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Neva Gross
New Hudson Town Historian

This settlement in the north part of the Town of New Hudson was first called North Valley. Rodney, James, and Samuel Bell were all born in New Hampshire. Rodney came to New Hudson about 1825, took up land, did some clearing, then returned to his home state, married and returned with his wife. James and Samuel were also early settlers. James Bell had three children, one of whom was named Nathaniel. Nathaniel and six children. The youngest being twin sons named Charles Edward and George Fred. These twin sons had a successful mercantile business in Olean for 40 years. The former Brandner Department Store was earlier called Bells. Charles Bell was a son of Rodney Bell. He was engaged in fruit growing. The farm that was owned by Bret and Harriet Taylor showed evidence of this by the many fruit trees and abundance of berries that grew there. At one time, there were 35 homes and farms in the Belleville area. Some of the farms were in the same family for generations, namely the Straight farm, the Cooper farm, and the Avery Dolph farm. A map of 1856 indicates there was a cooper shop located near the intersection of the four roads near Bellville. It also indicates a school house, a Presbyterian church and a grave yard, a blacksmith shop, and many homes in the area. In the 1870 census, it shows that Alonzo Giles kept a grocery store at the four corners and there was a post office. I believe the New Hudson Post Office was at McGrawville and mail was brought to Bellville from there. Former residents affirm that the store and post office were in the building that later became the parsonage for the Wesleyan Church. About 1828 a Presbyterian Church was built at the center of the town. A few years later it was moved to Bellville, deed dated July 1, 1844, A.H. Loomis, N.D. Bell, and Arthur Cooley were named as trustees. Leonard Nichols was clerk. The edifice was on lot 55. After a time, the church was abandoned and later torn down and removed. A Methodist Episcopal Society was formed early in about the same area. A church edifice was built and religious services were maintained for sometime. A Wesleyan Methodist Society was organized on June 28, 1885 with W.A. Stanfield as pastor. They met in the school house until 1896, when the people of Bellville built the church on which they are still worshipping. The Bellville School District was established around 1838. At one time, 44 pupils were enrolled. The officers in the early school records were Leonard Nichols, Henry Ives, A.K. Allen, James N. Bell, and Aretas Cooley. In 1848, a vote was taken to raise $300 to build a school house. In 1850, the amount of taxes raised for school purposes was recorded as $50. Names of officers and voters at school meetings prior to 1877 are: Nathan Davis, George Clark, Eleazer Call, John Miller, Ephriam Perry, Silas Gere, A. Frost, J.M. Jackson, Chester Smith, Benjamin Gardner, Nelson Lane, N.D. Smith, Daniel Wheeler, Henry Fuller, N.H. Madison, Chas. Bosard, Horace Bolton, John Baker, Charles Baker, Jerry Cooper, Alfred Jenks, Benj. Johnson, Daniel McMillian, Walter Wilmarth, Philander Williams, Alfred Wright, Albert Austin, Harvey Cooper, Gwin Dolph, John Dickey, Alfred Davis, Frank Durkee, Edwin Hicks, Edward Holmes, Charles H. Ives, Justin Ives, Luither Pride, Bradley Swift, Leonard Williams, and George Wray.

New Hudson

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