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Friendship NY Town Supervisors

Supervisors of the town of Friendship. [Source: John S. Minard, _Allegany County and its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York_, W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N.Y., 1896, p. 708]

John Higgins1815 to 1816
Samuel Derby1817 to 1819
Sylvanus Merriman1820 to 1825
Asa Davidson1826
Josiah Utter1827 to 1837
Samuel S. Carter1838
Martin Scott1839 to 1840 and 1842
Galen B. Evarts1841
Henry Baxter1843
Luther Stowell1844
William Pardy1845
Wm. H. King1846 to 1848
Samuel C. Cotton1849
F. L. Stowell1850 to 1851
Jerome B. Harrison1852 to 1853 and 1856
Wm. H. King1854 to 1855, 1857, 1862 to 1863 and 1865
Roderick Stebbins1858 to 1861 and 1873
George W. Robinson1864
Abijah J. Wellman1866 to 1872
Robert A. Scott1874
W. Ward Rice1875 to 1876
Asher W. Miner1877 to 1874
S. McArthur Norton1879 to 1881
Herman Rice1882 to 1883
Philip W. Coyle1884
Fred C. Mulkin1885, 1887 to 1888
F. L. Dayton1886
Christopher S. Blossom1889 to 1890
Manley W. Hobart1891 to 1893
Ralph D. Rowley1894 to 1896

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