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Grace Episcopal Church - Belfast, New York

Baptism Sponsors

Indexed by Vivian Karen Bush

This is a complete list of the baptismal sponsors. Some baptisms on this index are not on the the Baptism Index if they were performed post-1910.

NOTE: Every effort has been made to make this index and abstract as correct as possible. Additonal information is in the orginial record. As with any secondary or printed resource, check the original record. Consult FHL microfilm 1420093 item 3 Parish Registers, 1885-1966 Grace Episcopal Church (Belfast, New York).

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SponsorBaptizedpg #
Bailey, Esther MarieSchroeder, Martin James68
Bailey, Esther MarieSchroeder, Lancing Darrell68
Bailey, Milton F.Overton, Daniel Robert68
Bailey, Milton FrancisDunning, Michael David70
Bailey, Milton FrederickSchroeder, Martin James68
Bailey, Milton FrederickSchroeder, Lancing Darrell68
Bell, RonaldGordon, Floyd Earl70
Bell, YolandaGordon, Floyd Earl70
Benjamin, Charles A.Foster, Marion Luella62
Benjamin, KatherineFoster, Marion Luella62
Benjamin, Katherine (Howbridge)Woodin, Isabel Victorine (Ayers)60
Benjamin, Katherine (Howbridge)Shuart, Mary Jane (Woodin)60
Benjamin, Leana EmmaBenjamin, Charles Adelbert60
Bernard, Eva (Miss)Sylor, Verda Florence62
Bernard, JohnBernard, Cora Mabel (Clark)58
Bernard, JohnBernard, Harold Lloyd60
Bernard, JohnBernard, George Henry62
Bleistein, LelandSchaeffer, Lynn Arthur68
Chamberlain, Eva Bernard, George Henry62
Chamberlain, Ida M.Jones, Joyce Maria64
Chamberlain, Ida M.Jones, Betty Anne68
Chamberlain, Ida M.Jones, David68
Chamberlain, ZaidaJones, Esther60
Chamberlain, ZaidaPaul Evro60
Chamberlain, ZaidaKonnellis, Richard Robert64
Chamberlain, ZaidaMadison, Mary Dellie64
Chamberlain, ZaidaCollins, Robert Russell64
Chamberlain, ZaidaWebb, Calvin Allan68
Chamberlain, ZaidaWebb, Mary Ann68
Chamberlain, ZaidaChalker, Jean Marie68
Chamberlain, ZaidaDalton, Dorothy Irene68
Chamberlain, ZaidaDalton, Mary Jane68
Chamberlain, ZaidaJones, Daniel Warden68
Chamberlain, ZaidaKottwitz, Herman Daniel68
Chamberlain, Zaida (Miss)Reynolds, Mearle Arol60
Chamberlain, Zaida (Miss)Sylor, Verda Florence62
Chamberlain, Zaida (Miss)Todd, William Stephen62
Chamberlain, Zaida (Miss)Todd, Eva Julia62
Chamberlain, Zaida (Miss)Gleason, Wesley A.62
Chamberlain, Zaida E.Jones, Joyce Maria64
Chamberlain, Zaida E.Jones, Betty Anne68
Chamberlain, Zaida E.Jones, David68
Crandall, Mary Sophie (Davis)Davis, Helen Sophie58
Davis, CharlesDavis, Charles Benjamin68
Day, AdelaideDavis, Mary Jane68
Disp--ys, Elizabeth HarrietBleistein, Leland Warren64
Disp--ys, Elizabeth HarrietBleistein, John Peter64
Disp--ys, Elizabeth HarrietBleistein, Viola Emma64
Dudley, Electa May (Woodin)Woodin, Isabel Victorine (Ayers)60
Dudley, Electa May (Woodin)Shuart, Mary Jane (Woodin)60
Dudley, Electa May (Woodin)Dudley, Geneveve Mavis60
Dudley, Elon HoraceDudley, Geneveve Mavis60
Esley, Marjorie JoanWinchip, Stephen Esley70
Gleason, WesleyMadison, Mary Dellie64
Gleason, WesleyCollins, Robert Russell64
Gleason, WestleyKonnellis, Richard Robert64
Gray, Frederick W. (Mr. & Mrs.)Robinson, Helen Grace58
Harrington, Louisa M.Van Buskirk, Hugh Herbert68
Hotchkiss, LuellaFoster, Marion Luella62
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Willis, Anna60
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Willis, Beulah60
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Maddison, Helen (Millet)60
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Maddison, Esther60
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Maddison, Erminie Hope60
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Jones, Grace60
Jennings, Florence (Daley)Jones, Laura Louise60
Jennings, Susan (miss)Jones, Esther60
Jennings, Susan S.Jones, Esther60
Jennings, Susan SophiaPeck, Letitia (Atherton)58
Jennings, Susan SophiaBernard, Cora Mabel (Clark)58
Jennings, Susan SophiaBernard, Harold Lloyd60
Jennings, Susan SophiaWillis, Anna60
Jennings, Susan SophiaWillis, Beulah60
Jennings, Susan SophiaMillet, Ruth60
Jennings, Susan SophiaMaddison, Helen (Millet)60
Jennings, Susan SophiaMaddison, Esther60
Jennings, Susan SophiaMaddison, Erminie Hope60
Jennings, Susan SophiaJones, Grace60
Jennings, Susan SophiaJones, Laura Louise60
Jennings, Susan SophiaDudley, Geneveve Mavis60
Jones, DianneWiseman, Terry Lynn70
Jones, DorothyWiseman, Rikie Lee70
Jones, Lillian H.Wiseman, Rikie Lee70
Jones, Lillian H.Wiseman, Terry Lynn70
Jones, Lillian HassJones, Nancy Lee70
Jones, PaulWiseman, Rikie Lee70
Jones, PaulWiseman, Terry Lynn70
Jones, Paul Mrs.Jones, Lillian Hass68
Julene, A.Schaeffer, Lynn Arthur68
Kates, JeromeDalton, Dorothy Irene68
Kottwitz, Irvin WalterDunning, Michael David70
Kottwitz, Joan AliceDunning, Michael David70
LaSure, Raymond Jr.Overton, Daniel Robert68
LaSure, Raymond Jr.Overton, Daniel Robert68
Long, L. Ha----Konnellis, Richard Robert64
Madison, Myra IdeleMadison, Mary Dellie64
Manley, Ruth ElizabethJennings, Susan Sophia60
Millet, RuthBernard, Alice Belle62
Millet, Ruth Hurley, Helen Margaret62
Millet, Ruth (Miss)Jewell, Eleanor Mary62
Millet, Ruth (Miss)Jewell, Violet Esther62
Molinet, Ignacio S.Winchip, Stephen Esley70
Murphy, Evalyn J.Prentice, Flora Belle70
Perry, Donalyn E.Schaeffer, Lynn Arthur68
Pillsbury, Mary LouxWinchip, Stephen Esley70
Prinke, JosephJones, Nancy Lee70
Prinke, Joyce JonesJones, Nancy Lee70
Reddington, AugustaDavis, Mary Jane68
Reddington, B. Mr.Davis, Charles Benjamin68
Reddington, BenjaminDavis, Mary Jane68
Reddington, U. Mrs.Davis, Charles Benjamin68
Reynolds, Pearl (Mrs.)Reynolds, Mearle Arol60
Reynolds, Pearl (Mrs.)Sylor, Verda Florence62
Roberts, Ellen LoisEarle, Harriet60
Russell, JosephSmith, Albert Williams64
Russell, JosephSmith, David Charles64
Russell, Jospeh HomerSmith, William Russell64
Russell, Louise SwanSmith, William Russell64
Russell, Mrs.Smith, Albert Williams64
Russell, Mrs.Smith, David Charles64
Russell, Thomas Mrs.Smith, Kenneth Walter64
Schaeffer, Lawrence M.Schaeffer, Lynn Arthur68
Sizer, L. J.Maddison, Helen (Millet)60
Sizer, L. J.White, Floyd L.62
Sizer, Lehman J.Maddison, Esther60
Sizer, Lehman J.Maddison, Erminie Hope60
Sizer, Leman J. (grandparent)Mays, Helen Louise64
Sizer, Leman JamesBleistein, Leland Warren64
Sizer, Leman JamesBleistein, John Peter64
Sizer, Leman JamesBleistein, Viola Emma64
Sizer, Louise A. (grandparent)Mays, Helen Louise64
Smith, John R.Van Buskirk, Hugh Herbert68
Smith, Loverna W.Manley, Mildred Verna62
Stanley, Davis C.Prentice, Flora Belle70
Thornton, GeorgeGray, Olive58
Thornton, Helen (Freeborn)Gray, Olive58
Walker, Jean MarieDalton, Mary Jane68
Webb, Mary EmilyWebb, Calvin Allan68
White, FlorenceSmith, Kenneth Walter62
White, FlorenceWhite, Doris Jessie62
White, FlorenceWhite, Frank Devere62
White, Floyd L.White, Doris Jessie62
White, Floyd L.White, Frank Devere62
White, Jessie M.White, Doris Jessie62
White, Jessie M.White, Frank Devere62
Whites, Jessie M.White, Floyd L.62
Williams, Catherine I.Martens, Janet Dee70
Williams, Oliver J.Martens, Janet Dee70

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