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Mt. Monroe

Neva Gross
New Hudson Town Historian

The road called Mt. Monroe is situated in the western part of the Town of New Hudson, extending from Cuba Lake to the town line of Rushford. It received its name from Colonel Monroe having marched a detachment of troops over the hill during the War of 1812. Later on, the southern part became known as Swift Hill, from a number of families by that name settled there. Wyatt Swift and son George came from Vermont and settled on Swift Hill in 1824. On a list of all those liable to work on the highway in District #7, the following Swifts were listed (March 1838): William Swift, Calvin Swift, Thomas Swift, Eber Swift, Wyatt Swift, George Swift, Leonard Swift, and Cullin Swift.

Other early settlers were Reuben Bennett, David Carpenter, Ira Dean, David Vaughn, James O’Dell, Derosel Gee, S.R. Ault, S. Gray, E. Lewis, Charles Fuller, John Mahoney, and probably many others.

There was a school house on Swift Hill, also one on Mt. Monroe. The only records I have found of a church was in the records of the Freewill Baptist Church of Rawson. A group had organized a freewill Baptist Church on Swift Hill, a branch of the Lyndon and Rushford Church. Those mentioned were Ira Dean, Bethia Dean, James Carter, Rachel Carter, Zarah Gray, Joseph Morton and Catherine Morton. This church met in the school house. This was in January 1845. In a later record it mentions (May 1864), that the following named persons were received in the Rawson Church from the New Hudson Church. Zabrina gray, Zoah Gray, Sylvester Gray, Harriet Gray, John Wheeler, Laura Wheeler, John Milgate, Harriet Milgate, and Elvina Spencer.

The 5-6 miles of road called Mt. Monroe was quite heavily populated, as we "Senior Citizens" remember it 50 years or so age. From the Cuba Town Line traveling north, Elaine Botens Swift’s great grandfather, Charles Lafferty sold his land of 500 acres in Bradford, Pa., because he did not like the dirty oil on his land. He came to Mt. Monroe and bought a farm for each of his children: Marian (Joe Lafferty) - Starl Nottingham’s farm; Ada (Charles Botens) - Stanley Botens’ farm; Evaline (Jerry Totten) - Dwight Dunlap’s farm; Liona (Donald Totten) - Dave Totten’s farm; Gertrude (Fred Carpenter) - Tarbell Farm.

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