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Black Creek - Improvements Going on -- Enterprise of the Citizens -- The Crops -- The Cheese Factory, &c., &c.

The village of Black Creek, in the town of New Hudson, five miles north-west of this place, although it is not situated on the railroad, exhibits a thrift and prosperity which it can well feel proud of, while its citizens one and all, evince an energy and enterprise that many other and larger places would do well to emulate.

A short time since we visited the village, and confess that we were astonished at the improvements which have taken place there the past, and which are still going on. "Go ahead, and beautify our village," is the motto of all. The present season some two hundred more beautiful maple trees have been planted on the different streets, while the Church has been repainted, as has very many of the private residences. Altogether the village presents an appearance of coolness, cleanliness and thriftiness, that cannot fail in attracting the attention of one passing through or visiting it.

And then, stretching back from the village, on either hand, the broad valley and the gently sloping hills meet the eye, the fields laughing in the sunlight while the rich grains and tall grass of the sturdy tillers of the soil, waving in the gentle breezes, give evidences of excellent crops, for which Black Creek Valley is so noted. The prospects for large yields to the husbandmen were never better than the present season. The Valley being one of the warmest and richest sections in Allegany county, all kinds of grains, &c., are far in advance of less favored locations.

It was the 26th of June when we were there, and at that time Mr. Joseph Truax, whose guests we were, and who kindly acted as our cicerone, had had green peas of his own raising for several days, and he "threatened" to have young potatoes for his table on the "Fourth." Mr. Truax is a man who enjoys seeing crops grow, and if he does not raise good ones nobody will. He has several farms in the Valley, all of which are in the highest state of cultivation, and all showing that taste for the beautiful blended with the useful for which the true agriculturist is no noted in this county. On one of his places he has thirty-five acres, in one field, set out to fruit trees, all of which are doing finely.

The Black Creek Cheese Factory is doing an excellent business the present season, Mr. J. Q. Perry, one of the best cheese makers as well as one of the best natured men in the state, having charge of it. At present they are using about 9,500 pounds of milk per day, and daily turn out sixteen large-sized cheeses. This factory is one of the institutions of Black Creek and with a cheese-maker of the reputation of Mr. Perry, no doubts need be entertained by the patrons but that the highest price will be received for the cheese manufactured.

The Boston House, the only hotel in the place, of which Chas. Loundsbury is the proprietor, is kept in the best possible style. Everything about the premises is neat and tidy, and "Charley" will make guests feel at home in spite of themselves.

Grass throughout the valley, as it is in fact throughout this entire section, is an excellent crop--well up and thickly bottom, hile the prospects of fruit and an abundant harvest in general are the most cheering character.

Source: The Cuba True Patriot, Vol. VII, No. 2, July 10, 1868, extracted by Vivian Karen Bush

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