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Lyons Corners

Neva Gross
New Hudson Town Historian
The Flats

At the intersection of the Crabb Hollow Road, South Road, and State Route 305, a settlement there was called Lyons Corners. Spencer Lyon built a log cabin in the area in 1819. He prospered at his new home, raised a large family, lived to old age, and died comparatively wealthy. A school house was built in this area on the Crabb Hollow Road. Isaac Crabb was an early settler. He served in the War of 1812. Abraham Crabb operated a saw mill in the area. Another early settler was David Carpenter. Later came Henry Clapp. The descendants of these early settlers lived in the area for many years.

Spencer Lyon

Spencer and Betsy Ricker Lyon came from Vermont to New York State, settling at what is now called Lyons Corners, Allegany County, to be the first permanent settlers in that township. Their large covered wagon was drawn by a team of oxen, and they had one cow tied to the back of the wagon and a newborn calf was carried inside for the first few weeks of the 3-month journey. Their last stop overnight before reaching the site where Spencer had cleared land and build a log cabin (the year before) was near Rawson, and a portion of their barrel of salt was left with the innkeeper to pay for "lodging, tobacco and spirits." [Source: Irene Hammond Crowley, compiled 1985, Altoona, Penna.]

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