Poor, 1831, 1832, 1859, 1860; Town Clerk, 1853, 1854, 1856.        Lot 201. 

MILES, MARY J.        Lot 406. 

MILES, NORTON        Lot 406. 

Died on Friday, October 1892. Born in October 1812, in the town of Victor, N.Y.; was named for her 
father. Married Harvey Miles on September 21, 1930. One child, Charles Miles, survives.     Lot 201. 

MILLER, BERTHA        Lot 849. 

MILLER, CHARLES S.    Lot 849. 

Born in West Almond, November 16, 1876, son of Melvin and Carolyn Vernon Miller; died april 2, 1950. 
Survived by wife, Bertha Coots Miller; two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Preston of Angelica and Mrs. Elmer Potter 
of Belmont. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 849. 

Justice, 1876, 1878, 1879, 1880, 1884; Excise Commissioner, 1890; Town commissioner, 1895, 1897. 
Lot 181. 

Born of Melvin and Caroline Vernoy Miller; died on July 24, 1930, at the age of 62 years. A direct 
descendant of Kelsey Vernoy, one of the first to settle in West Almond. Survived by a brother, Edward 
Miller; sisters,Mrs. Charles Preston and Mrs. Catharine Potter.    Lot 849. 

MILLER, SARAH        Lot 433. 

MILLIMAN, MARY B.     Lot 124. 

Oscar Milliman was born in Springwater, N.Y. on March 26, 1858. In his early manhood he came to Angelica 
where he lived until his death on Sunday Sept. 21, 1919. The funeral serviced was conducted by Rev. 
Lawton, pastor of the Baptist Church of which Mr. Milliman was a faithful member. The service at the 
grave was in charge of the Odd Fellows. Mr. Milliman is survived by his wife, May Schenck Milliman and 
son, Solon; also three sisters and three brothers. 

MILLIMAN, WM. C.    Lot 124. 

Born in Urbana on May 19, 1851; died on May 30, 1932. Married Miss Delilah Palmer who died April 9, 
1900. Survived by son, E. P. Mills of Buffalo; brother, A. B. Mills of Elmira.    Lot 51. 

MILLS, DANIEL C.     Lot 53. 

MILLS, DELIA    Lot 53. 

Died Oct 31, 1947 in Buffalo. Born in Angelica Sept. 26, 1875, son of Charles and Delilah Palmer Mills. 
He was married to the former Lena Douglas, who died in 1935. Mr. Mills was associated with a local 
newspaper here for over 30 years, having entered the employment of the "Every Week" in 1891, and worked 
his way up from roller boy to owner and editor of the paper in 1908, when the paper had been renamed 
"The Angelica Advocate" In 1921 he sold the paper to John Lauritzen and moved to Buffalo with his 
family, where he resided until his death. Survivors: one son, Robert E. Mills, and a granddaughter, 
Carol Mills. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 53. 

Lena G. Mills, born in Greenwich, Ohio on June 12, 1879; died in Buffalo on July 12, 1935. Daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Douglas. Married Edwin P. Mills on December 15, 1897. Survived by husband and son, 
Robert E. Mills of Buffalo; father of Castile; sisters, Mrs. Charlotte Whittaker of Castile and Mrs. E. 
M. Alsworth of Lockport. Preceded in death by mother and one sister, Mrs. Pearl Rawson, who died on 
January 29, 1935. Burial in Angelica.        Lot 53. 

MILLS, MINNIE A.     Lot 53. 

John S. Minard passed away on Tuesday, Jan. 27th,1920, at the County Home where he had been staying for 
some time. The remains were taken to Hume for the funeral and burial. John S. Minard, son of George and 
Maria Stearns Minard was born on the Caneadea Indian Reservation in Hume, Jan. 31, 1824. His schooling 
was begun in the Log House era and he received his education in the Common schools, Hume Union school, 
the Castile Scientific and Mathematics Institute, and at the Genesse Wesyleyan Seminary. In October 1858 
he married Mary A. Nye of Hume. Not being blessed with children they adopted two orphans, brother and 
sister, Edwin Forrest Minard who died in 1897 and Julia Elizabeth Minard, now Mrs. F. W. Hark of 
Fillmore. About 1880, Mr. Minard engaged in a lumber deal, which resulted disastrously and left him 
practically penniless. He has been a practical surveyor since 1853. He has written much for publication 
in newspapers, etc. and was the author and publisher of the valuable "Life of Maj. Moses VanCampen" and 
has been president of Allegany Historical Society. He was author of the large Allegany County History 
published in 1896. 

Born in Butler County, Pa., December 25, 1842; died at Angelica on June 2, 1918. Married in January 
1865, to Elizabeth Hanna, who died March 17, 1896. Survivors: sons, Joseph E. Minor, France; Stephen L. 
Minor, Shelton, Ohio; _____ Minor of Hallton; Al H. Minor, Brockway; Ernest B. Minor, Rasselas; 
daughter, Grace Cook (Mrs. Wm. F. Cook) Angelica. 

MONELL, CHARLES A.        Lot 361. 

MOORE, ABIGAIL        Lot 483. 

MOORE, Mrs. E. L. 
Died January 21, 1886 while visiting son's family in Quincy, Ill. Remains brought to Angelica for 
burial. Survivors: husband, Mr. e. L. Moore; children: Mr. Fred P. Moore of Quincy, Ill., and Frances S. 
Moore (wife of John s. Gillis) of this place. Brothers - Henry D. Spalding of Monroe, Mich. And Mr. Noah 
Spalding of Joliet, Ill.     Lot 1. 

Born in Angelica of J. Clark and May F. Phippen; died on December 19, 1931. Survived by husband, Robert 
C. Moore; two sons, Clark Graham of Detroit, Mich., and Leo Graham of Belmont; three brothers; Henry 
Phippen of Port Crane, N.Y.; Roy Phippen of Buffalo, and John Phippen of Angelica. 

Freeholder, 1811, 1814; Licensee, 1812; Highway 1820-1823; Highway Commissioner, 1826; Collector, 1818, 
1819; Town Official, War of 1812.        Lot 1. 

MOORE, JOHN    Lot 483. 

MOORE, JOHN V.        Lot 480. 

MOOT, CHARLE        Lot 668. 

MOOT, IDA J.        Lot 668. 

MOOT, MARY R.        Lot 668. 

Born in Bloomfield, N.J., August 29, 1887, daughter of E. Walter and Helen Frances Peloubet Morris. Died 
December 1, 1950. Direct descendant of Robert Morris, owner of that colonial tract of land known as the 
Morris Reserve of which the village of Angelica was a part. Was a nurse, graduated from Newark, N.J. 
Hospital. Survived by two brothers, Raymond Shafer and Ralph Shafer, both of Honolulu, Hawaii; sister, 
Helen Louise, Mrs. William Shafer died in Pittsburg, Pa. about six weeks ago. Burial in Angelica.    Lot 

Born September 21, 1796; died October 21, 1888. Highway commissioner, 1848, 1849.    Lot 734. 


MORSE, REBECCA    Died in 1865.        Lot 351. 

Mr. Morton was born in the Town of West Almond, June 4, 1870, a son of George and Louise Renwick Morton. 
In 1895 he went to South Dakota where he engaged in farming until 1897 when he returned to the farm 
homestead. He resided there until 1900 when he moved to Cripple Creek, Col., and engaged in ore sorting 
in the gold mines of that section. In 1903 he again returned to the homestead and had made his home 
there since that time. He married Miss Mable Scholes, daughter of Thomas and Carrie d'Autremont Scholes 
on September 27, 1905. Survivors: wife; brother, Frank Morton, Angelica; sister, Mrs. Ethel M. Dodson of 
Rochester. He had served as supervisor from the Town of West Almond for 18 years. He also was a director 
of the Allegany County Fair Association, vice president of the Angelica State Bank and supervisor of the 
Agricultural Soil Conservation Committee for this county.  He was a member of the Masonic order, 
Allegany County Farm Bureau, Enterprise Grange and the New York State Holstein Breeders' Association.     
Lot 795. 

Mrs. Mabel S. Morton, 99, died Saturday October 11, 1980, at Cuba Memorial Hospital following a long 
illness. Born in Angelica of Thomas and Caroline d'Autremont Scholes, September 17, 1881; she was a 
lifelong resident of the area. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Angelica, and a 
member and past matron of Angelica Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. She is survived by several 
nieces. Burial in Until the Day Dawns Cemetery.     Lot 795. 

MORTON, FRANK        Lot 840. 

MORTON, GEORGE A.     Lot 172. 

Harriett Powers was born January 17, 1820, in Dryden, N.Y.; died in Angelica, April 10, 1911. Married 
George Morton in Groton, N.Y. in 1842. Survivors: son, George Morton, Angelica; daughter, Mrs. Hattie M. 
Morris, Wayland. Husband died in 1888. Burial in Angelica.     Lot 172. 

Died at his residence on Olean St. Friday noon, May 11, 1888 at the age of 74 years, after a 
considerable period of feebleness. Born in Groton, this s=State, and came to Angelica with his wife 
about 45 years ago. Survivors: widow; three children, Mrs. A. T. Wilson, Mrs. C. H. Norris, and George 
A. Morton of West Almond, Assessor, 1877.     Lot 172. 

MORTON, LOUISE R.     Lot 172. 

Died November 15, 1954, 62 years old. Born in West Almond, September 9, 1892, son of Frank and Rebecca 
Hurd Morton. President of Allegany County Fair Soc., member of the first graduating class of State Agr. 
And Tech. School at Alfred. Married Ethel Sisson of Almond. Instructor of Animal Husbandry at Ithaca 
State College. Survived by widow; six daughters, Mrs. Charles Dey of West Almond, Mrs. Raymond Yager of 
Fillmore, Mrs. Harold Grastor of Rochester, Mrs. Claire Rossman of Almond, Mrs. William Short of 
Belmont, and Mrs. Ernest Calkins of Almond; one sister, Mrs. Ivan G. Howe of Belmont. Burial in 

MORTON, REBECCA    Lot 840. 


Frances May Blauvelt was born on March 3, 1873, in Birdsall, of Henry and Hester Blauvelt. Married June 
15, 1898 to George E. Mott of Jersey City, N.J. Survived by husband; sons, Raymond and Quenton; stepson, 

Died at Angelica, August 19, 1923. Survived by sons, P. E. Murphy of Casper, Wyoming; John R., Hornell; 
Michael of West Almond; daughters, Mrs. John Botz of Allentown, Pa.; Mrs. F. J. Reynolds of Belmont; and 
Jennie Murphy at home 


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