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Nile Village, Friendship, Allegany, New York

Minard, John S., Allegany County and its People. A Centennial History of Allegany County, New York., W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N.Y., 1896, p. 720

In the early history of the town (Friendship) the southern portion, particularly in the vicinity of the creek, was called South Branch, in allusion to the stream now so designated.  A number of years later a postoffice was established here and was named “Nile” in deference to the wishes of the inhabitants, a large proportion of whom were Seventh-day Baptists.  A tavern was opened in this part of the town early in the century, and one of its first landmarks was “Bill” Fairbanks.  The earliest storekeepers were Green & Axtell and Luther B. Whitwood, who kept a general store from 1840 to 1886, and was postmaster most of the time.  Ebenezer Steenrod also had a carding and fulling mill and a sawmill.  However, among the hamlets of the county, Nile has attracted but little public attention.  Indeed, the inhabitants here have never sought prominence, and are in all respects a quiet, industrious, thrifty people.  Nearly all are devotedly attached to the Seventh-day Baptist faith and live in strict conformity with their belief.  The present business interests of this locality comprise the gristmill, two stores and a few small shops.  The merchants are Daniel J. Brown and J. B. Whitford, the latter being also postmaster.

The Seventh-day Baptist Church of Nile was organized chiefly through the efforts of Abraham Crandall.  The first settlers of this faith came into the town in 1821, and in 1824 their religious society was formed.  The first members were:

Elder John Greene came to the town in 1825 and was the first pastor of the church.  A lot of land was secured (the gift of Lewis Titsworth) in 1827, whereon a house of worship was soon afterward built.  In 1851 this edifice was sold and the present church home provided.  It was raised and enlarged in 1884.  This church has a present membership of 166.  The succession of pastors and supplies has been:  Elders


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