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Neva Gross
New Hudson Town Historian

Marshall was settled by people who had been neighbors in the New England States. Joseph Marsh was the first of his family to settle in New Hudson in the twenties. His son Otis came in 1832. He had 9 children. Orlin Marsh came in 1830. The area was called Marsh Settlement.

It was told to me by Mae Gleason Poor, that Orlinís daughter Betsey drove a covered wagon over Gleason Hill. Another interesting tale was that Orlinís wife, Fanny, hid her three small children under her hoop skirt, when the Indians came to a spring close by for water. On the Otis Marsh farm, there had been an Indian settlement, and a salt spring, where the Indians farmed salt.

The first cemetery in 1830 was on Orlin Marshís farm. The first school house was at the foot of Coal Hill. In 1850 a new school house was erected where it now stands. At one time 100 pupils were enrolled. The school house was also a community building. Church was held there, also a singing school, and reunion.

When the post office was established in 1882, it was thought the name Marsh Settlement was too long and the government called it Marshall. John L. Holden was the first postmaster. He served from August 29, 1882 until Herbert Gleason became postmaster on September 23, 1886. The post office was in Maurice Gleasonís house. This office was discontinued around 1900, when R.F.D. was established.

In 1882 an oil well was put down and gas was found. Another well was drilled on Dexter Marshís place opposite the "Old Pine Tree".

On the Marsh farm, they mined for silver and some was found, but not in paying quantities. There was a boarding house for miners on the Gleason farm.

Old timers have told there was entirely different soil found on the "Old Knoll" and is supposed to have been an old burying ground.

The property owned by William Simpson was partly in the Marshall school district. He employed a large number of men. Between Marshall and Oramel, there were 13 saw mills and the wagons that hauled the logs to Buffalo returned loaded with provisions.

There is a road leading from the corners in Marshall, that is called Slusser Hill (Schlosser on an old map) named for a Slusser family that settled there. The 1850 census shows that Samuel Slusser and his son Harvey were originally from Dutchess County. Another earl resident in the same area was Lafayette Moses. He survived Andersonville prison during the Civil War, but died soon after from TB. He also has many descendants in the area.

The records of the cemetery in Marshall reveal the names of the early settlers in the area. Namely: Marsh, Gleason, Damon, Holden, Crawford, Royce, McNair, Whipple, Wheeler, Parker, Fish, Covert, Dye, Cole, Rose, Felt, Hutchins, and Emery.

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