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The Center

Neva Gross
New Hudson Town Historian

The road most commonly used to reach Bellville is called the New Hudson Road. about two miles up this road is an intersection that is called "The Center". There is a swamp there that formerly was called "Center Swamp", but now is called "The Bog". Just before you reach the bog, there is a road to the right, now called the Federal Road, but in earlier days it was called the Hutchins Road. The first farm on the right was owned by John Lindsay. The Grover Hutchins farm was on the right. At the intersection on the left was a road called the Briggs Road (once called Swamp Road). There was a school house on this corner. There was a Presbyterian church in this area in early years, but it was later moved to North Valley. There was a cheese factory not too far from the Center on the right on the Briggs Road. The last person to make cheese in that factory was George Sowersby. After it burned, he made cheese at his home on the Briggs Road. There were several farms on the road from the Bog to Bellville. The Bellís had fruit farms on the left at the top of the hill. Across the road were the Loomis farms. Reuben Loomis was Town Clerk in the early years in the township and the town meetings were held in his home. Other early farmers in this area were William Breaden, the Cooper Brothers, Amos Rose, Strahanís, Ivesí, Hunts, and Bosworthís.

Many young men in the Town of New Hudson served in the Civl War. I found this list in old records in the Town Hall: New Hudson Center N.Y. June 5, 1861.

We, whose names are on here, agree to form ourselves in a company of Infantry and Riflemen for the purpose of drill and exercise and in all cases strictly to obey our officers, the officers to be elected by the company, and to consist of a captain and such officers as the company shall see fit to appoint; J.D. Beard, Charles N. Bell, Rodney Bell, Charles Brown, Gilbert Curtis, Hiram Denis, Marshall Gere, Lewis H. Gere, James M. Gere, Joseph A. Gere, Alfred Gleason, Benjamin F. Gardner, Sylvester Hitchcock, Charles H. Ives, John Lindsay, James C. Lindsay, Robert B. Lindsay, Samuel Lindsay, Walter Loomis, Reuben Loomis, Frederick B. Loomis, Gilbert E. Loomis, Deacon Newman, Horace Newman, Thomas Simons, James Simons, James Simons Jr., Samuel Slater, Noah Sherwood, M. Underwood, Henry VanFleet, Aaron Lewis.

New Hudson

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